Name Sura Khan
Titles King of Spirits, King of Exiles
Gender Male
Apparent Age Mid Twenties
Race Spirit Monarch

Height 6'3
Weight 190 lbs
Tresses Ivory & Crimson
Irises Heterochromatic, Yellow & Red

Marital Single
Orientation Pansexual


King of Spirits

Over his life, Sura has befriended each of the elemental spirits, Gnome, Undine, Salamander, Slyph, and Shade, these spirits now assist Sura in his magic allowing him to cast the highest tiers of elemental magic. These spirits can also physically manifest when needed to assist Sura.

Clarent, The Betrayer Sword

One of the three swords crafted by the fae forge master and blessed by all six spirits, taken from a life-changing battle in the early years of his quest to become the spirit king, Clarent can be enchanted with elemental power to cause its blade to gain different abilities.

Momento Mori, A Reaper's Scythe

Normally only wielded by the grim reapers of the Shadow Lands, the scythes of grim reapers can harvest the souls of those slain by them and turn them into Essence for the wielder. Sura is able to wield this powerful weapon in conjunction with his robes only because he was recognized by the God of Death as the King of Spirits and the pair act as a sign of an alliance between the two factions.

Grim Reaper Robes

The robe of a Grim Reaper allows Sura to pass through solid objects and fly on command, when the hood has been raised Sura's identity becomes indiscernible.

Gnome's Unyielding Stone

The blessing of the Earth Spirit Gnome enhances Sura's endurance and physical strength. Bolstering this blessing with his own power will grant him the ability to harden his skin into blackened stone.

Sylph's Gentle Breeze

Sylph's blessing increases Sura's agility and reflexes when enhanced the blessing allows him to move at even greater speeds thanks to an everpresent tailwind.

Salamander's Raging Embers

The boon of Salamander is an increase to Sura's magical power, by increasing the potency of the blessing Sura can manifest waves of flames in the immediate area around him.

Undine's Calming Stream

Passively Undine's blessing allows Sura to heal at a much faster rate but when fully awakened it forms a shield of magical water around Sura to protect him from damage.

Shade's Concealing Darkness

Sura's final blessing came from Shade, passively Sura can cloak himself in shadows to hide from whoever he wishes, when activated the blessing expands into a field of inky black that removes the perception of those caught inside.

Biography & Allies

The Boy with an Eye of Gold

There once was a boy, born to a village like any other, to parents like any other.
The boy was not like any other, the boy had an eye of gold that the village called wicked.
Treated like a monster the boy ran for the cliff outside of his village, he'd be a hero if he slew a monster right?
Ready to fling himself from the cliff the Wind spoke to him, 'If you jump it will be the last time I can blow through your hair' The Wind said to the boy.
And so to spare the Wind the boy did not jump, next, he built a huge fire and decided he could burn the monster so that the Wind didn't have to suffer.
But the fire spoke to him as well, 'If you throw yourself into the flames it will be the last time I can share my warmth with you' The Fire bemoaned.
Now sparing the Fire, the boy dug a hole, he could bury the monster deep down where it could hurt no one, the Wind and the Fire could both be happy.
But now in the face of the grave, the Earth spoke to the boy, 'If you burry yourself it will be the last time you feel me beneath your feet' the Earth too lamented at his passing.
In attempts to save the Earth, Wind, and Fire from sorrow, the boy had come to the ocean, surely the monster could be drowned beneath the waves.
This time the Water spoke to the boy and said to him 'If you sink beneath the tide it will be the last time I can soothe your skin'.
With no other options, the boy turned to the darkness of a cave, the monster could hide away there until the ravages of time took it.
But something unexpected happened, the Darkness spoke to him 'If you snuff out your light it will be the last time I see that beautiful golden eye'
Finally, the Darkness embraced the boy with an eye of gold true friends, the Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

Check the Homeworld link for expanded lore.

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Out of Character

00. Code made by RageQxeen, do not steal.

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02. Cool with either story or smut, prefer Combat regardless. T1 Rules.~
03. DM-Friendly
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