The Origin of a Thousand Generations

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The Basics

True NameMato Chiyoto
Apparent Age22

Marital StatusPolyamorous Relationship
AlignmentChaotic Good
HandicapsOcular Albinism

Weight145 lbs
Body TypeCurved Athletic
Iris ColorAmethyst
Hair ColorDark Purple
Skin TonePale
Dominant HandRight


Touched by Khaos

A blessing or a curse depending on the perspective of the individual, to be ‘Touched by Khaos’ is to be given the ability to discern what is ‘Human made’ and what is ‘Supernatural made’. Capable of deflecting truly evil intentions, any dark mana is destroyed on a fundamentally ‘molecular’ level to be reassembled into her version of dark mana. ( Example: Nyx’s Darkness, upon being grasped, is broken down and transferred into Chiyoto’s Darkness ) Born with this ability, it has become a sixth sense that warns her of ill intentions being thrown at her, and allows her to know when someone is truly human unless they outclass her in power. ( Example: The first creation of Death’s nature stayed hidden from her until he revealed himself willingly. )

Manipulator of Nothingness

A subclass of Enforcer of the Truth, this power allows the very few who can wield it authority over all mana types after “consuming” it once. Consumption can be done in any manner, from physically eating the mana ( Something that must be done carefully, as if human, it cannot consume fire logically, for example. ) to passively absorbing the mana around them. The latter is much more likely to occur, and thus the name of this specific class was given, as it does appear that the one who gains this ability ‘Manipulates the Elements from Nothing’. This class is very chaotic, however, as it normally destroys any human who manages to gain this ability as it literally transforms the soul with every ounce of mana absorbed.

Monster Class: NULL

A specific class given to those who cannot be measured by normal human means, Chiyoto is neither a First Born nor an Ultimate, but instead something far above them in terms of power ( By the end of the series ). Named by Khaos as True Demon, they are balancers of the True Gods, meant to keep peace and harmony within the Umbra for the sake of the True Gods; fighting alongside them against The Nothingness. Chiyoto is the only known being to become a True Demon, and has been thusly named The True Demon of Humanity.

Transcriber of All-Magic

Upon witnessing and practicing any magic, the user is capable of ‘copying’ the magic as their own. All the spell’s prerequisites must still be met, thus users cannot cast ‘Rain’ without any water mana, but in combination with Manipulator of Nothingness, this class allows the user to quite literally duplicate any spell excluding very rare circumstances. ( Example: Death Magic cannot be duplicated as it is a specialty only to Death and his reapers )

The Story

All of this is written in an OOC perspective until the typist has the mindset to write it more formally as everyone is used to, until then...

Book One: S.H.I.N.E.

Chiyoto, the Original Chiyoto, was born around the time that the supernatural and gods freely walked the earth. She fell in love with Raum, a fallen angel who took her as his bride, only for her to be betrayed by her own people-- as she was considered of nobility due to Raum teaching her advanced and incredibly dangerous magic-- and slaughtered mercilessly. In retaliation, Chiyoto placed a curse upon her soul to be passed down to the first child of every new generation. The last person to be taken by Chiyoto this way-- as the curse erases the soul that originally inhabits the body so she can take it over-- was Yoki's Mother. As a safety precaution to keep her daughter safe, her Mother intentionally kept the soul of the original Chiyoto locked in her body. Yoki was not aware of this, of course, and just assumed her mother had TB.

This goes on for a little bit until Yoki's father comes back into the picture with his right-hand man; though they were there for shelter and nothing more, as they were being hunted down by a detective. Said detective did locate them really easily, and upon her father abandoning everyone to escape, the right-hand man attempted to rape Yoki only for his head to be blown off his shoulders by the detective. As thanks, Yoki employed herself under the mysterious detective as a caretaker in order to keep track of the case that concerned her father, fully intent on killing him for abandoning his family like that. (Mind you, she always didn't like him, he was never around visibly for her even if he did technically pay for her eyes being treated so she could see properly.)

Inevitably, Yoki's Mother dies from the Original Chiyoto, and the soul passes onto Yoki. It doesn't take long for the original to realize that Yoki is actually the perfect vessel for her that won't degrade from the magical output she naturally has. This is where the real beginning of the book starts, where we follow Yoki's point of view while learning more about the mysterious detective. That detective is nicknamed 'Crystal', and everything about her, from age to real name, is simply nowhere to be found. It's eventually revealed that she was born into a secret government project that took orphans, and the homeless to train them and give them 'jobs'. Which sounds fine until one reaches the level clearance to learn that the Supernatural from the past didn't really die off or never existed, but were in fact very real and very sentient as well. Humanity, fearing this after it became obvious in the Second World War came to the conclusion that Project S.H.I.N.E. (Supernatural Human Investigation Nexus Expedition). SHINE overall was supposedly an organization intentionally meant to protect humans, but the Germans and Japanese realized quickly that the supernatural they were killing could actually be combined with human DNA to make a more powerful human. So they started experimenting on their own people.

Crystal was one of those experiments, and although her power is to only feel a grim reaper closing in, she is considered the Prodigy of the Project. Then we meet Akane, the first villain of the series, also a part of SHINE but with a history of her own (Religious physical abuse by her mother, neglect by her father, was basically caged like an animal since four when she suddenly developed abilities to manipulate blood at random.), she is considered the absolute best exterminator for rogue SHINE members, which Crystal is. It becomes a cat-and-mouse chase throughout the entire book, with both Crystal and Akane chasing after one another, one with the intention of killing and the other with the intention of bringing her to justice. The book should end with Akane being taken back to SHINE after a rather humiliating defeat. Also in that book, Yoki meets her future husband, Octavius. He just so happens to be the son of the First Reaper to live and the Unholy Construct of Lucifer, the two start falling in love with one another over the series, and at the end Airi-- Yoki's current girlfriend-- Octavius and Yoki are in a three-way relationship with Yoki having a child by Octavius.

Book Two: The Soul Collection

In the second book, I go more in-depth with Octavius and his family, and that's where things really start to kick off. I introduce Hecate Morte, Death's Last Creation, who is acting as a sort of surrogate mother for Octavius since Akina isn't around as she's running hell personally. You learn that reapers are actually the souls of those who had committed suicide, and all except Hecate can recall how they died. Assuming that her death was so horrific that she blacked it out, no one bothers to delve further into it, but throughout the book, it's revealed that she was created specifically to be Death's Caretaker and Lover-- they're like the Greeks dw about it-- but Death had gone omnipotent before that could happen and Hecate got amnesia after an accident so she forgot who she was and what she was originally supposed to do. Demitru, Octavius' father and technically the 'brother' of Hecate, immediately recognizes her from the early days of visiting Death, takes her under his wing, and protects her the best he can. But, during a fight concerning a particular cat (Hitomi, the one who stole Hecate's fiance's soul to drag into Hell), Hecate ends up injured by a life-threatening disease to even reapers-- The Rot. It's incredibly dangerous for any supernatural creature to have, as it eats away at one's mana before consuming their life force.

So to help out Octavius and Demitru for helping her out during the first book (Demitru and Octavius run a business that's a mortician's in the front and black market secrets of the supernatural and of humans in the back, they managed to find out about SHINE for Yoki during the first book), Yoki decides to lend a hand. There she learns of Octavius' past and how he was forced to age into an adult by Lucifer, and even eventually meets the Devil himself-- they might've flirted a bit but nothing happened fr-- and his real Mother, Akina. It is also technically in this book that Raum finally shows himself and attempts to possess Yoki only to end up being swallowed by her massive amount of mana so he ends up trapped with the Original Chiyoto as well. After this incident, Yoki is forced onto the bench to watch what follows, everyone-- even Octavius-- fearing that something terrible would happen if Yoki continued to involve herself.

Sadly Hecate does regain her memories from the past when she's hit by her own scythe by Hitomi, and upon realizing that the entire time her purpose was to care for Death and he's just gone, absolutely loses her fucking mind and annihilates the majority of the Reaper Realm and the Soul Collection Library into a barren wasteland. Death does manage to manifest himself in time before she completely rips the realm apart searching for him, and with Demitru's help, they manage to save Hecate from destroying herself as well. Octavius gets to meet his grandfather, and Death starts to hint at what everyone feared to be true. Yoki has three souls total, and her body may be strong, but her mind would break under that pressure eventually.

Book Three: Queen of Annihilation

The third book is where Natsumi finally gets introduced, here you learn about how she came from the Heian Period of Japan and was originally supposed to be a consort of Emperor Daigo, the 60th emperor of Japan. She was taught by her eldest brother Satoshi in combat, learned how to be a wife and mother by her biological mother, and was taught like a noble by her teacher. When her father came back from a war permanently after an injury, she found out how severely abusive he was and how twisted her mother could be, as they were given an Akita puppy (In Japan, getting an Akita puppy is supposed to bring you health and fortune), Natsumi fell in love with it and caused her father to believe that the dog's love for Natsumi was outweighing the potential mystical powers that he thought was rightfully his instead of hers. So, using his wife and Natsumi's mother, they took the dog to a crossroads and began the ritual of making an Inugami. (If you wanna know that process, I suggest looking it up, but be prepared for some sad shit cause it isn't fun.) Natsumi eventually does find out about this and runs to rescue her dog, only to find the poor thing already dead and her mother desperately calling upon the soul so they could be wealthy again. Enraged by this, Natsumi calls forth the soul instead, then tears her father apart before cursing her mother into prostitution (this is the only known record of Natsumi actively cursing someone, something Inugami are known to do frequently).

This leads to her older brother believing that the spirit of the Inugami had also consumed his beloved little sister's soul, and with pure rage, he continues to hunt Natsumi down even after being cursed into immortality by a witch he denied sex. (As a clarification, Satoshi is fully asexual but not repulsed by it) He's the only being in existence that can actually fight Natsumi and kill her permanently, and Natsumi just can't seem to kill him properly as she is subconsciously aware that Satoshi is her older brother, but consciously she's clueless as to who this guy is.

Natsumi goes around the countryside of Japan on her own, killing and eating a lot of supernatural creatures along the way. (This is where it becomes obvious that the entire time humanity could've been ascending in power if they had a taste for supernatural meat instead of the other way around.) Including Han Riu-- a legendary dragon that couldn't reach Heaven-- who adopted Natsumi and taught her all sorts of dangerous magic. (A parallel to Chiyoto and Raum) When another dragon starts taking over Han Riu's territory, both of them enter a fight with the dragon, with only Natsumi managing to survive, however, Han Riu does offer his soul to Natsumi so they would never part, as he saw Natsumi as his personal Heaven after the many years they spent together training. He becomes the First General in her Unholy Army and gives her complete access to his powers as she pleases. Then she runs into creatures like Yeqon, a Watcher and the ring leader that convinced other Watchers to have sex with humans, creating the Nephilim and causing the Great Flood, and Vain, a demon with thirty legions at his command. This is all a little important for the next book, funnily enough.

The Three-Way War, something I'll commonly reference, is a war in history that was erased by humanity and vampiric kind. The three sides were Humanity, Lycanthropes, and Vampires; and they engaged in war during the time that Dracula became a general for the vampiric army, with Natsumi easily claiming general as well after a misunderstanding was cleared up. (She does technically smell like a dog to those with sensitive noses, so they assumed she was a Lycan). Dracula, or Vlad as I'll switch between the two, accidentally mesmerizes Natsumi into falling for him, though they do not kindle any sort of relationship during the war outside of wine and talking occasionally. When she ends up losing one of the last battles to humanity, she does not return to combat and instead runs with her injuries and the souls of her men to safety. It is assumed that she died in action, and her body was never recovered.

This also follows the love story between Dracula and Natsumi, and how they struggled to come together as a couple up until the modern age. Natsumi attempts to rescue him from the hands of the Hellsing's (if this sounds familiar I'll give you an internet cookie btw~) several times over the course of a few decades until she is chased out by Satoshi and Van Hellsing, a barrier was later put in place by Satoshi so Natsumi could not step a foot onto their land without intense agony and pain. This manages to keep her away until the barrier was broken by accident after the Hellsing Estate was attacked by a variety of monsters in an attempt to gain revenge on the current head of Hellsing. Sadly Vlad does not remember Natsumi at all, as he was tortured into forgetting her entirely by Hellsing, but the two do end up starting a relationship that lasts for quite a long time. Eventually, Natsumi gets pregnant by a miracle of her 'permanent healing' factor, and she gives birth to twins alone as Vlad had gone off to battle and never returned. She raises the two as a Prince and Princess proper for the next thirty years, giving the girl Vlad's mother's name-- Cneajna Tepes, and naming the boy after her brother, Satoru Tepes. (Not exactly the same, but similar enough sounding that it brings Natsumi comfort without the intense guilt of outliving the one family member who did treat her kindly.)

The book ends with Yoki and Natsumi about to fight, only for Natsumi to be swallowed up by intense darkness that terrifies Yoki badly enough to make her run immediately.~

Book Four: The Umbra and True Gods

And finally, the fourth book. When Yoki returns to everyone and lets them know what happened, Demitru and Octavius in particular pale and throw out the theory that there is only one being in existence that could actually manhandle Natsumi like that-- because even Demitru thinks twice before exchanging blows with that woman. When asked who, there is only one name that echoed: Nyx, the Titan Goddess of the Night. Throughout the book, the reader should start to recognize that all the bad shit that has ever happened does eventually lead to Nyx and her grand plan to return 'home', a place outside of all universes that the True Gods reside in known as the Umbra. This is the place where universes are created by random Gods and Goddesses, while the others fight off something called 'The Nothingness', a creature that consumes everything and everything until nothing is left, and their favored meals are universes and the True Gods themselves.

Nyx was one of the first to come into existence, and similar to the mythology of Greece, she was created by the Ultimate Being known as Khaos, her pair Erebos; but the difference in my series is that Nyx is not the Goddess of the Night and Erebos the God of the Darkness, but Nyx is the Goddess of Darkness and Erebos the God of Light. (Explaining the stars that decorate Nyx, as it is Erebos actively shining through her darkness.) While there were a few rules to keep the peace among the True Gods, there was one rule that was solidified and could not be broken without severe punishment, and that was to never look at Khaos while he is creating a universe. Nyx does end up doing this, and upon witnessing The Truth, is driven insane enough to consume her brother. As punishment, Khaos threw her into the universe he was creating so she didn't cause any further harm. So Nyx has been around since the first breath the universe took, and has been intentionally creating opposites to Khaos in that universe so he knows she's still alive. All the True Gods are aware of this, but the True God of Magic is the only one who knows she's only surviving for so long because Khaos is keeping her alive out of love.

The story follows hunting Nyx down in order to save Natsumi, the grand plan's reveal being that Nyx intends of stuffing as many souls as possible into Natsumi before driving her insane so she can destroy the world and bring the attention of the True Gods back to the universe so they can witness Nyx destroying her; hoping that would be enough to get back into the Umbra.

Everyone, excluding Akane and SHINE, comes together to stop the disaster about to happen when Cneajna and Satoru join in as well with the information that they had found Natsumi unconscious and incapable of being woken up, she is immediately placed in Hecate's care with the instructions that should she wake up with more souls than necessary, that she should kill Natsumi on the spot. From there Yoki and Airi both run into Nyx by pure accident, drawing out a difficult battle that leads to Nyx shattering Airi's soul in front of Yoki. The agony over losing one of the loves of her life gives the Original Chiyoto the exact opportunity to take over the body, which she does instantly and engages in a brutal battle with the True Goddess. When Yoki comes back to herself, she figures she's going to die as well and might as well do it with a bang, so she summons the body of one unconscious Natsumi and absorbs all the souls that were inside of her to fuel an Ultimate Type Spell that was revealed upon Chiyoto's awakening: God Breaker.

See, the original Chiyoto didn't want to kill humans at first, that only happened due to the betrayal, Chiyoto's true intentions were actually to defeat Nyx by creating the perfect spell to make her incredibly weak. Chiyoto just wasn't capable of executing the spell because she never had enough power, however, with close to a million souls in her arsenal, Yoki is capable of executing the spell and does so out of pain and rage. God Breaker will take the powers of the individual and separate them by an astral barrier, and it is completely possible to gain the powers back, but one must do so in the most basic human forms they have. So someone like Nyx would easily be killed by that spell. As it activates, it consumes the entire universe and begins rewriting it, and it is in this space that Yoki gets to finally meet The Ultimate Being, who explains to her that he is willing to change things back as long as she reminds Nyx to let Erebos go. When time and space snap back into place, Yoki dives back into Nyx and rescues Erebos from her grasp, releasing him and saving both the Gods from each other and themselves.

The world was sadly rewritten anyways, and fantasy became more real due to it. The book ends with humanity and the supernatural coming to an Agreement of Rights, SHINE is permanently shut down, and what countries of humanity refuse the pack are fair game to the supernatural. Those who signed the agreement were to never interfere with the supernatural defending themselves as long as it is obvious that humanity started it first. And finally, this is where the modern day is. Natsumi runs several separate armies, two owned by each of her children, while they are at war with the entire continent of Asia and Europe for not accepting the agreement. Russia currently is being taken over by Cneajna, while Satoru travels about doing as he pleases.