Name:Colton Blake
Alias:Cole, Devon, Richy


Hair/Eye Color:Varies

Relationship: Single

FC:Francisco Lachowski
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My story? It's one of the millions heard every day... Momma was an addict, daddy was... well... a manipulative prick. Momma got pregnant and ditched the unwanted kid on some church steps... classy. I was passed over to social services who passed me to one family after another until I got sick of the bullshit and the abuse and decided to live on the streets and fell in with some other orphaned rats. We took care of each other, looked out for each other, I made the money and Miniel put the hurt on anyone who fucked with us.

It didn't last... The past catches up with everyone eventually and Elliott and Miniel? Theirs was pretty fucking ugly, uglier than mine and that's saying a fucking lot... We ended up scattered, I looked for them but when I found Elliott... he told me to stop, that Miniel wasn't the person we remembered. I'm a stubborn asshole when I want to be... I didn't quit. I got shot for the trouble. How'm I alive? Just fucking lucky I guess...

Now, Elliott's dead too and the only one of us left other than me is Adrian. I keep my distance, no sense bringing my bullshit to her doorstep when she finally has life figured out. I go to her when I need to lay low but mostly I move from place to place... money is no object to me. I've been 'well off' since my last 'living situation' but that's a story I don't feel like telling.
  • First, just because Colton is a sex worker and part incubus does not mean his entire being revolves around smut. In fact, sex is completely meaningless to him.
  • Second, in case it wasn't clear enough, I don't do straight smut... I want story and yeah, obviously there will probably be a lotta sex involved but story is the point.
  • Third, I have adult responsibilities IRL. I won't always be on and I may even vanish without warning. I'll always explain later but my RL is always more important.
  • Fourth, Colton is not going to fall head over heals for you in a blink. The character has dealt with too much shit... Legit romance will take time. He's good at faking it though.
  • Last, I write for fun... I'm not here for RL drama. Angst, drama, etc is all well and good in story but I'm not interested in it OOC.
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