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The Basics

True NameYoon-Suh Jo

Marital StatusWidowed
AffiliationN/A ( TBA )
AlignmentTrue Neutral/TBA

Weight135 lbs
Body TypeCurved Athletic
Iris ColorRuby Red
Hair ColorBlack/Silver Underlay
Skin TonePale
Dominant HandRight


Sold at a young age by her parents to pay off a debt to the Yakuza, the girl was renamed Yoon-Suh and trained to become a wife of a powerful Yakuza member, and with no other knowledge outside of the gang she quickly began to fill those shoes while coming of age. Yoon-Suh did however, gain a rebellious streak that convinced several of the other men to teach her the art of self-defense and swordplay, and when brought forward after being caught and punished properly for it, simply excused it as protection of the house falling on her shoulders when her future husband was gone. From the time she was seven until she hit eighteen, Yoon-Suh would tirelessly work with the blade and whatever guns she could get her hands on, showing her promise again and again as a fighter instead of a wife. Still, nothing. It is a male dominant world, so why should a female get leeway?

Until she finally was married off to a man twice her age, and left at home repeatedly to do nothing but cook, clean and train herself. A few years past and the day finally came, her husband killed in action while facing the police, and forcing Yoon-Suh to flee as the syndicate she had grown up with fell to pieces. Once free from their clutches, she found herself out on the streets with nothing but her wits and knowledge, and decided to make use of both by being help to other syndicates when it's requested. If a job needs to get done, she'll do it, and use the same title her husband once used before his untimely death.

Second Lieutenant.


Out of Character

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