An artist who loves to spray paint on walls. Causing mischief and mayhem for others whenever he is feeling in a bad mood. Sometimes Kirby is known to be relaxing and cheerful always willing to pick some friends up when needed. When the rebel is bored catch him sketching in his notebook thinking of ideas for a new art style for future projects. Who knows might be in a mood to show off his work. He does have an annoying sister who loves to drop by from time to time name Cecily. He's very protective when it comes to his single-family member since it's the only one he has besides their mother.


Name: Kirby
Age: 23
Race: Meta-Human
Occupation: Rebel Artist
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Teal
Resides: Somewhere in a city
Talents: Unknown
Likes: Pizza, Games, Friends, Women
Dislikes: Hoes, Smart people, Big words
Power: Redacted



1). uhhh will put more in a bit for now here's a More pictures ~
2). Light or dark doesn't matter.
3). Golden rules usually apply
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5). Now come into a lunatics mind ~
5). Im fucking taken in rl fuck off lol.