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01. Standard rules for RPC apply in this room as well, no underaged smut profiles - you will be reported to Dav and banned immediately. On that note, underaged characters are allowed, but do not smut with them.
02. Respect one another, we're all here to have a little shitposting fun and enjoy ourselves, you make that hard on anyone else and you'll find the ban hammer on your ass.
03. Fighting is allowed, however, a teacher or authoritive figure must be present ICly for students to duke it out. This is an esteemed academy of Japan, try to remember that.
04. Smut is to be taken to PMs, no exceptions.
05. No one cares who you ship, ship wars will be stopped immediately even if that means temp-bans have to be dished out.
06. If you wish to be added to the roaster, you must first have a completed profile, then you may message one of the staff members. You do not have to be on the roster to roleplay in the room, just note that anything you roleplay will not affect the overall plot of the room if there is one, and members can ignore your character entirely should they please. This is only until the character is accepted and added onto the roaster.
07. If requested to slow down one-lining and OOC for the sake of serious roleplay, do so.
08. Blatant smut profiles are not to be accepted, no exceptions.
09. Killing is allowed, but be prepared to face the consequences of those actions, attempting to kill a character that the writer does not want to die will be thusly ignored and a severe warning will be put in place.
10. Canons and OCs are both allowed, we will not be accepting genderbents, children of canons, or second generations however.
11. Please keep spoilers to a minimum, not everyone is caught up on the manga/anime and it's incredibly rude to ruin the surprise for those that are interested but haven't had the time to watch/read! If spoilers are present, they will be deleted and you will be warned, unless a pre-warning was announced!
12. We do not care if you decide to hang out in the room, multiples, or the aboved not-alloweds are welcome to join in on the OOC fun! We will not tolerate being pestered about this, this is your only warning.


This room will be following alongside the manga/anime of My Hero Academia, while allowing original characters to insert themselves so everyone can enjoy themselves. For those that are not caught up, we highly suggest caution as spoilers will likely be present! As the room grows, the plot shall start to form and expand, so let's all build a story together!