The Rebel
The Rebel
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NameAsmodeus Akamine
Nickname hover
Gender Male
Apparent Age 27

Race Psychic
Height 6'4
Weight 190lbs
Tresses Jet Black
Irises Cerulean

Marital Unchained.
Orientation Demisexual
Head Canons
Character will probably change over time just as people change and grow over time.
Character is not the nicest but he warms up...eventually.
He is not for the faint of heart, he is lewd and outspoken.
He was brought from another world in search of a sister he thought to be lost.
His abilities range but he will stick to basic telekinesis, teleporation, and telepathy. Do not be surprised if he plants images in your brain.
The best way to get him to warm up? Tea or Coffee..
He is an instigator, a trouble maker, and rebellion runs through his veins.

More to come soon.