Urazuka Tsukiko
Follow me into the dark, break off a piece of your heart.
Name Urazuka Tsukiko
Age 15
Gender Female
Occupation Student

Height 5'7"
Weight 156 lbs
Blood Type O Negative
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel Gold
Body Type Athletic/Curvy

School U.A. High School
Year 1st
Class B

Vocals English | Japanese
Music TBA

Out of Character




Name: Swap
Type: Emitter

By producing a violet-pink smokescreen, the user of this Quirk is capable of temporarily switching the Quirks of those within the cloud at random. The farthest the smoke can spread and still be effective is ten feet, reaching a height of eight feet.

Strengths: Allows a moment of possible benefit by temporarily stealing the Quirk of another, giving the User the possibility of winning the fight. Up to six people can be switched about, though this can cause a strain on the user. It is also possible to contain the smoke for bombs later.

Weaknesses: Accumulation Quirks, while they can still be temporarily switched, offer no benefit to the User due to the lack of power reserves. If the Quirk is unfamiliar, the User of the original Quirk will not be capable of using it. Time limit for Quirks being switched only lasts three minutes as of currently.

Drawbacks: Causes the User to have difficulty breathing if used for too long, fresh air is a must to ensure the User keeps from passing out, as the User will be in the center of the smokescreen. All Quirks that are taken have the same Drawbacks on the User without the proper experience with it, so it is possible for the User to hurt themselves with someone else's Quirk if they are not careful.


Hero Outfit: Version 2
Weapon(s): TBA

Miscellaneous Information