ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT'S ME, your rival Full NameDardari Ashmedai
Nicknamesdari, red, horns
SpeciesCambion ( incubus x human )
story time...
She is relative tame for a member of demonkind: this perhaps owing to her half-human lineage or the fact that she's an unapologetic momma's girl. Which is not to say that shunning the general malevolence of hellspawn was an easy task; nor was it consistent. As the daughter of Asmodeus, third among Hell's Demon Kings and whose dominion is Lust, the paternal end of her conception is more than enough to compensate for any mortal failings and for a while she was a dutifully contributing cog in her father's infernal domain.

She talks of her early years of rending souls and ruining lives the way a member of the mundane hoi-polloi would reminisce about unflattering high school hair styles or brief stints as the guitarist of a bad garage cover band. That is, fond-awkward in that insisistent it was just a youth phase thing and I'm not really into that stuff anymore.

As cliche as it is (and Dari knows it's really cliche), she was changed from monstrocity largely by the virtues of love and the knight templar mother who cherished her despite her infernal nature and evil acts. Though the reverse implication of that reality is that's it's only her very selfish, very personal ties that curb her capacity for cruelty.

Regardless, the cambion is currently her own pet project. She has been working, you see, to become a better, more compassionate person - a concept which, a few centuries ago, she'd have snorted over disdainfully. This was back when she was still damning humans for sport and coldly indifferent to the suffering of anything other than herself. She has a come a long way from there and the present her will be the first to admit that, in retrospect, her kind are a little psychopathic.

Of course, certain old habits die hard. She is still as shameless and lusty as ever, partly oweing to the fact that, as half-succubus, sex is equivilent to sustinance. Abstinance might not kill her the way it would a full-blood, but it is certainly draining and so Dari generally prefers to keep a healthy diet.

Vibrant, sociable in the way that a creature who subsists on physical intimacy must be, all bright, charming torch light of a woman threaded through with gamine streak like a ribbon of silver. Self-aware. Self-indulgent. Widely indulgent in that she has a habit of coddling and pampering loved ones. Moody on her bad days, with tendency to sulk and hold grudges. Malevolent on her worst days (or when provoked), though these are few and far between and typically regretted afterwards.
Likes .... waking up at the crack of dawn, alchemy periodicals, gardening (carniverous plant m0m™), mysterious strangers, positive affirmation graffiti, red heart shaped sunglasses, organized messes, "everyone in this bar", colorful blown glass sex toys, sincere 'thanks for the sex' greeting cards, nude sunbathing, red lace lingerie
The physical markers of her demonic heritage (horns, tail, talons, fangs) are all retractable.
Has an enormous sex drive, even surpassing that of most other cambion. Incubi life-force through intercourse. Being only half-incubus, Dari's need to feed is not life-threatening but it is vital to sustaining the infernal aspects of her biology including her strength, immortality, ability to hide her physical markers, and black magic.
Dari has, for myriad reaons, a bit of a grudge against God and as a result tends to default directly to her moody setting when encountering any angelic or holy beings.
Like the rest of her breed, her skillset hinge upon sexual manipulation, be it the perennial youth bestowed by regular feeding or the pheromone control that can induce anything on a spectrum from desire to amplified pleasure. Preternatural strength, speed, and durability come pack and parcel with demonic heritage, as does sleep inducement and a certain talent for black magic.
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