The Prodigy of Humanity

True NameFujiwara Mayumi
Alias(es)The Ace of the Project, Michael-dono, Itako, Death Whisperer, Crystal, etc.
Apparent Age38
Birth DateSeptember Eighteenth

Marital StatusSingle
AlignmentLawful Good
HandicapsMultiple Surgeries

Height175 cm/5'10"
Weight63 kg/140 lbs
Body TypeAthletic
Iris ColorSilver
Hair ColorBlack
Skin TonePale
Dominant HandLeft

Rules of Engagement

00. Code made by RageQxeen, do not steal.

01. OOC

S.H.I.N.E. Operative Archangel: Michael

Mayumi's birth was the unfortunate result between two unnamed individuals, the accident left the parents in a particularly bad situation, as they were enlisted into a Government Program that allowed no time to raise a child-- let alone if they even wanted one to begin with. As compensation for their sloppy work, no pun intended, Mayumi was given to the Program, as it was simply known. From the moment she was able, Mayumi was stripped of her name and trained in the Program; known only as Subject Five to those that participated, she quickly set the standard for the researchers through dedication and superb intelligence. Moving between the two branches the Program had smoothly, Subject Five ruthlessly completed her work between her education and her 'job' as a Seraphim, effectively setting herself at the top of the power totem.

At the age of five, Subject Five was paired with a psychologist by the name of Nakamatsu Taro, and she became what others called 'the favorite'; but this wasn't anything to brag about as the Doctor was known to suffer from D.I.D and would regularly switch to his aggressive alter with her. While Subject Five was at a loss as to why this happened, she was quick to adapt before moving up as a Seraphim, the disconnect between herself and her emotions was perhaps the only thing that managed to retain her sanity throughout the entire ordeal. By ten she was diagnosed with Alexithymia, by twelve Doctor Nakamatsu suspected several other personality and mental disorders, such as low grade Autism. The more he dissected into Subject Five, figuratively and literally, the more guilt his main alter felt for what the aggressive alter was doing.

This only grew worse when a new doctor came onto the team, named Otaka Shiji, his ideas were a mixture of barbaric and absolutely genius; as his studies mainly focused on the unnatural things of the world-- the very things that Subject Five refuted entirely as they went against everything logical. The Supernatural. Doctor Otaka desired to create super soldiers for Japan, even if the cost was a few lives among the Subjects. It was only when the death toll became too much that Otaka was removed from the team, but this sadly came at the price of dying by the hands of the Subjects he desired to experiment on. Subject Five was sent out, yet his elusive nature made it easy for him to turn the tables on her instead for capture and experimentation. It was the only time that Subject Five could recall a sense of what she could only assume to be terror overcoming her, as his experiments lead to the death of three women that were locked inside the basement of some building she could not identify. However, by some stroke of luck, she survived. Several weeks afterwards was spent on making sure she was mentally stable enough to return to the field, once again leaving her in the hands of Doctor Nakamatsu.

So when she quietly mentioned desiring to leave at fourteen, Subject Five was surprised to see Doctor Nakamatsu encourage her. Even more surprising was that he not only allowed her escape during a mission, but he even went as far as to cover her tracks when she could not until he lost her himself. By fifteen, Subject Five-- better known simply as Shi or Five at this time, was trained not only in combat, but the inner workings of the very organization she was running from. She fled to America, and from there learned the dark truth about The Project:

It was better known as Supernatural Homocide Investivation Nexus Expedition (The Project is still publicly used, but those of higher ranking will call it SHINE), a branch in every country that participated in World War Two opening not long after the demise of the Nazi Party. The mission behind the program in the beginning was to give homes to those that had none or those who desired a lifetime long job, training them for the specific task of finding and erasing the existence of certain individuals in the world; that their efforts was to remove any possibility of another world war. These ‘certain’ individuals were human in nature, by appearance alone; but every one of them hid something monstrous just beneath the skin. Mayumi, now freshly free from the Hell known as the Project publicly, now understood the truth.

The Supernatural existed within this world, through some scientific miracle, other sentient species walked among them.

Yet it did not end there, instead the Project had decided that they were suffering enough losses and went into experimenting on their own men, including herself. Injecting slivers of flesh, blood, bone and other matter into human beings to see if something took. She was lucky enough to survive the highest rated monster they had in their arsenal; a reaper.

The scariest and most unbelievable part was that it actually worked: Those that were experimented on did gain something for their suffering, unnatural power. It seemed random, but these supernatural humans were indeed given capabilities well outside of human control, such as Blood Manipulation for the deadliest, or simply healing from a single touch.