Assimilation: Perpetiel
Assimilation: Perpetiel


Name Perpetiel
Moniker hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 27
Race Homunculus
Height 5'7"
Weight 140 lbs
Tresses Red
Irises Gold
Marital Disinterest
Orientation Straight

Voice TBA

The Story

Created for the sole purpose of becoming one of the Assimilated, the homunculus that owns the body was not made to feel or think for herself, yet unlike the others she had become aware of things and started to learn quickly. The accelerated pace she took allowed her to become the youngest homunculus to gain sentience. They deemed her a unique circumstance worthy of study and decided to hold off on Assimilating her, and she quickly took every challenge thrown at her head on, developing a personality soon after. She didn't have any true connection to a specific mage or alchemist within the facility that had been her home for three months, yet she was treated like their collective daughter all the same. Once they were finally satisfied with her growth as an individual, they began the true test.

Assimilating with an Angel took such a strain on the human that death was probable by 99.5%, with only one known person capable of doing so in history; which lead to the mass production of homunculus as the magic that bound Angel's Essence became overly popular. With no soul to fight for the body, homunculus were highly more successful and seen as humane. So the unnamed homunculus who seemingly 'gained a soul' would provide delicate feedback that they wouldn't otherwise have learned. Unsurprisingly to most on staff, the Assimilation went off without trouble, and the homunculus earned the Angel's name.


There was data that was gathered from the Assimilation, under normal circumstance the Angel was the only personality to work the body; yet Perpetiel had somehow split herself entirely from the Angel while simultaneously sharing the body. While the homunculus worked far better with physical attacks and defense, the Angel tore apart the battlefield with her magic. The new product was seen as far too valuable at first, but eventually a price was paid and she was enlisted into the military. This is where the homunculus learned of the Angel's Truth, that not only was the one inside of her considered one of the few Old Ones left, she was also capable of magic from well before humanity took their first steps onto the land.

She was the one called forth when Extinction was imminent.

Abilities and Spellbook

The Homunculus
Reinforcement Magic

Nihonto Barrier - A barrier made similar to the way a katana is forged, with a multitude of layers that hugs her skin and leaves very little room for magical damage to be done. It can, of course, be overwhelmed with enough strength, but point blank firing at her isn't going to do much.

Twilight Sight - Switching between diurnal and nocturnal sight effortlessly depending on the situation she finds herself in.

Mizuchi's Strength - Enhances her base strength to increase the angrier she gets, normally causes mana to pull toward her from the air and ground, and is the first step to Dragon's Rage.

Dragon's Rage - When the last shred of her control is lost, the humonculus temporarily loses reason and restraint, letting the aura of both herself and the Angel to leak out for devestating effects on her body; both negative and positive. Cons range from increased rate for stroke and heart attacks, where a worst case scenerio is the homunculus unraveling her mortal form with the Angel's Essence. Pros are increased stats across the board, and with a lost sense of clarity, it's considered a berserker last resort by the homunculus.

Weapon Creation

By manifesting pure mana into solid form, the homunculus is capable of creating any weapon she has studied. Ranging from blunt force weapons such as bats to long ranged guns, each manifestation is done through a specific spell and visualization of the final product, continued study and improvement is necessary for quicker evaluations and results- a process currently ongoing.

The Angel

Out of Character

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