Say that I'm weak and I'll make you a liar.
NameYoshiba, Kana
Alias(es)Doc, Songbird, Kitten
VoiceThank you Aya~

EyesChinese Red
BuildLil' Thiccc









Quirk Name: Damage Counter

Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description:
A Healing based ability, Damage Counter assess the wounds of her intended target before absorbing portions of the injury through touch. ( Likely that the quirk allows her to transfer her own healing capabilities onto others temporarily, has not be confirmed due to lack of research. ) The backlash of the ability is the very fact that she absorbs the damage, thus transferring the wounds onto herself instead. From scrapes to broken limbs to bullet wounds, if they are still alive, there's a chance she can heal them. Due to years of training neglect, Damage Counter has evolved enough to show it's defensive side as well. Enhanced Healing, nothing especially special, but it does cut the usual healing time in half.

Damage Counter is now capable of reversing, thus Kana can now inflict her injuries onto others should she concentrate and choose to do so. Healing time now only take a quarter of the amount of time for a regular person. The damage can only be inflicted onto organic things, living or dead, old injuries are excluded from this as well.


  • Kana is a huge fan of Recovery Girl and prefers her to commonly adored heroes like All Might and Endeavour.
  • She enjoys longboard dancing and is quite adept at it.
  • There are no records of her patients due to her memorizing their codenames for privacy's sake.
  • All patients, Villain or Hero, must pay for her healing services.
  • Thought to be an only orphaned child, does have a younger sister named Akane who is insane and loose.
  • Actually likes Deku and hopes he brings awareness to the public for Quirks that backfire so they all can get the help they need.
  • Prefers animals over people.
  • Extrovert? Who she?
  • The biggest fear is that she’ll accidentally go too far and kill herself with her Quirk.
  • There is a possibility that Kana is capable of regrowing organs, this has not been tested.
  • Is fairly good at knives, from throwing to minor surgery.
  • Nicknamed Doc to all patients for privacy.
  • Lives in a studio apartment in the worst part of town.
  • Makes her money using her Quirk– sometimes takes odd end jobs like a server at a Maid Cafe if money gets too tight.
  • Wants a full heal? Surprise her with a kiss, this activates the Damage Counter completely.
  • Adores video games, and quite commonly plays the tank-ier characters in them.

out of character

00. Want a code? Go here. Refrain from stealing.

01. Do not approach me with a post, PM is for OOC only unless you are a friend or we have spoken about an RP idea.

02. I do adore that block button.

03. Leave your bullshit drama at the door, thank you.

04. RPing since March of 2008.

05. Smut with story, mindless and useless smut is nearly non-existent on my side.

06. Extremely light T1, still trying to find the use of it and still learning.

07. Typist is female and taken IRL.

08. There will be times when I randomly stop speaking, the likely cause is that I am taking care of my father IRL, patience is a virtue, if I miss you entirely just try again later.

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