Anaquetis Quirked Human
63(Looks 23) Bisexual
5'7 / 120lbs Single of Pringles

Her beginnings

63 years ago, before All Might rose to defeat All for One, a daughter was born to a loving couple: Amia and llyra. They named her. .Anaquetis.

Llyra had a quirk that allowed her to excrete a strange, goopy, fluorescent, orange fluid from her skin. You could touch it, mend it around with your fingers. It was oddly stringy and evaporated after a period of time. In her younger years before marriage, she was a dancer for a small up-and-coming band, using the pretty aesthetic of her quirk in her dancing.

Her father on the other hand could mimic sound with his voice. So long as he heard it before, he could replay it perfectly by simply speaking. He could slightly tweak these sounds by moving his tongue around his mouth.
With this quirk, it landed him a firm and stable job in the voice acting industry. It provided enough so that his wife could be a stay-at-home mother to their new child.

When Anaquetis was still in the early stages of school, she learned what her quirk was. She was able to excrete an orange-like, fluorescent, stringy liquid from her skin like her mother. .yet. .She could move, squish, and stretch this liquid to manipulate sounds she's heard, or alter them to create entirely new sounds in-depth.

Her quirk was a unique mix of both of her parents quirks. Both of them were elated about this news. She had the potential to join U.A to become a hero, or, with the sounds it could create, she could pursue a career like her fathers, or become a dancer like her mother.
As she got older, she began to think and ponder really hard about what she wanted to do with her life. However, a small part of her always knew what she wanted to do, the moment she became familiar with her quirk. She developed a dream of becoming a performer. She wanted to sing, she wanted to dance. .dress to impress and become the center focus on stage! Maybe, she could even voice act like her father. She could become someone famous! She kept these dreams close to her heart, driven to accomplish these goals with the full support of her family.

Her peace would not last

By the age of 17, she now had a younger brother, aged 13, whom had a quirk more like his father than his mother. He was a mute, yet he could manipulate the sounds of other peoples voices by imitating speaking with his lips. She helped her mother look after him while she continued to work towards her goals.

One afternoon she was helping her family carry groceries from the local store into the house from their van. Her father and brother were grabbing the last of the groceries to bring into the home. When she set the groceries down onto the counter. .all she could hear was her younger brothers terrified scream, before it was cut short. She dashed for the door and burst outside. She froze in horror. .blood splattered against the pavement where the van once was, her younger brother lay there, his smaller body looked as if it had been grabbed and crushed. Her father was nowhere to be seen. She hurriedly went to her brothers side while she yelled at her mother to call the authorities. She rest a shaking hand against his forehead, trying to tell him things were going to be okay. Tears welled up in her eyes. She knew he was gone.

What. .what was happening? Was this real? Was this a dream? She tried to smile for her brother as his glassy eyes stared up at her, but her smile turned into a gritting of her teeth while her lips shook, salty tears falling from her eyes. They were supposed to finish unpacking the groceries. She was going to apply for a few classes to further her dreams. .then they were going to go to that ballgame and watch him play. .cheer him on. She felt her world crumble as the pro hero's and authorities came onto the scene. Her mother hugged her, bawling, heaving as they took him away and began to prod them for questions.

Later that night, they were told by the authorities that her father followed the men that killed her younger brother. . and he died trying to enact his revenge onto them, fueled by the crushing sadness of a father who had just lost his son before his very eyes.

Her mother was suddenly the only family she had left. They only had each other.

Her mistake

The budding hope in her heart crumbled. She felt heavy. She felt sick. She didn't want to do anything. It was so, so hard. What used to be easy was difficult. Getting out of bed, dressing, washing, eating. . . .she tried to keep herself together for her grieving mothers sake, who was doing her best to stay strong for the only family she had left, her daughter. Yet. .she could still see the overwhelming sadness in her mothers eyes. She often heard her grieving in her bedroom at night. It was suffocating, unbearable.

She began to feel hate in her heart. Where were the hero's when they needed them? Why were villians still running so rampant among the streets? They still haven't found the villains responsible for their deaths and she didn't think that they ever would.
Forgotten were her dreams. Nothing but vengeance welled within her to the outbreak of villainy and death. She began to conduct her own investigation with the means available to her. She hung around unsavory crowds in an attempt to glean any kind of information she could from them.
That was when. .she learned of all for one. He'd been recruiting new villains and amassing followers to lead. They said he had the terrifying ability to take and give quirks, multiple, even, to one person.

She made up her mind. She was going to enlist as a villain and attempt to be granted a powerful quirk from all for one. She could get revenge. She could protect the only family she had left. She could, maybe, become an aspiring hero and save lives, in the hopes that others wouldn't have to go through what she did that day.

It would become the decision she would regret for the rest of her life

She managed to contact a villain that claimed to be All for one.

She met him and his goons at the destination, too blind with her growing remorse and anger to heed caution. He asked her to display to him her current quirk to get an understanding of it, and what type of quirk she wanted. She asked this man to give her a strong quirk so that she could defend herself.
He paused, as if, contemplating a decision before he just laughed at her, signaling to his goons to grab her where she stood. He wouldn't give her what she wanted. He couldn't. He was only a villain claiming to be All for one, just so he could ensnare the unsuspecting woman in this trap.

She was taken against her will to this villains hideout. She was kept in a room with basic needs. No windows, no television. A bed. .and a bathroom.
What were they going to do with her? Why was she here? Were they going to have their way with her before they killed her? She was afraid, scared. She thought of her mother, who must be worried sick about her. What would happen to her mother if she lost her daughter, too. .? She was trapped. She had to escape. To get out. To tell her mother not to worry, that she was fine. But there was no where she could go- and the only exit was locked.


Anaquetis was assigned a woman that would come to her every day. She would be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner. She would be asked to drink a strange, bitter liquid after each meal. Little did she know, it came from the Woman's quirk. It helped to prolong the life of whomever drank this liquid, so long as it was consistent. This was where Anaquetis would spend the next 42 years of her life.

Back then, selective marriages were arranged between two people that were born with strong quirks so that their offspring would hopefully be bred with the perfect combination of both quirks.

The villain that Anaquetis came in contact with kidnapped young woman. He learned what their quirks were and if they deemed useful or unique enough, he would prep them for selective breeding, as if they were cattle; the same could also be done with men. It was a shady and budding business he offered to villains that wanted to groom young, powerful quirk users to do their bidding.

The aftermath

She had around 39 children by the time All Might defeated All for One. At this time, the hideout Anaquetis was kept in became swarmed by Pro heroes. With the accomplice of the authorities, they managed to locate this villains hideout and uncover his horrid schemes.

When they found her in that single room. .she was unresponsive. Her hair was grown out and unkept, she looked as if she'd been beaten. Not a bit of skin against her body was without scarring. Her orange gaze that lingered on the forms of those hero's held not a single glint in them. No happiness, no relief, no fear. She was mindless. In her own dreamland. As if, the only way to pass her time was to simply create her own imagining.
It was all over the news and the media. Several woman were rescued from that place. Many villains arrested. The authorities were horrified to discover that many of these woman matched the descriptions of those that went missing years ago.

The young children born of the 'cattle' were taken into a special care program to hopefully rehabilitate and re educate them so they could lead normal lives. The infants were taken into foster homes to be cared for, until proper homes could be found by willing, loving families. Those that had crept into their teenage, or adult years, were already gone.

Anaquetis was broken.

She was checked into a hospital after being rescued from that hell.

Immediately, they started giving her mental therapy and began to slowly introduce physical therapy.
They thought she would be unresponsive. .but slowly, she began to gain a sense of awareness. Eventually. . she gained her sense of self again, no longer stuck in that strange state they'd found her in.
She could no longer speak due to the constant straining of her vocal cords in her earlier days of captivity. She could no longer move around or exert herself too much due to frequent pains in her abdomen. .so she had to be careful in how hard she pushed herself. She could no longer have children- they had to remove her uterus due to having been strained so much over the years.
Her body was worn and battered. . trying to rehabilitate itself without the constant influence of the life-prolonging quirk that had kept her alive and young for so long.

And now. .she's doing what she can to lead a somewhat normal life in a world that passed her by all of those years.



She can secrete an orange liquid from her skin. The stringy liquid can be moved, and manipulated to change, mimic, or re-create sound.

She can amplify her sounds to be louder, and even use it to the extent to cause physical vibrations in her body. However, she must be in contact with her orange-like liquids to do so.

Symphonious takes up the liquids in her body upon use, meaning Lynn needs to maintain a healthy habit of drinking plenty of water. She needs to rest between prolonged uses of her ability, so she doesn't over-exert herself.

she oftentimes will get cramps in her abdomen, rendering her unable to use her ability at random instances.


Out of Character

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