The Dark Mother
The Dark Mother

The Basics

Name Nyx
Moniker hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 28
Race Protogenoi
Height 6'
Marital Disinterest
Orientation Straight

Playlist The Dark Mother
Album What You Can't Touch

Location The Breeding Hotsprings
Home The Umbra


The First Darkness: As a being created with the dark cosmos before the concept of life, Nyx is capable of manipulating any form of darkness as long as she prevails within the universe. When restrained within a universe, Nyx's core essence saturates everything around her into an Eternal Night.

Creation: The prevailing Mother of both Gods and Supernatural has been known to create living and inanimate things from nothing, cheating the Laws of the Universe by simply not being originally a part of it. Such a gift has been passed down previously to many different species and beings, yet none seem to have the durability and capability to survive in comparison to her own.

- Monster List

Molecular Essence Infusion: By individually soaking molecules in her core essence, Nyx can do the truly horrific and change anything she desires into whatever comes to mind. From something as innocent as turning a flower into something more aligned with The Night to the trauma of ripping apart a living and breathing being to turn them into a monster. The very few who have managed to survive this are driven insane, coaxed into a brainwashed state by her until the Darkness is purged from them entirely.

Perfect Beauty: Made in the image of perfect dark beauty by The Ultimate Being, Nyx is uncontested in appearance. Acting as a curse to her mentality at most points, it socially isolates her despite it being called a blessing by most.

Aura Oppression: When not restrained subconsciously, Nyx's mere presence can drastically change the landscape of reality itself, As a being of intense mana that predates all universes, her true form is something that can wipe out the Gods that come after her. Even under restraint those that linger around her can sense the pure danger she radiates.

Mother of The Fates: As the Creator Mother of The Fates, Nyx can theoretically divert the fate of individuals if she desires. Normally this is something Nyx does not do on principle, this also does pertain to controlling her Fate to some degree.

Soother of Khaos: Nyx can resonate and soothe those of violent nature by being the mother of such concepts. Her power is great enough to bring peace to everything that comes from her. Resonating and calming the violent is done because she birthed the Gods that brought those concepts forth.

Source of the Collective Unconsciousness: As the Creator Mother of not only Hypnos but the Oneiroi who numbered a thousand to escaped from Tartarus and gifted humanity dreams/nightmares depending on the exit they took getting out, along with the fact that she is the physical embodiment of what humanity knows as 'The Night'; connects to the fact that Nyx is the source of the place Humanity calls 'Dreams', the collective unconsciousness of humanity is a constantly growing and changing origin of knowledge and power. This not only allows Nyx the capability of understanding humanity on a subconscious level but gives her access to abilities such as:

Dream Walking - The ability to enter and exit another's dreams with or without influence over the individual's dreamscape. ( Example. Turning a nightmare into a dream and vice versa. )
Dream Imprisonment - Trapping someone in their dreams to put them in a comatose state, either for prolonged or short periods.
Dream Sharing - Connecting dreams between multiple individuals, be it herself other another, inevitably creates a shared Dreamscape that all parties involved may enter and leave as they please.
Sleep Inducement - Lulling the victim into sleep, as described in the title.
Dream Disconnect - By severing the line between those who dream and the Dreamscape, the Protogenoi is capable of causing the victim to never dream again.

Mark of the Mad God: By infusing her core essence into another in a minuscule amount, Nyx places a mark on their Astral Body that allows her to track where ever they may go- even across the multiverse, as long as the Night exists within the world they join, she will know their location.

Mother of Violence: With the creation of the Keres and Moros, Nyx has proven to be the source of violent deaths, curses, blood feuds, plagues, miasma, and more. Such powers have been used and are revealed as followed:

Insanity Inducement - By driving the victim into insanity, they become a liability that desires to destroy everything around them even at the cost of their own life.
Curse Creation - Releasing curses onto the world is second nature, some of the most famous being the Curse of Vampirism and Lycanthropy, and can take on any nature that the Protogenoi can imagine.
Negative Emotion Inducement - Things such as pain and fear can flood the victims' mind and cause agony far beyond anything a sentient being can imagine, if they are trapped within Nyx, the sensations are enhanced even further.

Ultimate Balancer: With the daughters Eris and Nemesis, Nyx represents the dark balance between right and wrong, or what humanity might consider good and evil. Just as her daughter Nemesis, Nyx can bring retribution toward those that have done wrong without justice.

Sinful Sense - The sins of one's past are etched into the Astral Body of an individual for the Protogenoi, allowing them to see what transgressions had occurred in your past. The depth and length of the "scar" depend on how bad the sin was, and should the Protogenoi take it into their own hands to give the individual their comeuppance, they will act accordingly to their personality.
Dark Justice - For bringing retribution to another, it is possible to answer the prayers of another God and subsequently steal the energy of faith from that God, fueling the Protogenoi instead.

Ground Zero: The source of plagues, miasma, and other destructive forces; Nyx can release a variety of spells that annihilate entire nations within days. Passing this down to Achlys, the Arai, and the Nosoi upon birth to prove their connection to the Mother.

Miasma - The Death Mist that is well known in a variety of myths, this midnight violet spell consumes as much as she desires to deteriorate all life in its path, taking from the Nothingness in a sense as it consumed the True Gods.
Viral Outbreak - A famous series of examples she either gifted humanity to see the damage it would cause, or created directly in irritation; The Rot, Vampirism, etc.
Curses - Crafting things such as Lycanthrope and Demons from experimenting long enough with the oldest souls in the universe, Nyx has inevitably birthed many of the curses in the world running rampant today.

Platinum Tongue: As deceptive as she is loving, Nyx can convince even the most suspicious, her lies are no different from her truth in some cases simply because she 'wills' it into being. Being the reigning second oldest creature and creator in the universe gives her plenty of power to bend reality to her words should she have the means to do so.

Mother of the Heart: As love comes in many forms, including affection, friendship, and romantic love; it is reasonable to say that Nyx is the 'Mother of Sex', and her experience with manipulating the body of herself and partners proves this.~


The story of Nyx's creation is no different from the legends of Greece, however, what they could not understand was that her creation alongside her brother and husband Erebos was to fend off the 'Nothingness/Void', a group of massive monsters with a ravenous hunger for Khaos and the universes he was creating. There was never a point in growing up, as she was made into an adult upon taking her first breath. With Khaos and Erebos, the three of them began to fight the Nothingness while desperately creating more True Gods and universes. As things continued (since the concept of Time had not been born yet from Nyx), eventually a community of stability was introduced, thus a hierarchy began to manifest as well. Some were so powerful there was little doubt about them being at the top of the said chain, while others struggled to keep themselves from being devoured by the Nothingness. Erebos and Nyx were considered the most loved by Khaos, and the True Gods they made loved them all the same.

This changed after the True God of Time, and the True God of Death finally manifested into a reality. Khaos was creating a universe while Erebos and Nyx fought off the Nothingness that continued to desperately try to consume everything. A single rule could not be broken, for doing so was considered a crime warranted extreme punishment. That rule was to never look while Khaos created, and Nyx had accidentally broken it when she glanced back to see The Truth of Creation. The instant she saw it, her mind and spirit shattered and drove her insane. Nyx consumed Erebos before Khaos noticed, and once he did he immediately threw Nyx into the universe he was creating. Viewed as a cruel punishment by the other Gods, as staying inside of a universe would only lead to the permanent death of a True God. Slowly the other Gods began to realize that Nyx hadn't died as expected, but was active and almost thriving in the universe, it was only The True God of Magic that recognized the reason as to why- Khaos was feeding Nyx the necessary energy to continue living. She caused chaos in the name of her father since the beginning of the universe, manipulating those around her into her plot to return to what is her home even at the cost of billions of lives.

In the modern-day, Nyx had finally reached the final stages of her plan to return home when she was stopped by a group of humans and supernatural that had betrayed her. The leader of this group, Mato Chiyoto, had unearthed an ancient familial spell that was specifically made to defeat her should she ever get out of line. Named, ironically, 'God Breaker', this spell shattered her form and unleashed her essence; the desperation to live forcing her to take over the closest body she could reasonably find. Now, Nyx is looking for a way to reverse the damage by any means; though due to how unstable her form and powers are, she sometimes finds herself accidentally slipping into other universes through no fault of her own. With her lost to the eyes of even True Gods who are desperately searching for her, she's finally truly alone.

Out of Character

00. Code made by RageQxeen, do not steal.

01. Story RP > ERP
02. Don't be an ass, manage to catch a fat ass.
03. I'm not paying attention to the tab 95% of the time.
04. Third-Person Long-Term Preferred.
05. Smut is earned, not given freely.
06. All interactions ( Example: Relationships, Pregnancies, Break-Ups, etc.) are to be kept solely to DMs unless stated otherwise.
07. Yes, she is ridiculously strong, she's intended to be the final boss for a four book series I've been creating for over ten years now. She is a Plot Device and will be treated as such by the writer, any power use is to further character/story progression and nothing more.