I've tasted blood and it was sweet
NameYoshiba Akane


RelationshipThe Fire In Her Veins
AffiliationParanormal Liberation Front








Quirk Name: Bloody Puppeteer

Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description:
An infection based quirk that allows its user to control the victim through the consumption of the users blood. Depending on how much blood is ingested will determine the amount of time the user retains control. It is possible for the victim to break the control through a test of willpower, however if they are infected over time, they will also suffer symptoms ranging from rage filled episodes to memory loss. The user can also control the dead up until the point blood coagulates and mortis sets in.


Akane Yoshiba was born into the Yoshiba Family as the youngest of two, her older sister Kana had been sent to an orphanage several cities over due to the financial status of the family being too low to care for a child at the time, however, Akane would sadly not be as lucky as her older sister in getting a chance out of the house. Instead, at the age of four when her Quirk developed, Akane was incarcerated into a hidden room of the house; she was tortured here, from severe beatings to force feeding when she started to give up on life, there was no doubt that what she had suffered through something no child she know. It is safe to assume that this is where her psychosis developed, along with her signature as a serial killer. From her parents home to homeless, Akane traveled across Japan with the intention of 'cleansing the sins of humanity', which inevitably earned her the nickname of "Hangman."

Akane would eventually find her only living relative, Kana, and began to watch from afar, gathering information needed before kidnapping her and hiding away in the Warehouse District. Because of her indiscrimination between Villains and Heroes, along with the mass total of ten dead or missing that had Police and Pros in a fuss - she was noticed by the League of Villains. It was there a fight started between the Heroes trying to rescue Kana, and the League that desired to recruit her. She was forced to abandon Kana, but viewed the League as her new family, following them no differently than an incredibly obedient rabid dog.

While no one can be exactly sure when Hangman will strike again, they can be sure that she won't be far behind any chaos, especially caused by the now formed Liberation Front.


  • Akane is actually a huge fan of spanish soap operas, it's a guilty pleasure that she keeps secret.
  • Also secretly enjoys wearing animal onesies, will only wear them when she knows she is alone and won't be bothered.
  • Adores popcorn and soda, prefers her popcorn over salted.
  • Favorite sweet is pocky, ironically.
  • Her favorite animal is a red panda.

out of character

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