Yoki Kai
Yoki Kai
Origin of a Thousand Generation

Out of Character

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Yùshí Nameヨキ甲斐 ( Yoki Kai )
NameMato, Chiyoto

Weight130 lbs



The Mato Legend



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Yoki is, at her human core, a very kind and caring individual. She will naturally put others before herself if she feels they are more deserving. She naturally offers her assistance to everyone, indifferent to their past upon first meeting, and as long as they treat her with respect, she will continue to do so.

Without her knowing, Yoki emits a charismatic trait that draws in those around her, bringing the worst of enemies to enjoy her company equally. She doesn't take advantage of this fact unless it greatly benefits her initial cause, normally she is just pleased to gain any friends. She radiates confidence, bouncing back from setbacks with very few issues. She's attentive to others, inclusive of everyone to make them feel welcomed, or if it is just a singular person - she will ensure that they are comfortable and engaged in conversation.

From the hobbies she has to the goals that she strives to complete, Yoki is deeply involved with every task she puts herself on. Early to rise and last to sleep, Yoki seems to always have her goals in mind, surrounding herself with notes and paintings as if it were an obsession. She fully devotes her life to her passions, and is more than willing to put her life on the line for them.


Neither good nor bad, Yoki tends to be on the more emotional side of the spectrum despite her attempts at a calm demeanor. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and this tends to make her recognize others' emotions far more easily. She isn't so far into the spectrum of emotional that it is detrimental to her life or others, thankfully, but it is enough that some might see it as odd.

Despite the fact that she is otherwise normal and sweet, Yoki is incredibly self conscious of herself, from appearance down to the very thoughts she has, it's common for her to second guess herself if the moment doesn't sweep her off her feet. This can cause her to hesitate on every day tasks, and the only way she has found to break this habit is to not think about what she is doing, instead letting her mind drift from the task to complete it.

If there is a secret that must be kept, Yoki is the one person that you can confide in. There are many secrets within the Mato Family, so she taught herself that silence is key. Discretion is one of the few specialities she has confidence with under her belt, and one can easily trust that their secrets will be taken to her grave if necessary.


While this is mostly self reflective, Yoki falls under the perfectionist trope, unable to call a task truly completed until she feels it is exactly as envisioned. Sometimes when this is pointed elsewhere, one can feel as if Yoki is being too judgemental and irrational in her expectations of them, but the truth of it is that she desires nothing but the absolute best for everyone. Whenever she is self reflective on her critical thinking, it is eternalized to not worry others.

This is moreso aimed towards a singular person, but Yoki's personality can do a complete flip when emotions run too high. Her cruelty can know no bounds, and the thoughts that are normally reserved for demons. Sadistic and brutal, she has no qualms about destroying everything that makes up that person's life. This is only amplified if she feels that one has personally interfered with her life or goals, making her incredibly dangerous to trifle with.

The one thing that is brought out by her demonic lineage, Yoki is fueled by her rage towards her father, deeply hurt by his abandonment to a point that it manifests into what she is today. Yoki can maintain grudges for years, holding it against the cause of her pain even if forgiveness is most justifiable. Thankfully, only her father can seem to bring this trait out of her, as she seems single-minded on her revenge against him.

Personality Type: ENFJ-T | The Protagonist Type




Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement. Capoeira is a dialog between players - a conversation through movement which can take on many shades of meaning.
Ranking - Professor


A Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.
Ranking - Black Belt



Her uncanny sight has allowed her to pick off enemies from a distance of three kilometers without aide from another or other means.

The Spellbook

Dream Bullet:

A basic first level spell that is the manifestation of her natural Affinity, Dream Magic, which allows it to travel 3,000 feet per second. - Ranking: Mastered

Energy Manipulation [Dark]:

The ability to manipulate the energy around her, the medium to pull forth this energy is from a dark physical place, but if she were to somehow manifest energy from her own mana pool, it would turn dark nonetheless. - Ranking: Mastered

Energy Manipulation [Dream]:

Similar to Dark Manipulation, Yoki's natural affinity towards this branch of magic allows her to control a massive amount of this energy. This works similarly to the one listed above, the only major difference is that if Yoki were to not concentrate on what she was doing, it would naturally shift to Dream instead of Dark. - Ranking: Mastered

Dark Rain:

Using dark energy, this spell manifests itself into reality, causing vibrations as they form around the caster before being thrown into the air to fall down similarly to rain. Upon contact, it taints the body of the victim and causes immobilization. It can be cured with Light magic, but due to the spread [ Anywhere from a few feet to three miles, it's known to be quite deadly. ] - Ranking: Intermediate

Eyes of Benzaiten:

Allows Yoki to peer into the true emotion of an individual, which she then can transfer into her hyper realistic paintings. - Ranking: Mastered


Connecting her mana into her paintings, Yoki is able to breathe life into them and pull them into reality. - Ranking: Intermediate-Mastered

Shatter Huangdi:

Using her natural affinity, Yoki is able to 'fracture reality itself', mimicking glass shattering within a ten foot radius. Can cause a placebo effect, symptoms including intense pain across the body, insanity, and heart attacks/strokes. - Ranking: Intermediate


The Ultimate Spell made by the original Yoki well over twenty-five thousand years ago for the sake of her devoted love to the-- at the time-- Kami Raum. Quarantining everything but the human element within the victim, this spell effectively turns them into a normal human being. It is possible to break the "wall" that's holding their power, but the victim would have to face the full backlash of their power. [ Example: Subject A is a Fire Mage, upon the use of this spell they attempt to regain their power, but in turn, they must face their most powerful spell in their spellbook to regain their power. If Subject A manages to survive this, they regain their mana pool completely. ] - Ranking: Beginner