daughter of the dragon
daughter of the dragon
NameCneajea Kai
Age30 yrs
Apparent Age20 yrs

Weight145 lbs


Family Tree

- Vlad Tepes III -
The father she has only recently met due to his thirty year absence, Cneajna looks up to him in a light that is perhaps not best suited in comparsion to his history, all in thanks to her mother painting him as a Hero. Since then, Cneajna has learned of all his transgressions, and is doing her absolute best to see what his point of view in all of this is. Be it a Demon or a Hero, Cneajna loves her father dearly, and will happily paint a country crimson with blood should he ask her of it.

- Natsumi Kai -
Her beloved Mother, the woman who gave life to what was suppose to be impossible, and the only one who has Cneajna's absolute trust and respect. From the moment she was capable of reading, Natsumi trained Cneajna to control her amazing power, pushing her to become someone worthy of holding the name Princess without the stereotypical daintiness that is normally attached to the title. Cneajna adores and loves her mother, aspiring to become just as powerful as her so honor may be brought to her family.

- Satoru Kai -
Twin Brother
Her fraternal little brother, his protective streak is three miles wide and rather endearing - seeing as she believes herself more than capable of protecting herself should the situation call for it. His brilliance shines the brightest during battles, and while Cneajna's talent lies within physical combat, she cannot compare to his capabilities with magical combat. The connection the two have is just as any other set of twins, which is only amplified by the shared charms they hold to allow telepathic communication. No matter how far apart they may be, Cneajna can always rest easy knowing he's a simple thought away.


Supernatural Enhancements: Includes but not limited to - Strength, Speed, Stamnia, Agility and Durability.

Semi-Immortality: Due to her vampiric nature, Cneajna ages at a snails pace compared to that of a normal human being, and is likely to retain a youthful appearance for centuries.

Daytime Walking: Her human nature allows Cneajna to walk in the daylight.

Regeneration: Because of her parents' unique natures, Cneajna is able to regenerate wounds and lost limbs just as they can, however the less blood she has in her system the longer it takes to regenerate.

Immunity: Cneajna is immune to disease and poisoning, this does not include things that vampires are naturally allergic to.

Natural Weaponry: Able to extend and retract claws and fangs to appear more or less human should she desire. Fangs inject a paralyzing serum once bitten, causing severe numbness and disoreintation.

Unnatural Presence: While she is able to mask her aura fairly well, Cneajna holds an air of a predator about her that can put off even the strongest of wills should she so chose to do so.

Unnatural Beauty: Much akin to the vampire physiology, Cneajna is beautiful beyond words, though most could assume this comes from her mother instead of her father as the girl is a spitting image of Natsumi Kai.


A miracle birth of twins thought to be the Antichrist by humanity, Cneajna and Satoru were considered abominations that would simply die off within the first few hours of life. Their mother, Natsumi, was a unique being that was human in body but not in blood or spirit. Due to their father's lineage as a vampire, the twins' hearts would frequently stop during the first year of life; and it was only thanks to Natsumi's patience and knowledge of the vampiric bloodline that they managed to survive long enough to feast on blood by themselves. A straining balance between life and unlife had been struck, Natsumi placing a seal on them to restrain the Vampiric Curse long enough for them to grow up; allowing them a somewhat normal life; or at least, as normal of a life as one could have when one's mother was a monster wearing human skin and a mysteriously absent father.

Cneajna was named after her grandmother on her father's side, retaining the Kai last name while her younger twin brother was named in honor of their Uncle Satoshi, Satoru. The two were taught Academics, Magic, Bureaucracy, Religion, Swordsmanship, Music and Foreign Languages, among others. Due to their mother's strict teachings, the two were quick to fit into the mold of Royalty. Yet all the same, they were forced to watch their own mother slowly fall into despair as the absence of their father began to weigh heavy on her, bedtime stories of Vlad Tepes the III and The Three Way War painting a picture of a deadly hero who loved with all of his heart. Satoru would not fall under the illusion that Natsumi tried to weave, his concern for her outweighing any fantasy that could've taken ahold of him, yet Cneajna couldn't help but adore this fantasy father - as she was desperate for a fatherly figure to guide her.

So his return was, of course, both a surprise and joyous one for the young dhampir. With Natsumi retiring to her business of The Howling Hound, and Satoru traveling the world to gain experience, Cneajna treads on a deadly path to find out the truth about the legend himself - Dracula. Her beloved father.

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