Green Dilf~

Name: Vorrah Grimhorn.
Age: Late 40s
Gender / Pronouns: Male
Height: Around 8ft
Orientation: Straight + ( No Males)
Romance Style: Open
Marital Status:Death
Location: Wall Street or Gym
RP Style: Para & Up

A wild thresher, a magnanimous warrior and a stead-fast leader. This beastly orc has staved off waves upon waves of enemies to protect his clan, Grimhorn. Razed villages, pillaged towns, scorched the soil and routed entire civilizations along the path to domination. Now, a new urge arises within him. To begin taking women of all kinds, shapes and sorts into his clan. Indoctrinate them into their true roles and purpose within his tribe, to have them be made useful for his own purposes and become onto what they were meant to be. Preys, Preds, Doms, Subs. All are welcome to Grimhorn, All are welcome to join, All are welcome to submit~

The encampment of Grimhorn clan is nestled deep in the mountain range near edge of the woods. A proper camp being erected for the clan to grow back to its original numbers as it is faciliated around by woods, a lodging path to the main roads, a riverbank and a defensive vantage point should any invading forces dare approach. Long log walls surround the perimeter of the encampment to ensure no surprise invasions take place either. The orc chieftain's hut lay to the north, overlooking his entire encampment with whom he shares it with his mates. A blacksmith near the riverbank to ensure maintenance of weapons, a logging camp to the east for further production and stables stationed to the south near the main gate, followed by a large watchtower built to spot any encroaching dangers.

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Clan Members:

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