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06. All interactions ( Example: Relationships, Pregnancies, Break-Ups, etc.) are to be kept solely to DMs, unless stated otherwise. Takara will remain 'Single' in main, and everything is within its own timeline/universe. If something serious does happen, it will be discussed and adjusted to the character's history accordingly.

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Nature's Blade

The Basics

Alias(es)Dancing Petals, Disciple of Mo Ye, etc.
Weight140 lbs




- Heightened Yuanqi
- Adopted after parents died at young age
- Despised doing so at first, though her natural understanding of Qi made her the perfect disciple for [Insert Name Here]
- Eventually grew used to training, growing in strength that would eventually lead her to become the next Blade Master
- Disaster takes out the school, killing nearly everyone except her, who had been saved by her Teacher through a binding spell that would keep her hidden and safe for a century
- Upon awakening, she finds herself the last known Disciple of the School as everyone else had been wiped out by an unknown force that took the majority of humanity's numbers before vanishing.
- Named 'Monster of Yin', the residual Qi left behind has enhanced what humans are left to do things considered magic in the past, deciding to lead what humans would follow her, Takara begins the hunt for the Monsters of Yin and the Epicenter of the Disaster to bring justice to those that had fallen.