The Dragon Witch
The Dragon Witch

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The Dragon King's Descendant

Born into a lower-middle class family, Shuchun lived a modest lifestyle that offered no real excitement until she came of age to study in magic. She took great pride in wanting to become a powerful mage, supporting her family while doing something she adored in the same breath a dream the young girl would make into a reality by any cost necessary. During a summoning ritual to bring forth a new season of rainfall by appeasing the Water Dragon of the North, an accident caused Shuchun to fuse with a piece of the Dragon's Spiritual Body. The mutations that occurred from it forced her to a near comatose state, leaving the few who pulled a prank that caused the accident to be sentenced for attempted murder. This left her family in better funds, and once she finally regained consciousness she was employed as an experiment for the Mage's Association.

With her capabilities to mimic spells from the Azure Dragon, Shuchun must train to retain control and gather more mana in order to compensate for the spells' workload. Because of this it is more common to find the young elf girl with potions that do the basic same thing as spells for her, and she must remain careful to keep from tearing her own body apart in the process, as the more mana she absorbs and retains the more she starts to blend in with Draconian society.

Grimoire of a Dragon



Name Shuchun
Moniker hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 19
Race Elf
Height 5'9"
Weight 140 lbs
Tresses Dark Brown
Irises Gold
Marital Disinterest
Orientation Straight

Voice TBA
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