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The Basics

NameLorelai Campbell
Alias(es)Eros' Creation, Lust Incarnate, etc.
Weight150 lbs

RaceMagic Construct


Love Magic

Touch of Eros: A passive spell that is ingrained into her skin and muscles, allowing any who lay a hand on her to feel such intense pleasure that the result is normally climaxing. Things such as her hair and blood are unaffected, and the intensity can be lessened by lowering the mana output for this spell.

Healing Touch: Through the release of chemicals from the brain via her touch, Lorelai is capable of enhancing the healing capabilities of others.

Pacify: By releasing a pulse of her energy, Lorelai can charm those under the effects of hate into sedation, rage is the most affected by this spell. Those that are the source of such negative energy will be repelled by this, similar to demons in the face of holy magic.

Infusion of Love: As the name might suggest, by infusing her own mana into things she is capable of producing the same spells; thus the natural elements fall under her control, though with enough patience and supply, even the elements not under her control will eventually bend to her.

Cupid's Wings: An area of effect version of Cupid's Arrow, this spell spreads shots of pink and white beams across twenty meters, and who are impacted by it does get hit with nonphysical damage that can knock people over; but the effect remains the same- the first person they lay eyes on becoming the subject of obsessive love. The spell can be broken over time, or forcefully breaking the spell by outside influence.

Love Manipulation

Indomitable Love: With love powerful enough to change the course of Fate, Lorelai stands against the truly traumatic and horrific with pure love in her heart, giving herself several boosts to her natural stats passively. Love is considered to be both positive and negative by itself; representing the negative and positive foundations of one's state of being that was inspired by love. In its virtue love can represent kindness, compassion, and affection, as "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another" the spark that expresses the betterment of humanity. In its vice love can represent moral flaws, akin to vanity, selfishness, amour-propre, and egotism, as potentially leading people into a type of mania, obsessiveness, or codependency, the shadow that expresses the worst of humanity.

The Flow of Love: By either manipulating the energy that makes up her love, or manipulating others, Lorelai is capable of absorbing, expelling, or augmenting the love of another with little difficulty. Inducing a state of infatuation in another to the point of obsessing insanity, or drawing it out entirely to make the subject in question as calm as standing water; Lorelai is also able to boost herself by absorbing the love energy of another, earning things such as superior strength and enhanced speed. However, if Lorelai is not careful, she can get drunk on the energy absorbed and be a liability, or she can accidentally make herself useless in battle if she expels too much.

Avatar of Seduction: As one of the few who have dedicated themselves to studying the art of love and its magical capabilities, Lorelai earned a soft ascension into a Demi-Avatar of Love. Maintaining her humanity through her love of them, Lorelai inevitably gains the ability to seduce almost anyone that speaks with her. By activating synapsis similar to love in the brain through her voice, the subject eventually becomes entranced. Those not attracted to the female gender are not affected, even if she is still capable of manipulating their love outside of this ability.

Loved by the Gods: As the faithful servant of Eros, Lorelai has been able to make several Gods and God-like beings fall for her. This makes it easier for her to infuse her mana into anything that God represents for manipulation in that field- despite not having an affinity towards such elements otherwise.
Known: TBA