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What is Hatoti Tea?

Commonly mentioned in conversation, what exactly is Hatoti Tea? Harvested by the kitsune of Kageka's village, this flower is prepared as a tea for its aphrodisiac properties, a tradition that has been long-standing for the past few centuries now. The effects are similar to your everyday lust spell or enhancement, increasing sensitivity in senses depending on the blend used and stimulating the production of dopamine to enhance sexual desire further; this flower is capable of bringing a fully grown dragon to its knees in its natural state, thus the tea itself is normally heavily watered down for the sake of the one consuming it. Ovulation is easier to reach for females, and males gain excessive energy to ensure the pregnancy is reached, with little to no side effects when used in moderation.

When too much is taken in, it causes the nervous system of the consumer to shut down temporarily, so while one may think they'll get a 'stronger high' off of it, the only thing they are doing is shutting down themselves into a comatose state. Please do not abuse Hatoti Tea, it is a sacred drink in Kageka's world.
The Best Good Girl

The Basics

NameFushimi Kageka
Alias(es)Fox, Vixen, Baby Girl, etc.
Apparent Age24
Weight 155 lbs

Relationship PreferencePolyamorous and Open

Voice ClaimRita Rossweisse
AlbumOne Foxy Goth GF~


Kitsune Physiology

While humanoid in nature, this seems to be a secondary form to the true nature of these supernatural creatures. Their true form is that of a fox that varies in size from a small house cat to a horse, with a wide variety of fur patterns that allow them to adapt to colder or warmer environments without issue. The best way to differentiate between a kitsune and a normal fox is to simply look for the Kitsune Ball, which is normally never far from its owner of it despite being possibly camouflaged. This ball holds the soul of the kitsune, allowing the normal body to take an unnatural amount of damage without facing the possibility of death. It also puts them in servitude to anyone that can capture the ball for themselves.

Claws and fangs can be retracted at will within the humanoid form, though they cannot disappear entirely; such is the same with the ears and a singular tail, depending on the number of tails the kitsune has. The kitsune provided their control over their shifting and can allow more of their true form to show, either by releasing more tails or by other means. They have a natural resistance to most fire, magical or otherwise, yet they can easily shatter illusion magic as Masters of the Spellcraft. Kitsunes do not stand on the same level of mana control as the Elves and Fairies, but once they gain nine tails they are considered closer to Demi-Gods in terms of power.


True Immortality: Damage can still kill a kitsune, but if left undisturbed these creatures have been known to exceed thousands of years. This allows them to gather more power, and thus more tails. The best way to tell the age of a kitsune is to simply count the tails they have, however it is rare to see above five in the current day and age.

Kitsune Ball: The Kitsune Ball is the very soul of the creature. Mana and power are stored within it for safekeeping, and there are currently rumors that this is how the kitsune heals itself so easily. Taking this item away from a kitsune forces it to serve under the thief until the ball is returned, be warned that if the kitsune feels that it has been wronged, the life of the thief is in danger until they die.

Multi-Tails: The trademarks of what make a kitsune; the older, wiser, and more powerful these creatures grow, the more tails they sprout. While it is rare to see above five, it's not impossible for a few hundred or so to exist, while eight and nine-tailed kitsunes are considered nearly legendary even among their own kind.

Enhanced Body: As something not human, the kitsune has heightened senses and physical stats; their bite can tear through skin and flesh without issue, and it has been known that the fangs of the fox are capable of piercing through the leather. They are adapters by nature, going with the flow of their environment as time passes, though this does nothing to dampen their predatory instincts.


Illusion Negation: While not all kitsunes are capable of controlling illusions, it is the most popular spellcraft taught to the offspring, making it easier for these creatures to differentiate between reality and the spell. Those of higher tail counts are capable of shattering the spells, while the highest is known to simply negate the spell entirely. ( A+ )

Possession: While dangerous, the kitsune can overcome the will of a living being to possess them, they must risk their soul doing so as it must leave the kitsune ball for it to work properly. Inanimate objects can be possessed, but this is done as a hiding tactic and a last resort. ( B- )

Fox Fire: The legendary spell that likely originated from the same race, this fire burns through most of everything and can only be snuffed out by a combination of Aether and Water; this spell is known to even burn at the Astral Form of those unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of it. ( S+ )

Fire Resistance: This does not extend to unique fires like Dragon's Breath, but a kitsune can survive a multitude of different types due to their natural affinity toward it. Ghost Fire is notoriously named Fox Fire, rumored that a kitsune from ancient times was the original creator of the spell. ( B )

Shapeshifting: The most common capability of the kitsune as it is learned in time, these creatures can transform from a fox ( Multi-tailed or otherwise ) to a humanoid with some retaining features from their fox form ( Such as ears and a single tail ). ( S+ )


Kokūnoyobigoe ( 虚空の呼び声/Call of the Void ): This spell extends the shadow of the caster to consume a spherical 0.4 miles ( 2112 feet/0.6 km ) area, consuming every shadow in the area before drawing out mana from the owners of these shadows; feeding into the spell until all mana has been consumed or the caster dispels it. Combination of Dark and Void. ( S+ )

Kurayaminonakade Odorimasu ( 暗闇の中で踊ります/Dance in the Dark ): A spell that allows the caster to enter any shadow and exit another, as long as the shadow is within line of sight before entering the first. Dark Magic Only. ( EX )

Norowareta Hakai ( 呪われた破壊/Cursed Destruction ): Void-inflicted injuries start eating away at the victim, acting as a sort of poison that if left untreated devours the victim whole. Those aligned with the same element are unaffected, and those with natural resistances can either cure or negate it to a degree. ( C )

Kitsune no Māku ( キツネのマー/Mark of the Fox ): Selected individuals are given a mark of darkness on their body, the deeper the marking the stronger the connection, and at any point that the individual gets in trouble the spell will call her into action. Very few are given this, as they must gain the trust of the caster entirely to do so. Normally Kageka enters the scene through the marked one's shadow.

Ishi o Kasu ( 意志を課す/Impose Will ): By extending her aura and infusing it specifically with dark affinity, Kageka can make those weaker than it submits to her. Dark Spell. ( B+ )

Dākusutōmu ( ダークストーム/Dark Storm ): Shadows consume her entire body to make physical attacks completely phase through her, giving her temporary invulnerability as a five second charge begins for the full detonation of the spell. Gradually expanding outward to convert the mana in the air for further power, an abyss deeper than any darkness paints the area around with explosive reactions to the environment it comes in contact with. After the five seconds, no matter the amount of mana absorbed, the spell will send void artillery to the target and surrounding area. Upon contact, the spell warps the area and tears apart anything within reach, creating violent whirlwind storms and bloodbaths if aimed right. The spell will continue until it can no longer find sufficient mana, ravaging the area relentlessly until then.

A blade forged specifically for Kageka's use, it is capable of acting like an extension of her power by fusing her attacks with her magic, which can grow especially dangerous when she decides to use Void. By wrapping the blade in her magic, she can cut through the toughest armor and even directly deflect magic with this weapon. There is a safety measure placed on the weapon to keep it out of the hands of those less than desirable, which comes in the form of a trigger spell that sets off if lifted by anyone but Kageka, draining the mana and willpower of the supposed thief with a combination of Dark and Void.

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Conscious thought didn't truly occur to her until she was running after a rabbit one day, that's all she truly knew for sure as her beginning. She knew how to get home, she knew people were waiting for her, and she wasn't sure what was going on. Upon her return, the realization settled in, a confused young girl standing at the doorway of her home, her mother squealing with delight at her daughter's transformation into what she called Kankaku. It was the first stage of a Kitsune's Development, spawning the Kitsune Ball that held her soul, the very thing she had not realized was clutched in her hands so tightly that it almost hurt.

The next few hundred years were spent training, from studying the magic of her people to the very land she would come to own upon her parents stepping down as Alphas. The time was inevitable, as the couple finally decided that Kageka would be the one to earn the territory, her brothers and sisters long since chased out and happily keeping their land in check.

Surprisingly though, Kageka would earn herself a little brother before she grew old enough to take over as the new Alpha, the little boy was spoiled by his eldest sister as she settled in her role. With various problems to solve and a family to protect, Kageka quickly worked to fix every issue she came across with a beaming smile, quickly earning favor with those that stayed. By the time she maintained order, Kageka had formed treaties with surrounding packs and even began the process of trade with the Yushi Nation.

Those that have crossed her do know the terror of darkness, and how sharp a fox's teeth really are.~

The Kink List

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Yes Maybe No
A/B/O Cohersion/Blackmail Anal
Drug Use Degredation Dick Girls/Pussy/Tits
BDSM Blood Play Monogamy
Aphrosidiacs Effeminite Men Possessiveness
Clit/Tail Play Shorter Characters Vaginal Fisting/etc.
Dirty Talking Weapon Play Heavy/Extreme Bondage
Cervical Penetration Ice Play Adultery
Cock Warming Barbed Cocks Incest
Consensual|Tantric Sex Stockholm Syndrome
Electric Toys Master/Slave
Multiple Orgasms Fingering/Fingers In Mouth
Heat/Rut|Knotting Informality
Orgasm/Pleasure Control/Denial Somnophilia
Sloppy Seconds Bad Ending
Breath Control
Internal Cumshots