Dark Hero: Nogistune
Dark Hero: Nogistune
"We'll step out of the shadows and walk into the light"
NameFushimi, Kageka
Hero NameDark Hero: Nogitsune

Height165 cm/5'5"
Weight54 kg/130 lbs
HairDark Violet



✿ - Because of the way her parents work, Kageka tends to copy that behavior and put too much effort into completing something in spite of her health, so she tries her best to stay around those that would notice if she were going to far.

✿ - Ms Jokes is her favorite Hero, unsurprisingly.

✿ - Her Clan is represented by Inari Foxes, the Fushimi’s in particular are a subclan that developed darker quirks, making them an assassin-esque Clan.

✿ - Her Quirk will one day consume her, she can only prolong the inevitable.

✿ - Adores coffee of any kind, if one were to get her a cup-- especially when exhausted? She’s likely to treat them, jokingly, as a spouse for the next two hours.

✿ - She actually has a few pet koi fish at home, since normally she can’t keep pets with heavier responsibilities. (Her family and school take up too much time.)

✿ - Is a fan of the rock genre overall, though doesn’t have a specific favorite as it constantly changes.

✿ - Her family, the Fushimi Clan, has been Historical Preservationists, since the Edo Period. They have ensured the safety of many weapons, buildings, and even jewelry since that time.








Quirk Name: Shadow Jumper

Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description:
User is a specific category of Shadow Manipulation, by using their own shadow (via falling backward-facing a source of light, or basically anywhere else the user can touch their shadow); the user is capable of entering the "Umbra Plane" temporarily. Fancy name for basically an exact opposite, dark grey-scale world-- reflection style. The user then is capable of bouncing back into the original plane through another's shadow. If the user were to remain within this "Umbra Plane", they would begin to suffer severe disorientation, along with their sensitivity lowering significantly. (Storytelling Time Limits) Five minutes before sickness sets in, seven before comatose. (RP Time Limits) Two minutes before sickness, five before comatose.

Strengths: Within the Umbra Plane, Kageka is nigh untouchable by her opponent until she returns to the natural world, allowing her to quickly evade capture and attacks if she uses it correctly.

Weaknesses: Two minutes maximum before severe complications (See Drawbacks), the quirk’s distance is sight-based by the user. The quirk has also been known to turn the user of it a pitch-black color.

Drawbacks: Can only use for a maximum of two minutes before getting severely sick, any further will cause disorientation and possibly death. Aftereffects include being desensitized to the world, dizziness, and possible coma.


Climbing Gear: Grappling Hook, Tekagi-shuko (Tiger Hook Hands), and Foot Spikes.

Deterrant Gear: Tashibishi Caltrops, Smoke Bombs, Pepper Spray Bomb, Sleeping Gas.

Defensive Gear: Arm Gauntlets, Lightweight Calf Armor.

Offensive Gear: Ninjatō Sword (27" Blade), Blowgun (12" | .40 Calibur Darts), Tonfa, Manrikigusari.

Holsters: Shoulder Sword Harness, Utility Belt.


Born into an old traditions bloodline called the Fushimi's, Kageka's life had a plan since day one, specifically built by her grandparents to ensure that once they passed the bloodline would continue on the way their ancestors saw fit. Ensuring that the Fushimi Clan would remain strong to protect History. However, it was around the age of five when Kageka's Grandmother died of natural causes, leaving her Grandfather to what was essentially a shell of what he used to be. Because the Clan offered their assistance multiple times to Police and Pro Heroes, holding licenses themselves; it was simply a matter of time before an accident would cause their quirk to backfire onto them. This would not deter them from ensuring their plans went through, as the guilt normally hung over her own parents for them to continue it in their stead.

It wasn't until around the time she started middle school that this became more obvious to Kageka, and it was because of that she began to resent her name and what it had done to her family. It wasn't that she would intentionally go out of her way to not follow the orders given to her, just that Kageka could not find herself happy doing them. Due to this, Kageka's made a point to find happiness in the smallest things to avoid depression entirely. Friends come and go, she doesn't tend to stick with one group for too long in fear of "tainting" them with what her existence has become; so finding herself as a lone wolf type isn't too excessive. She's friendly nonetheless, managing her time between social and familial obligations to just enjoy herself while she can.

School is her focus, managing to upkeep average grades without much problem and keeping herself trained to maintain keen senses. By the time she entered U.A., Kageka's maturity began to show in small doses, Determination had set in, to not follow through with her family's plan, but to instead make it up as she went along; having grown tired of seeing her parent's exhaustion and guilt because of an old man that-- while Kageka did love dearly-- was only ensuring that she would never take care of him or respect such selfish wishes. While she knew realistically becoming the "Number One Hero!" was essentially reaching for the Heavens in hopes of catching a star, Kageka would happily remain content being in the top ten; which is what she aims for till this day. Maybe Dark Hero: Nogitsune won't be painting across the sky as the protector of justice's face, but she could at least shine a light in the darkness by being that light!


- Present Mic -
rockin' teach!

- Koro -
lil' brother
someone to protect.

- Name -
small note.

- Name -
small note.

- Name -
small note.

Out of Character

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