The truth may hurt for a little while, yet a lie may hurt you forever.

All that glistens...

"The Opus Dei, Templar, Even the Illuminati. There must be puppet masters, pulling at threads."

Vera Harlowe Magus-Born 6'10 Bi-sexual
Diplomat Twenty Eight Female Full Switch
Lewd or Clean

It's common, throughout the ages for the masses to speculate about the existance of secret societies. Groups that use their power, influence or wealth to effect the stage of the world in various different ways. If something like that existed, it would perhaps be a threat to the ideals of most Political societies, or maybe the thread that holds everything together.

Although faded from their former power, there was once a time when the Knights Templar needed to acquire the truth, through any means necessary. For just as long, there have been organizations and families who reputations hung in the balance on being able to acquire information, and sell it on for the right price. Information brokers, Anonymous parties, Truthseekers.

"All that glistens is not gold. People will expose false truths to entice you away from what is truly interesting, or obscene."

Grimoire and Spellcraft.

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Plot and Intrigue.

The noble houses of Vampires exist, scattered out and around the world. Secret societies influence the governments of the world, and even push puppets onto the thrones. Magic? Magic exists, my own house is one of many to produce magically gifted children. All the while wars are waged in secret, allowing the masses to be ignorant in bliss. Buildings are destroyed and it's made to look like an accident, attrocities are commited and swept under the rug. If the public found out about the existence of these supernatural entities, there would be mass panic and chaos! At least that's what everyone says about it. Who could know? Perhaps the public would get used to sharing the world with such different beings.

House Harlowe is blessed to have talented mages. Their history ties in with the Templar, who exist even now, although a shadow of their former selves. When Templar needed to interrogate a prisoner, or drag the truth from them with no fear for the methods, nor repercussions, it would be a House Harlowe mage that would perform it. Torture, Magic, Seduction, whatever method worked best, A Harlowe mage would be able to take advantage of.

These days the House is more cavalier, rather than siding with the Templar, it's who ever pays the best who can attain the services of these mercenary truth seekers. Information Brokers, Assassins, Mercenaries. The house is scattered in the most part, it's children providing whatever means they can, even being caught on opposite sides of the conflicts.

Out of Character.

Thank you for reading my profile, if you've taken the time to do so. If not? That's equally fine, I prefer people to get to know my characters via IC interaction.

This character is relatively new and will develop and take shape around the interactions she has, if this profile seems relatively empty, take the time to help me fill it by making a scene/story with me.

The last few bits I'll spit out in a few quick bullets;

⚫Can easily write semi/novella based on the scene and pace you want.
⚫If you have an idea for a scene? Bring it to me. If I'm not feeling it I'll tell you pretty quickly.
⚫Story/Story+Smut, Not really into Random Smut but it can occur.
⚫If you want darker themed play, don't beat around the bush, let me know what you're looking for so I can tell you if it's something I accomodate or not. It's easier to find out what you want, than to pussy foot around it.
⚫Attention can be spotty, everyone has RL to deal with, you do, I do. If something comes up I will let you know.
Vera Harlowe
The Truthseeker

Friends and Folly.

Person, Some text can go here to describe the relationship between the character and the person to the left!
Person, Some text can go here to describe the relationship between the character and the person to the left!
Person, Some text can go here to describe the relationship between the character and the person to the left!
Person, Some text can go here to describe the relationship between the character and the person to the left!
Person, Some text can go here to describe the relationship between the character and the person to the left!
Person, Some text can go here to describe the relationship between the character and the person to the left!