Queen of Blood
Apparent Age25

Weight150 lbs
HairMidnight Green




An Emitter Quirk that has a devastating price for an even deadlier reward. The user must consume the blood of another Quirk User down to the last drops of Life, and in return, they are gifted the opponents' Quirk for a duration of twenty minutes, until the blood has been 'digested' fully. Thus in exchange for the life of another, the User of this Quirk may take the last embers of the borrowed to fight in battle instead. The unbearable hunger that comes from it must be trained for, discipline a requirement if one desires to remain sane.

Type: Emitter

Duration: 20 minutes

Weaknesses: The User cannot drink multiple sources of blood to combine powers, and without the strongest resolve or goal to achieve, Users of this Quirk can go insane.

Drawbacks: Mutant Quirks take longer to revert back from, without a stable image the User may remain under that guise for another 15 minutes without the benefit of that Quirk's power. Accumulation Quirks like All For One and Rewind are impossible to take, as there would be no power reservoir to draw from in a new body.

Strengths: The better known the element to the User, the more control and power they have to give. Knowledge of the Quirk taken is ideal, but it is common for Users to branch out.






Isadora is an incredibly intelligent woman when it comes to battle strategy and conquering. Her capability to seize the opportune moment is frightening in its own right, but once placed in charge of an army, there are few who can stand in the way. Intensely observant and cautious with where every pawn is placed, there are a number of ways she will make an entire Country crumble. From outright assault to suffocating the cities supplies and stocks by cutting them off from the outside, there is cruelty in her intelligence; which subsequently stretches to Politics, Religion, Etiquette, and the Arts.


She is well-tempered when not tested, and appears to effortlessly refrain from losing control. She extends this to any who reside by her side, silently command their actions through fear and pain. She is consistent in her actions, refuting attempts at breaking this part of her personality.


She holds the sophistication of a finely aged woman, drawing upon her years of life to uphold herself to the highest standard. Isadora walks with natural confidence, head held high and shoulders pushed back; her mannerisms and speech is clear cut in the way she commands the audience's attention. Her worldly experience allows this trait to have a hefty dose of legitimacy to it, refining not only her intelligence but this trait as well.



There is zero empathy for those she does not find respect for, the select few who have earned this are spared from the way she manipulates the people around her. It begins subtle, nothing to truly note from the victim of her choice, the escalation of it skyrockets to the point of death once she manages to sink herself into their lives. A mother's gentle hand, guiding her child outside only to be consumed in darkness. The broken shell of a man as he's left with nothing, not even his own heart~


There is a sense of mystery that surrounds her. Fear is easy to find, yet difficult to understand as to why, and she takes advantage of this with amused confidence. She makes no statements toward her history by intention, further playing into this aura she holds with a wicked smile hiding fangs.


For the lucky few who do manage to fall under her good graces, they are all treated equally as children. She is a protective mother, teaching and guiding them as a mentor while shielding them from the dangers the world throws at them. It matters not how much younger or older they look to her, amusingly enough. Isadora is often gentle with them, only growing vicious when it is a punishment well deserved. It's difficult to see Isadora as childless because it's so naturally ingrained into her.



There is truly no better word to describe Isadora completely; she feels no concern or enthusiasm for most of reality itself. She doesn't truly make an attempt until they stand in her way. Material things will turn to dust, the living shall die and time will continue to march forward for her, everything is solely done for the amusement of it. For if she cares, then it shall begin to hurt again.


Put under the right conditions, such as a battle or a feast to be had, Isadora would leave little to be recognizable behind. Her devastating brutality is a force to be reckoned with, and nothing too big or small is exempt from this. Her blood-soaked warpath is enough to put weaker Countries on their knees, and she seems to hold no particular favor towards a single nationality. Everyone around her is in danger, for she is poison and ticking away. It's only a matter of time before she explodes.


The very nature that surrounds her trembles, be it the aura she radiates or pure fear, the dangerous and sadistic nature seems to act as a concentrated layer around her. Isadora commands a room with this trait, each clearly spoken word drawing attention as if they echo with the sound of time. Something similar to a mouse finally realizing the snake's eyes are on it is the closest descriptive resemblance, and with the bite to back up her presence, it's an honest sensation.


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