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World's Strongest
World's Strongest

The Basics

NameYuujirou Hanma
Kanji範馬 勇次郎
Kanaはんま ゆうじろう

Hair ColorRed
Iris ColorRed-Brown
Height190cm (6'3")
Weight120kg (265~ lbs)




Yuujirou is the strongest character in the series; he is recognized as "the Strongest Creature on Earth" with his strength being equated to, or perhaps even greater than an entire nation's modern military. Yuujirou, similar to his father, was able to defeat the American military forces by himself during the time of the Vietnam War; he was only 16 at the time. Some of Yuujirou's greatest feats of strength include: pushing back 100 riot police, completely stopping the tectonic activity of an earthquake by punching the ground, tapping craters in a concrete wall, easily knocking out a giant elephant not even tanks could damage, cutting glass with his fingers, and crushing a piece of coal to dust. Yuujirou's hits have even been likened to that of a nuclear impact, whole armies have used their best weapons to stop him, but to no effect. His body's muscles are so strong and durable to that he's able to do things like breaking katanas and knives just by gripping them, walking through walls of bulletproof-glass, and shaking an entire building by merely tensing his muscles; although it's also been implied that it was actually his body's aura. In fact, the strength of his finger flicks can be more than enough to defeat his opponent, as demonstrated in his short fight with Chamoan; he's also used this on a young Mohammad Alai Jr, managing to send the boy rolling back into the wall several feet behind him. When Yuujirou flexes his latissimus dorsi muscles, his back takes the shape of a demon's face, thus increasing his strength and combat abilities. Yuujirou is constantly advancing his strength, becoming stronger with each person he defeats every day, essentially "devouring" them, as he himself tends to say, all the while his "demon back" is exposed.

Yuujirou is also very fast; he is shown to move at warp-like speeds, a level of speed that is imperceptible to other characters vision, almost as if he were teleporting. He is able to easily out-maneuver any character in the series in terms of pure speed; with characters who are at mid-top tier level being able to traverse across hundreds of miles in a matter of hours on foot. He can strike with enough velocity that can break the sound barrier and rip through the air, causing extremely intense gusts of wind. Yuujirou was shown to catch a 45lb arrow that required 200kgs of force to successfully project and caught before it could leave the bowstrings from 9ft away. He was able to easily move at bullet-like speeds when he was only 16.

Another indication of his incredible might would be his durability, Yuujirou being capable of taking a full power strike from literally anything or anyone on Earth without being damaged or even flinching whatsoever. He's also been shown plummeting out of the top of a 50 story skyscraper and getting up as though it were nothing, and he has never actually been hurt in any serious manner by any of the characters who've managed to land a hit on him in the series, the only exceptions are Kaiou Kaku (who was using the power of his own punches against him), Musashi Miyamoto (who just managed to leave a shallow cut on his neck), and Baki (who could only do so with the help of his demon back). However, even if they do cause some damage, Yuujirou's pain tolerance is high enough that he can shrug off most attacks. Yuujirou has also been shown effortlessly overpowering the likes of Biscuit Oliva (who is strong enough to cause interference in the GPS's of all the cars on the planet with a punch to the ground) with just his fingers. His body is tough enough to withstand things like bullets (although he prefers to just dodge them), fire, lightning strikes, blades, diseases of any kind, cannonballs, and even missiles; with none of these being able to even penetrate his skin or injure him at all.

A genius fighter who is known to have mastered all forms of unarmed combat. His repertoire apparently includes all of the well known fighting styles (such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, juujutsu, wrestling, street-fighting, and so on) as well as some more esoteric ones (such as the Udonde art, an actual system used in the ancient karate). Since the age of sixteen, he has been fighting on the battlefields using just his bare hands, when he fought against both American and Vietcong in the Vietnam War. Since then, it appears he has obtained respect from the American forces, even going so far as them declaring amity towards him with each new president. Yuujirou also innately has an complete and full understanding of the human body and its anatomy and essentially has complete medical knowledge on each organ and muscle and their respective function. It should be noted as well that, Yuujirou has the extraordinary ability to instantly learn and master any skill perfectly, upon the first time seeing it and even modify them to fit him better, he uses this ability to learn and master fighting style. Yuujirou can directly see all the flaws and weaknesses of other just by looking on them, with perfect accuracy.

In addition to all the techniques Yuujirou has demonstrated throughout the series that are listed above, he has made it clear on multiple occasions that he can master any technique instantaneously, simply upon seeing it used by someone else. However, he rarely uses the techniques of others for reasons other than to demonstrate his skill, and usually resorts to simple martial arts and exchanges of strength.

Although famous mostly for his strength and unmatched combat prowess, Yuujirou has proven many times to be of above average intelligence and knowledgeable about various topics, mostly related to combat and human body function, but also about the history, course of nature, foresight into the activities of others, and much more. Strydum once told Baki that Yuujirou's mental capacity is far stronger than any muscle on him, which is also a source of his power.


Axe Kick – one of Yuujirou's most common move; used against Kaiou Kaku, for example.
Roll Kick – used against Baki Hanma.
Death Concentration – never seen him use it, but he confirmed it during his fight with Doppo.
Udonde – used against Doppo Orochi.
Finger-Grab – used once against Doppo Orochi.
Demon Face – used on many occasions against opponents considered to be worthy challengers.
Bite – used once against Jack Hanma.
Nukite – used once against unnamed soldier on the battlefield.
Vietnam Whip – used once against unnamed soldier on the battlefield.
Backhand Blow – used against Koushou Shinogi and Ryuukou Yanagi.
Defensive Xiaoli – used once against Kaiou Kaku.
Aiki – used once against Pickle.
Pinch – used once against Baki Hanma.
Whip Strike – used against Baki Hanma.
Hand Pocket – used against Baki Hanma.
0.5 Second Unconscious – Baki's signature skill from third series; used against Baki Hanma.
Dress – a special technique of his father; used against Baki Hanma.


When Yuujirou was 16 years old, he went to war to fight and develop his skills. He was in the Vietnam War, where he fought against the Americans. After the famous "Bloody Mary" bombardment plan was completed, Yuujirou survives as one of the two rebels. The second person is a woman named Jane. After a short conversation, she suggests Yuujirou to have sex, but he refuses. She laughs at him and tries to dominate him, but the Ogre catches her by surprise and says that he is the one who rules and could kill her at any time. Yuujirou and Jane become companions.

While American soldiers march and watch the ruins after the "Bloody Mary" operation, Yuujirou lurks among the ruins and attacks General Sam Gary. He kills him, takes his skin off his face, puts it on his own and shows himself to the other soldiers, pretending to be semi-conscious. The soldiers take him to some headquarters, thinking he's their general, who needs help. When in fact, their general is long dead and Yuujirou has made his way to the center of the nearby American headquarters. He slaughters the army in the middle of the building and meets a soldier named Gerry Strydum. During this time, the American army gathered around the headquarters to shoot the whole building with cannons to get rid of Yuujirou. Suddenly, Jane shows up with a h6 barrel of explosives. She tells Yuujirou that the barrel will cause a h6 explosion when the army will start shooting. Jane, suspiciously, finds a secret passage to the underground exit and then starts to run away with Yuujirou. Unfortunately, the Ogre guessed Jane's true identity. Her real name is Diane Neil and she's a Canadian spy of the United Nations. Her task is to lead Yuujirou through this underground passageway, where the UN army awaits the end. Yuujirou rapes Diane Neil to take revenge on her, then goes outside and destroys the army waiting for him. Nine months later, Diane bears his child.

The anime shows another retrospective from the time when young Yuujirou fought on the battlefields. America still tries to get rid of Yuujirou and sends all its best units against him (the Green Berets, the SEAL, and the Delta Forces). However, the young fighter defeats all of them. Ultimately, the Americans turn to Biscuit Oliva, who is a powerful man and a vip convict in the Arizona prison. Oliva is hired to get rid of Yuujirou under the pretext of eliminating some drug cartel dealer. Oliva introduces himself to Yuujirou when they meet, and the young fighter lets him know that he knows who Oliva is. The prisoner is happy with this fact and starts a short fight with him, but after a while Yuujirou runs away, saying that he prefers to leave Oliva for another time. At the end, America decides to form an alliance with Yuujirou. In other words, USA is completely defeated by one man, Yuujirou Hanma.

Yuujirou once appeared at a h6 and expensive banquet. In this place, for the first time he meets Emi Akezawa, who comes there with her husband Eiichi Akezawa. Yuujirou and Emi almost immediately notice each other in the crowd and starts to look at each other. Yuujirou undresses her with his eyes, so jealous Eiichi enters and starts talking to Yuujirou. Eiichi spills champagne on his suit, for which Yuujirou gives Emi a kiss. Angry Eiichi attacks him, but Lorion Grassy, a Brazilian Judoka, stops them. The fighter wants to defend Eiichi, challenges Yuujirou and loses quickly. Later, Yuujirou breaks into Akezawa's mansion, knowing that Emi likes him. He asks where Emi is and then kills Eiichi before her eyes. After a while, Yuujirou embraces and kisses Emi, telling her that he likes the bloodthirst in her eyes. He also confesses to her that he wants her to be the mother of his child. Soon after that, Baki is born.

Childhood Saga

In this saga, Yuujirou appears for the first time during the duel between Baki and Kaoru Hanayama. He appears when both fighters have finished their fight. Yuujirou ridicules them and states that this battle should not end yet, since they are both alive. The provoked Hanayama attacks Yuujirou, but he can't do anything. Baki tries to help his rival, but is knocked out with one blow by his father. Eventually, Hanayama is almost destroyed by the strongest man in the world. He easily knocks Hanayama out, stating that he only lost his time to meet such weaklings.

Later Yuujirou visits Emi Akezawa, who is surprised and happy seeing him. She tries to throw herself into his arms, but he rejects her and criticizes her for not having brought up Baki in proper way, stating that their son is still too weak. He also tells her that he will now take their son's development into his own hands. After a while, Emi gets angry and rushes with a razor at Yuujirou, who easily stops her. Her bloodlust makes him happy and he kisses her. Eventually, Yuujirou says that he will "test" Baki, which Emi has trained so far. Soon after that, Yuujirou goes to the mountains and kills Yasha-Zaru. He does it only to bring and show Baki the head of the ape, with which his son made friendly relationship. Yuujirou is meeting with Baki during the boy's training. He shows him the head of a dead monkey, and Baki goes crazy. Yuujirou manages to provoke his son and desperate Baki tries to attack him. His father stops him and says he wants to fight him next month.

Some time passes and Strydum comes to talk to Yuujirou. During the conversation, the Ogre learns that Baki defeated Gaia, the master of the battlefield. Baki's father states that this is not a great feat at all, and decides to do something much better than his son did. He calls the Prime Minister of Japan and says he'll be here in an hour to kill him. Then he really shows up at the Prime Minister's mansion and defeats a huge number of guards on his own, and then he shows up in the Prime Minister's room and raises his leg up to make a kick. The Prime Minister thinks he'll be murdered, but Yuujirou only breaks his desk. He tells him that he should take better care of his protection, and then he leaves.

Before the h6 match with Baki, Yuujirou visits his old friend Kanamoto, who likes to hunt. They're talking about the fact that Yuujirou is going to fight his son. Kanamoto begins a short philosophical speech about what a fight is for Yuujirou, but suddenly the Ogre interrupts him, saying that he did not come to visit only to drink his "bitter tea". Kanamoto shows him his great and powerful bow, which he constructed by himself, and Yuujirou urges him to shoot him. The old friend finally agrees, but the Strongest Creature on Earth easily stops the arrow flying in his direction. Shortly afterwards, he meets with Emi at the hotel. She wants to show him her crazy love and have sex with him. Then Yuujirou tells her that he is not interested in her at all, and that if Baki disappoint him in the fight, he will break contact with her. When he leads her to an emotional breakdown, she asks if she can stay the night anyway, but he wants her to leave.

When the day of his fight with his son comes, Yuujirou is attacked by Gaia, who wants to test his skills. Gaia, of course, loses the fight, even though both fighters have long been considered by people as equals. Later, Yuujirou arrives by helicopter at the duel scene, where Baki and many of his friends are waiting. The first of the helicopters gets off the humiliated Gaia, who kneels down by Yuujirou. The Ogre is also accompanied by Emi Akezawa, Hitoshi Kuriyagawa and an old soldier known as Sir. The h6 match starts with an unexpected earthquake. Yuujirou stops it by hitting the ground. Everyone is surprised by the great power of Yuujirou. Baki tries not to worry about this unusual show of strength and attacks his father. Baki does his best during a fight, but is unable to give any serious damage to his father. Yuujirou is still very satisfied with the level of his son and happily announces to Emi that today he will "eat a delicious dish". At some point, excited Yuujirou starts brutally knocking out his son and almost killing him, but is stopped by Emi who, in such a critical situation, decided to protect her child. Emi attacks Yuujirou with a blow to the face, and Yuujirou is surprised that Emi "finally started to be a mother". However, eventually the Ogre hugs her for the last time and breaks her spine. Then Yuujirou gets into a crazy mood and knocks out all the people who came to watch the fight. And then he just leaves the crime scene.

Underground Arena Saga

Yuujirou initially first appeared when he was mentioned by Izou Motobe in early chapters of Grappler Baki as a form of foreshadowing. Yuujirou made his first proper appearance at the end of Baki's fight with Mount Toba in the Underground Arena of Tokyo Dome. Yuujirou suddenly entering the arena, and all the people are surprised. Baki is furious at the sight of his father, because this is their first meeting in a very long time. He rushes at him impulsively, but Yuujirou effortlessly knocks out Baki. He is seen by Doppo Orochi, who also enters the arena. Doppo tells him that he still hasn't forgotten the scars, which are a reminder of their former struggle. Both fighters attack each other, but after a while they stops, and Doppo asks the chairman, Mitsunari Tokugawa, to set up a match between him and Yuujirou. Tokugawa happily agrees to this offer. Later that night, Strydum drives Yuujirou to a local boxing gym, where he starts a fight with the reigning boxing champion there. During that fight, Yuujirou admits that beating other people is better for him than having sex. Yuujirou effortlessly defeats the champion named Youichi Tatsumi and everyone at the gym, then leaves.

Later, one day Yuujirou meets with Izou Motobe on the street. Motobe tells him that he felt jealous when he found out that Doppo is going to fight against the Ogre. He also tells him that he want to settle personal business with Yuujirou. The Ogre decides to fight on the grass rather than concrete, and Motobe takes this as an act of fear by Yuujirou. He thinks that Yuujirou doesn't want to fight him on concrete, because Motobe is a master of using throwing techniques during the fight. Yuujirou states that he doesn't want anybody to interfere. Motobe shows that he has made great progress during his last years of training and Yuujirou praises him. Unfortunately, he has no chance to win against the Strongest Creature on Earth anyway. Eventually, Yuujirou knocks him out by throwing him to the ground, mockingly stating that Motobe is lucky because they didn't fight on concrete.

There is a manga chapter whose story has never been shown in the anime. It shows Yuujirou who beat up fighters from some local pro wrestling gym. Then he returns to his exclusive hotel, where he eats a h6 dinner, then he goes to bed and fantasizes about killing martial artists. Suddenly he instinctively senses someone standing near his door. When he comes to the door and grabs the handle, suddenly the iron door starts to be bombarded with a lot of blows from the other side. Surprised Yuujirou breaks down the door with a kick to see who it is, but it turns out there's nobody there. Most likely it was Kureha Shinogi, who was introduced to the series in the next chapter. In the beginning, Kureha hated all martial artists and liked to show them his superiority, so it could have been him, even though he had no major personal motive. Someone can also theorize that it was just Yuujirou's imagination. This is probably one of the strangest and most amh6uous chapters in the series.

Just before the start of the h6 clash, Yuujirou lies down and relaxes in the locker-room of the Underground Arena. When the fight begins, Doppo starts off the fight by jumping on top of Yuujirou and putting him in a full-body headlock. Yuujirou reacts by running and jumping off a wall, then slamming his back to the ground. Doppo dodges in time, and then delivers an axe kick at Yuujirou, which the Ogre dodges. Yuujirou tries to use Udonde technique against Doppo, while at the same time Doppo uses the Maeba Stance, which is also a defensive-based style. Yuujirou attacks first, giving Doppo the benefit of the attack, punching the Ogre 5 times in the chest. Yuujirou stands up, undamaged, and wildly punches at Doppo, while the karateka blocks. The fight continues, and Doppo uses Sangan, a fighting technique which allows the user to block all the opponents strikes by making the user's eyes mimic that of a chameleon's, therefore being able to see attacks from all directions, on Yuujirou. The Ogre is unable to get past this defense, and Doppo then proceeds to continually punch at Yuujirou. Doppo is successfully landing consecutive hits on him, until Baki arrives and is seen by the Ogre. Yuujirou becomes enraged at the sight of Baki, causing him to unleash his demon back. With Yuujirou's strength and speed now boosted, Doppo's punches no longer have effect on the Ogre. Yuujirou grabs Doppo's hand, and nearly rips one of his fingers off. Strydum makes the remark to Baki that Doppo's attacks are meant for humans, with the Ogre being something inhumanely powerful. Yuujirou then viciously attacks Doppo, with each hits cutting the karateka's body up. Atsushi Suedou, who is in the audience, jumps into the ring to try to prove that karate can win, attempting to prove Strydum's statement is wrong, only to be instantly knocked out by Yuujirou. Doppo attempts to try and pierce the Ogre's abs with his arms, only to be outdone by Yuujirou's reflexes, and have his eardrums ruptured. Doppo falls to the ground for a few seconds, with everyone watching thinking he is done. Doppo stands back up to keep fighting, but Yuujirou then suddenly rips out Doppo's right eye out of its socket. The Ogre finishes the match by delivering a punch directly to Doppo's heart, almost killing him.

Later, he comes to see his son's fight against Kureha Shinogi. At some point it seems that Baki has lost and then Kureha provokes Yuujirou to come down to the arena. Yuujirou accepts the offer and comes to him. But then Baki rises up and tells his father to not interfere. The Ogre looks at Baki's fighting position and guesses what technique his son will want to use. He wishes him good luck and leaves the ring. When Baki defeats Kureha with the Goutaijutsu strike, Yuujirou explains the technique to Strydum.

Maximum Tournament Saga

Yuujirou unexpectedly appears in the fighters' locker-room during the Maximum Tournament. Mitsunari Tokugawa asks him to not destroy his tournament, and Yuujirou says he only came to watch. Nevertheless, he wants his young companion Yuu Amanai to join the tournament. The Ogre breaks the spine of one of the competitors, Jagatta Shaman, to free up space for his companion. Amanai sees this brutal act and hits Yuujirou with his open hand in the face, telling him that he recognizes him as a fighter but hates his violence. At first it is unknown who Yuujirou's comrade is, but then it turns out he's a martial artist who met Yuujirou in USA when Amanai worked for the American government. The Ogre was impressed by the fighting style and philosophy of Amanai.

Most of the time, Yuujirou sits next to Tokugawa during the tournament and watches the fights. At some point he gets bored and goes outside. He meets a Muay Thai champion named Chamoan. Their fight is very short, and Yuujirou beats him with just one finger. When Chamoan is knocked out, Yuujirou smiles and says that this should satisfy him for a while.

During the tournament, Yuujirou meets Jack Hammer. When Jack wins his fight in the first round, Yuujirou goes into the arena to talk to him. Both fighters are almost starting to fight, but they're interrupted by jealous Baki. Yuujirou throws him aside with one blow so he won't stop them. After a while, Jack walks up to Yuujirou and tells him something that makes Yuujirou very happy. After a while, the Ogre announces that Jack has very right to fight him.

When Amanai finds that Doppo Orochi is already damaged enough to finish the fight, he starts asking Tokugawa and the audience to recognize him as the winner, because he does not want to use any more violence. Then Yuujirou enters and attacks Amanai with a blow of the edge of his hand, deforming Amanai's collarbone. Yuujirou calls him a weakling and throws him to the fence of the arena. He wants to fight all current winners in the tournament, in exchange for disrupting the tournament. That's when Kureha comes and says that Yuujirou should fight the losers, because this tournament can't end like this. The Ogre beats them all without a problem. Then all the victors enter the arena and stars to provoke Yuujirou. However, suddenly Yuujirou is shot with a sleep bullets. It turns out that those shots were planned by Tokugawa and Baki to stop Yuujirou. He is taken away and moved to a closed room with a steel door, but after some time he wakes up, breaks down the door and leaves.

Before Baki's match with Kaiou Retsu, Yuujirou comes to talk to his son's opponent. He tells him he should be afraid of this fight. During the battle, Yuujirou watches his son's brutality and hopes that Retsu will awake the true "Hanma spirit" in Baki. However, ultimately Baki does not kill Retsu, even though he is very close. After the fight, Yuujirou meets Baki and tells him that he is disappointed because of his son's delicacy.

When the final fight between Baki and Jack almost takes place, Yuujirou meets Jack before the match begins. Jack tells him that when he wins the fight against Baki, he will come to defeat Yuujirou. During the final fight, Jack turns out to be son of Yuujirou and Diane Neil. After the fight, Yuujirou meets Jack again and is disappointed with his defeat and his destroyed body. He turns away from his son and tells him to leave, but Jack attacks him. A beaten fighter tries to bite Yuujirou, but fails. In return, the Ogre bites Jack brutally. Then he easily knocks out tired Jack, criticizes him for losing twice in one day and leaves.

Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

In this saga, Yuujirou is shown for the first time when he watches television, in which they talk about five convicts who have came to Tokyo. Yuujirou is in the middle of a small training session and at the same time smokes a cigarette, which he kicks out after a while, and then starts laughing at the police, who in his opinion will never understand how five prisoners arrived at the same time. Yuujirou refers to the phenomenon of synchronicity.

He hires Sikorsky to kidnap Kozue to make Baki fight him. He briefly scuffles with Sikorsky, but then Oliva shows up.

He encourages Baki and Kozue to have sex as many times as possible in order to make Baki stronger.

He brutalizes Yanagi for refusing to admit defeat to Motobe after getting his arm cut off.

Great Chinese Challenge Saga

Yuujirou decides to test Mahammad Alai Jr. and is pissed when Junior left the match unfinished. He fights Ryuu Kaiou and violently rips off his face. He later fights Kaiou Kaku, who manages to put up a good fight but the fight ends when Kaku suddenly dies of old-age. He met Kaku after he was revived and promised to fight again in a century.

Godlike Clash of the Kids Saga

Yuujirou visits Mohammad Alai and they talk about the outcoming fight between their sons. He tells Alai that Baki while not perfect yet he has his blood.

He goes to the Underground Arena and announces the beginning of the fight. After Baki's victory, Yuujirou is challenged by his son. He gets excited and recognizes Baki as a his "prey", leaving the arena while he says to Mitsunari that he'll be waiting his call.

He flies to Africa and fights against a lion.

Combat Shadow Fighting Saga

While Yuujirou in Africa, a giant monstrous elephant was rampaging and killed 41 humans and 977 animals. After the elephant destroys the task force lead by Saman, Yuujirou shows up and kills the elephant very easily, right after this he leaves and goes to a "summer-house" and stays for a while.

One day, Gerry Strydum visits him. Then, Yuujirou learns by Strydum about Baki's special training, and he laughs at this because of how "ridiculous" he finds that way of training.

Great Prison Battle Saga

He briefly shows up in Guevaru's hallucination, congratulating him on beating Oliva.
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