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A country girl with the stubbornness of a bull instead of a goat, she'll rock your shit straight before you have the chance to call her cute. Quicker to call you names than to call you by name, the moment one manages to finally get under her skin is the same one will find themselves begrudgedly protected by the goat. If one can survive her grating attitude, they will find her much easier to deal with once they recognize it as nothing more than tsundere behavior. Anyone who questions whether or not she truly likes them are either blind or does not understand her.

Where does she come from? What exactly is she? How does she even control 'Clouds'? All those questions don't really matter at the end of the day, two steps in the past won't fix five steps in the future and she isn't the type to keep lingering on any mistakes she might've made along the way. Katori isn't looking for a partner, and she isn't so egotistical as to believe she's worth the romance to begin with, all that matters is getting stronger.
Tsundere Goat


With a body reinforced to handle the pure strength of her genetic makeup, Katori's form takes the best from the Caprinae species to use for her own benefit. From being able to balance on seemingly flat walls to disregarding freezing temperatures, and from the different thickness of her skull down to the very structure the bones are built; Katori has been gifted with a body that can take a lot of abuse before it starts to actually show. The additional bonuses are sadly something she cannot fully control and doesn't seem to entirely understand. She is capable of lifting things far larger and heavier than she is with minimal difficulty, breaking concrete with her head and kicks, with the benefit of deflecting minor magic passively.

Drawbacks are that she cannot see too well, and that her tail is a source of nerve endings that can end up hurting her more than helping, but there is nothing to really be done about them. Another drawback are her horns are constantly growing just as her hair and nails, and she would need to upkeep them constantly if she desired to retain a large set.


Known as 'Of Equality', as her title of Nobility among the demonic race has not been earned, Katori gains the benefit from her parent[s] that allows her to see the balance of magic within the natural world as one might see Astral Projections of souls; and even go as far as to actively touch and interact with magic to bring balance back to it should she desire. Her power is nothing in comparison to her predecessor, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that from the route that Katori is traveling that she could very likely replace Baphomet in the future.

The opposing side of this magic is a side effect that comes with Baphomet's power, and that forces Katori into a state of 'mindless weapon'. There seems to only be three ways to get Katori back to her senses: Baphomet, not getting back up, or defeating her into unconsciousness/death.