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Harmony Caelius

The Basics

NameHarmony Evelyn Caelius
Alias(es)Ice Empress, Princess, Har-mo-ny, Miss Evelyn, Mommy
Place of BirthBelfast, Ireland

Marital StatusSingle
AlignmentChaotic Good

Weight70kg/155 lbs
Body TypeHourglass
Hair ColorFire Engine Red
Eye ColorSky Blue
Blood TypeA-
Dominant HandRight


Vessel of the Gods

As the name hints at, the body of a Vessel is specifically made to handle and house concentrated forms of mana; some have a naturally higher statistic than others because of this, though outside of this stat they're likely to be normal. Harmony's higher stat is strength, and through consistent training she has gained a higher intelligence stat. While by technicality they are not "human", they are considered an "evolution" of mankind into what can be considered "Demi-Gods" by the public. Due to the excessively low number of them, they are an endangered species with only three or four family lines left alive. All vessels can absorb and emulate the strongest form of mana that can exist in the natural world, be it from the Gods themselves or those of equal/lower ranking in power.

Spiritual Beings

The Anger of the Lands: Through the power of the Earth Goddess, Harmony absorbs a piece of their spiritual being to become a fragment of said God(dess). With immunity to Earth based magic and the ability to harness the strength of a creature capable of ripping a small country asunder, this form is used to handle situations that call on her strength. - Image Reference

The Demonic Flames: Accessed by absorbing a fragment of the God of Fire, this allows immunity to fire based attacks while calling forward the very flames that destroyed countless lives without mercy. This form is used for its incredible speed and destructive power. - Image Reference

The Dark Dragon's Vengeance: A power that is rarely used due to how uncontrollable it can become, this allows her immunity to dark magic; with the additional benefits of draconic defense and attack power, this power is used as a last resort for the sake of survival as it is seen as unstable and highly likely for Harmony to lose herself to it. The untamed power is what inevitably gives Harmony the edge necessary to win battles she deems necessary to use this power in, as she commonly blacks out after activating the spell. - Image Reference

The Ice Empress: Her most used form and what she is known for, the Ice Empress is the strongest fragment of the Gods that exist, allowing Harmony direct access to the spells that The Ice Empress uses herself, while also giving her immunity to ice/water based attacks. Due to how frequently this fragment is used, this Goddess has taken a hold of most of Harmony's body, so the frequency of use is lowered later in life to combat the parts of her tainted by the Goddess. - Image Reference

The Bringer of Balance: TBA - Image Reference


Weapon: Cosmic Momento
Outfit: Disciple of the Ice Goddess

Spell List

Shield: A spell used to deploy an enclosed globe of mana which reflects elemental damage, with resistance to physical damage by dropping the initial strike's power by anywhere from twenty to eighty percent.

Counter: This spell emulates the affinity within the user, allowing them to reflect magic that aligns with the affinity in question. Due to Harmony's unique nature, she is capable of reflecting Fire, Ice, Earth and Dark magic depending on the God Fragment she is using at the time.

First Strike: By heightening her awareness, speed and repressing her presence, Harmony is capable of earning the ‘first strike' of any battle she enters. Despite this spell acting passive, Harmony must use mana to keep it active at all times, though the cost of it is fairly low thankfully.

The Goddess of Earth

Nature's Will: By communing with the very nature around her, Harmony is capable of deploying a spell that flourishes prosperous life throughout the soil. Plants of variety depending on the region's native species will spring forth and consume everything within a ten mile radius. These plants obey her will as she infuses her own mana into the soil to gain this result.

Gaia's Walk: The basics of an earthquake spell, it is used through her feet and can intensify depending on how hard she takes her first step. Ranges from something that would knock a normal human being over to a devastating disaster that tears apart an entire city.

The God of Fire

Fire Lotus: By spawning up to ten medium sized fireballs, this spell deploys them all with the intention of hitting the target at any angle possible. This spell can also track and follow their target as long as the caster is aware of their location; each fireball deals a heavy amount of damage, capable of bringing down other Fire Elementals of weaker status in an instant. Upon contact, an explosion that will consume five meters around the target will occur, the mana dispersing in a tornado of fire as it burns the target alive.

Crimson Burst: Enveloping herself entirely in flames, this spell gives offensive and defensive properties the moment it's activated; by defending her from incoming attacks through burning most anything in its path, to offensively where she can freely expel the fire from her body by up to three meters. Mostly used to greatly increase her speed, she expels most of the flames from the bottom of her feet to also offer temporary flight.

Heart of Dubnos: Considered the most powerful attack any human being can handle from the God of Fire, this spell deals all around damage to multiple enemies by raining meteorites from the sky- consuming an area equal to two major cities.

The Dark Dragonic God

Dark Dragon Breath: Due to the changing that the God Fragments cause on Harmony, this spell acts no different from the passive spell of draconic kind's strongest weapon. Ignoring all magical defense, this spell devastates the land and opponents faced without mercy. Forming as a cone, it expands continuously as long as the user expels the necessary mana and force to continue it.

The Goddess of Ice

Awaken the Queen: By unleashing this spell, Harmony's body is encased inside of an ice crystal that ignores all elemental and physical damage done to it. Once the assimilation is complete, the crystal explodes and sends out shards of varying sizes to the surrounding area. An area of effect is active passively from that point on, turning everything surrounding her into a frozen wasteland.

Tears of the Goddess: What appears to be a natural hailstorm has a devastating effect if hit by any of the incoming balls of ice, instantly freezing the area hit. This spell also has the nasty effect of affecting the natural weather patterns of the area, causing further frozen damage even well after the spell has been deployed. With both immediate and lasting results, this spell is only used whenever an entire populace needs to be wiped off of an area of the map.

Freeze: Once blood is drawn, this spell starts freezing the water content inside of the victim until they either cure themselves or die from it. This spell works on any water based thing, but is deployed the most through this use when Harmony loses herself more to the Ice Empress.

Diamond Dust: Once this spell is used, a massive fog of ice crystals explode out from the user and contain an area of around ten kilometers, making breathing nearly impossible and vision entirely white. This spell can also be used to take on different shapes, as Harmony can manipulate parts of it to form massive icicles to throw or use in combat as she desires.

Frozen Loyalty: A unique spell that was revealed after a certain extent of possession, this spell causes the snow made by the Ice Empress to take on the form of snow and ice golems, and as of recently the reveal of an Ice Dragon has been shown by the Ice Empress as well. It is said that in ancient times, the Ice Goddess had an entire Kingdom dedicated to protecting her and the people themselves. While records of said Kingdom have yet to be discovered, the very fact that such creatures can be summoned puts some legitimacy behind the legends.


**History is all short hand until written properly.**

  • Born to Silas and Evelyn, Harmony becomes the first born Vessel in over a few thousand centuries, her power becoming apparent whenever she begins to 'speak with the flow of mana'.
  • Silas leaves Eve and Harmony, Harmony isn't informed as to why due to her memories of him being foggy.
  • Eve enrolls Harmony into an academy once she starts to show promise in both magic and technology. Beforehand she had been homeschooled by her Mother, who she quickly learns is more powerful than she lets off.
  • Harmony enters herself into Shaolin Kung Fu training of her own accord, finding the art fascinating enough to put her everything into.
  • Harmony enters the academy and becomes one of their best students, drawing the attention of many with her natural charisma. Forming a group of friends from this, Harmony enjoys a normal high school life for another two years.
  • Due to her improvements in her martial art classes, Harmony joins a tournament in Asia. Twenty four hours after she leaves, the Catastrophe happens due to the negligence of SHINE. Harmony does not find out about the fate of her friends until she returns home. During her time in Asia, she meets Vincent- the two exchanging information to continue their relationship (business/sexual) .
  • Due to the Catastrophe, Eve is sent back into Ireland's heartland, where Harmony goes off to start her journey on revenge. Digging underneath the academy reveals The God Fragment of Ice, and upon touching it a contract is made with The Empress of Ice; at the sacrifice of her body, Harmony could harness the power of the Goddess for battle.
  • From there, she travels around hunting down God Fragments, utilizing the hidden nature of the academy as a Mage's School.
  • During this time she also reveals deeply kept secrets of SHINE, inevitably putting a target on her back. Vincent, unknowing to her, is an exiled member of SHINE and upon meeting up again starts to try and help her.
  • TBA