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Zhuque the Southern Flame

The Basics


Marital StatusSingle
AlignmentChaotic Good

Weight70kg/155 lbs
Body TypeHourglass
Hair ColorFire Engine Red
Eye ColorFire Red
Dominant HandRight


Minami no fumetsu no honō
Being the Vermilion Bird, the "cousin" of the Phoenix, Suzaku has absolute control over fire, and the effects it leaves behind. Because of this, she is naturally warmer than her fellow Spirits, and her clothing is made of fire resilient material.

Vu~āmirion no kanbatsu
As stated above, Suzaku has the ability to control some the effects left behind by the destructive force of fire, which includes Droughts. Though she doesn't need to start a fire to cause a drought, making her dangerous despite her pacifistic nature. There has even been rumor of Suzaku killing a man for disrespecting her fellow Spirits, his entire body appearing no different from a dried mummy.

Vu~āmirion no ikari
A rare sight to behold due to it's absolute destruction, the Vermilion's Wrath is multiple firestorms that rip apart the land and deprave the poor soul it's aimed at of the oxygen it's greedily absorbing. A firestorm is a conflagration which attains such intensity that it creates and sustains its own wind system. It is most commonly a natural phenomenon, created during some of the largest bushfires and wildfires. Although the word has been used to describe certain large fires, the phenomenon's determining characteristic is a fire with its own storm-force winds from every point of the compass.

Hoippu Obu faia
A candle that never melts, Suzaku is able to create a whip out of the flame that from base to tip reaches twenty feet [The longest length for a bullwhip]. It is not impossible to grab, but because it is made of fire, one cannot expect to come out unscathed. It is also not impossible to "destroy" the fire, but she is able to reignite it without issue if such an occurrence happens.

A hairpin that she wears quite often, it's magical properties allow her to use it as a weapon when attacked, upon being stabbed she transfers her heat through it to bring blood to a high boiling point, killing the victim.

Shinku no taron
Suzaku's Legendary blade, which appears as a specially made Claymore, it is as rare of a sight as Vermilion's Wrath, and the one blade that can kill spirits. Coupled with Suzaku, Shinku no taron is powerful and if used incorrectly, destructive to everyone around it. Suzaku has been the only known being to control it, however her fellow Feng Shui Spirits can use it if need be, though it will have odd effects. [Example: Seiryu uses Shinku no taron due to Suzaku being incapacitated, the blade will still have the base element of fire, but with Seiryu's element being water, the effect can be boiling hot water.]

Minami no Arashi
With her power over fire, Suzaku is able to control the forces of wind with ease, allowing her to amplify her attacks and defenses to extreme levels; including insulating electricity and bringing herself to an incredible speed that can break the sound barrier.

Vermilion no Sakebi
Upon allowing her true voice to speak, Suzaku is able to amplify the sound to the point that it can and will break the psyche of an individual if it does not cause a physical neurological breakdown in the form of "melting someones' brain", only one known person was able to survive this attack. The Jade Emperor.


Before Seiryu's name was written into history, stained with watered down blood, there was a creature born into the world through means unknown- perhaps a wildfire had caught some poor bird in it's clutches and changed it, or she simply came into existence through unnamed methods. Neither mattered, she simply wasn't one moment, then was the next. A wild animal who's entire being was made from fire so destructive that it twisted and warped the mind of the animal into a monster that seemed unstoppable. Entire countrysides were burned to a crisp, generations wiped out, species ceasing to exist due to her incapability to control her own unstable mind.

It seemed as if nothing could stop her, until the Jade Emperor came forth and caged her, domesticating and "taming" the wild monster. Perhaps he realized that she would become much more than the sins she committed, or it was just a simple hypothesis that came true in the end; but nevertheless he gifted her sanity and a human form, giving her the job of a Fung Shui Spirit that would inevitably become the calmest among the four.

During the ending reign of the tyrant Seiryu, there was a nameless Monk who's rage was difficult to control, and no matter what he did to try and tame it, no results were made. So as a final attempt, his Master sent him into the Mountains were the fabled Vermilion bird was said to watch over the people of the South, protecting them from the wrath of the Azure Dragon. When he finally arrived to the top, he found himself alone, and thought that the Vermilion bird was just fabled to give a sense of ignorant peace to those below. So in attempt to bring himself peace before anger captured his mind and heart again, he began to play on his Dizi; the music brought forth the Vermilion bird, the beautiful notes drawing her attention away from her work.

Upon that day they made a deal, he would play music for her every day, and in return she would teach him the workings of inner peace. Over the course of a hundred years, this was the daily routine, and the nameless Monk finally found his peace. On the final day of his training, she sent him back down the mountain to open a monastery of his own, requesting that he spread her teachings to others so the land might find peace in the wake of the Azure Dragon's destruction.

Afterwards, she too would travel down the mountain, searching for Seiryu until they finally came upon each other. She then would convince him to return to the Spirit World and leave the mortal plane to the mortals, allowing her peaceful legacy to take shape in many different forms.