Rules of Engagement

00. Code made by RageQxeen, do not steal.

01. If you desire to write with her, then you're going to have to get used to fast and long replies, if you feel like you cannot keep up with multipara posts, do not engage. Not dealing with it anymore.
02. No, I will not change the appearance of this character to fit your desires, if you want something that badly then you can make it yourself and write it out.
03. If you randomly attack this character, even within shitposting/one-lining, do not expect me to write with you anymore. We're all aware that the shitposting leads to serious roleplay eventually, if you start out a roleplay by bringing physical harm to another, I want nothing to do with you. And I play villains of all things.
04. Respect earns respect. If you earned it, don't lose it. I can play a bitch much better than anyone else you may know and make it look easy. Don't test it.
05. The writer isn't your next girlfriend, this is all online, keep it that way.
06. Vanishing for a minute or while? Let me know, if you just vanish all RP that is done no longer happened.
07. Story to Smut = 90% - 10%.
08. Do not say you desire an RP and disappear, you're just going to get yourself blocked. Want to avoid that? Look at Rule 7.
09. Find this kind of bitchy? Good. If you can deal with that and still want to write? Click the Agree below.

The Basics

True NameLaeanna Sheihinadrash
Apparent Age23

Marital StatusSingle
AlignmentChaotic Neutral

Weight145 lbs
Body TypeLithe
Iris ColorGold
Hair ColorDark Brown
Skin TonePale
Dominant HandRight


The Water Dragon

The ability to control water in any of its forms, gas, liquid or solid. She can manipulate the consistency to gain whichever form of water she desires, and it doesn't seem to matter if it's salt or freshwater. At full strength, she is capable of creating up to four water tornados in the middle of the ocean, combining them into a hurricane to hurl at her enemies if she wanted to. Or something as simple as making bubbles of water to float around for the entertainment of children can be done as well.

Monstrous Body

From superior strength to lift something like a car with little strain, to her nearly draconic scales that cover a majority of her body naturally that can deflect blades and physical attacks. Adding on the benefit of breathing clearly underwater, and a strong tail that allows her to cut through her domain at high speeds and there is little doubt any enemy would survive. Teeth retract into fangs for all her teeth, and a thin membrane can be used to clean her eyes outside of blinking like a human. Her blood even has a paralytic effect to it that can stun enemies twice as big as herself.