Let rage burn so it may consume all evil.

The Basics

True NameCatalina Spostov
Apparent Age27

Marital StatusSingle

Weight143 lbs
Body TypeAthletic
Iris ColorMulticolored
Hair ColorBlack
Skin TonePale
Dominant HandRight


You're doing them.


- Decided to get an arm replaced, maybe after loss of function for whatever reason?
- Lost younger sibling to disease after trying to get funds together and failing, since then has been extremely angry and hateful toward society and especially those in power.
- While currently with no crew, any that do see her as a target end up either near death or sincerely wishing they were, gives her credit and causes most to leave her alone.
- Parents aren't in the picture, maybe dead?
- Eyes that causes systems to glitch when activated? idk.
- Lives alone and does odd end jobs of 'clean up', normally gets hired by gangs to aid in eliminating another, continues to do this until further notice.

Out of Character

00. Code made by RageQxeen, do not steal.
01. Story RP > ERP
02. Don't be an ass, manage to catch a fat ass.
03. I'm not paying attention to the tab 95% of the time.
04. Third-Person Long-Term Preferred.
05. Smut is earned, not given freely.
06. I'm not playing this character for anyone but [name], don't want to hear any complaints or bullshit, there are plenty of other alts I'm far more open on, get over it.