The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n.
The Origin
The Origin

The Basics

Yùshí Nameヨキ甲斐 ( Yoki Kai )
NameMato, Chiyoto

Weight130 lbs


HairMidnight Purple



Fire Spells:

Fireball | Anti-Personnel | The most basic fire spell in the book, ignites mana into a ball of flame that can be shot at different speeds depending on the user's mastery over it.

Fire Breath | Anti-Army | With mastery over the basic spell, she can now produce flames that are strong enough to be on par with a young dragon, and does this by forming a ring with her index and thumb before exhaling in between them.

Ignite | Anti-Fortress | A specialized spell that combines her Aether affinity with the basic spell, making a devastating magic that destroys nearly everything in its path. Any who are unlucky enough to be caught in the path of this spell suffer damage to their Astral bodies, leaving not even a soul behind to be collected.

Violet Flames | Anti-Fortress | A currently unnamed spell that resides close to her pocket, as upon being manipulated by Warp Mana, this spell has shown to burn even herself without proper precaution. The twisted flames burn a bright purple, igniting the very mana caught within its grasp, these flames burn for longer than the previous and destroy much more as well.

Water Spells:

Stream | Anti-Personnel | Another basic spell based in Water, this allows her to pour water from her palms, more mana equates to more water expelled.

Aqua Prison | Anti-Army | Mastery over stream has allowed her to create a cube of water that if trapped inside, will begin drowning any but the user. This prison can contain upwards of hundreds of unfortunate souls.

Tsunami | Anti-Fortress | In combination with Aether, this spell shifts from a harmless dribble to a raging tsunami that can devastate an entire city within seconds. The record height she has managed with this spell is 5km (3.1m) high.

Warp Nectar | Anti-Fortress | With the combination of Warp, this spell ends up similar to Tsunami with the consistency of thick oil, any unlucky enough to be caught in it will start to dissolve, mana and all. Those that managed to survive the ordeal have said they had seen eyes and dark smiles within the liquid.

Earth Spells:

Earthquake | Anti-Personnel/Anti-Army | The standard basic spell for Earth, this spell's strength is dependent on the amount of mana forced into the ground to cause the reaction. Ranges from a simple 3.5 to an overwhelming 9.5 on the Richter Scale.

Gorge | Anti-Army | After mastering Earthquake, she is capable of splitting the earth below her enemies feet for them to fall for miles based on the mana output.

Nature's Call | Anti-Fortress | By mixing with Aether, this spell pours mana into the earth to sprout a variety of native plants that she retains control over, tearing apart anything in her path as she redesigns the terrain into something akin to her 'domain'.

Twisted Forest | Anti-Fortress | Depending on the terrain mostly, this spell will drain and reshape the surrounding environment into a dark nightmare-ish landscape. Any creatures caught within the spell are afflicted by the Warp Energy and begin attacking everything nearby, magical plants and other lifeforms included. Humans that are unfortunate enough to be trapped within are soaked in Warp Mana.

Wind Spells:

Breeze | Anti-Personnel | The basic wind spell, commanding the air around her to move as she pleases. The strength of it is also reliant on her mana output, making it anything from a gentle breeze to nearing storm levels.

Tornado | Anti-Army | While not strong enough to be considered Fortress level, this spell is still terrifying to those that cannot hide behind strong walls and tightly closed roofs. Reaching F3 ranges within seconds, this spell can rip an army apart without much effort on the user's part.

Massugu | Anti-Fortress | Acting similar to a Derecho, this spell annihilates most anything in its path, these winds can reach up to 140mph. The aftereffect of Aether left behind soaks into the earth, making it more fertile, as a positive.

Breath of the Dark Queen | Anti-Fortress | Mixing Wind with Warp inevitably led to this spell, the air tainted by this magic gains a miasmic like quality, any who breathe is to suffer from the effects of Warp Mana. The total coverage is around 300+ miles, easily covering a mid-size city at its strongest.

Aether Spells:

Kiss of an Angel | Support | This spell allows Chiyoto to place a 'mark' on her target as she desires, the deeper and longer she dedicates marking someone, the stronger the mark resonates to her when within a 100km distance.

The Rainbow Light of Creation | Anti-Personnel | As her natural born affinity, this spell is her strongest and gives boosts to any new spell she learns naturally. Along with this is a raise to all stats, with a drawback of a higher chance to lose control over the spell if not cautious enough. Any who get hit with this as a spell are subject to an intense ray of pure mana, thus suffer damage accordingly.

Weapon Creation | Anti-Army | Under the condition that she understands the weapon she creates down to the screws and springs, she is able to spawn multiple weapons from her mana for one time use. Any shots fired are made of pure Aether, and suffer the same as the previous spell. If a sharp or blunt weapon, adjust accordingly.

Rainbow Beacon | Anti-Fortress | The heightened version of the basic spell, this one shoots a massive cone of pure Aether, obliterating everything in its path. Due to its massive size, the colors of the rainbow normally associated with Aether are more readily seen, though the white that spawns from it is said to cause blindness.

Aether Barrage | Anti-Fortress | One of the most catastrophic spells in her arsenal, this spell paints the sky with a magic sigil large enough to consume 900 miles. This spell only saw the light of day one time, it was said that the misted mountains of the South were suddenly lit up no differently than a battlefield; those far enough away saw the mountains covered in a cloud of pure white closer to the top, the resulting raining of pure Aether seemed no different than the Greater Spirits decimating the entire mountain.

Kunlun's Gates | Domain | Based on the fabled paradise promised to the most devoted of the mountain, the largest sign of being dragged in is the mountain that seemingly sprouts from nothing. The terrain is more than alive, and will obey Chiyoto's will alone. The exposure to the Aether can be aversive depending on the opponent, though with the environment mimicking her home, she has the highest advantage in the fight.

Warp Spells:

Corrupt | Anti-Personnel | Twisted slowly over time, this magic gradually became an affinity, and it was only when it became too late for her that she realized what was happening. Twisting and dementing what she once was, this spell not only afflicts her by distorting her spells and affinity, but any who come in contact with it experience the same effects to those that come in contact with it 'naturally'.

Enslavement | Anti-Army | Those under her rank and below undergo the twisting of their mind by the Warp Mana, draining their will to fight her while increasing their aggression toward allies. ( Example: Rank A will have the nagging feeling, while Rank F will immediately lose themselves. )

Twisted Eyes | Anti-Fortress | While not offensive in its delivery, the range qualifies it as an Anti-Fortress spell. By spawning eyes anywhere within the area of a mid-size city, she is able to see anything they do. Destroying them is relatively easy and causes no damage to her, as they emit a low level of Warp Mana to maintain its form.

God Breaker | ???? | An unknown secret family spell that is said to destroy the very essence of the Gods themselves, tearing them from their divinity forcefully before 'graciously' returning it to the now mortal creature. It is unknown if this spell has ever been used.

Glass Box | Anti-Fortress | By expanding her mana as far as possible, or through carefully placed sigils as a sort of connector, she is able to warp the atmosphere inside to appear more like the inside of a glass cube; the secondary spell brings forth a twisted version of Aether Barrage that is solely Warp Mana, any of the shots fired at the walls of this glass prison instantly bounce off. She currently can only contain a small scale town.

Combination Spells:

Steam | Fire & Water | Anti-Personnel | The basic form of this combination allows her to create a thick steam that consumes a room quickly. Adjusting the heat can cause severe burns to those caught in it.

Leviathan's Breath | Fire & Water | Anti-Army | By increasing the output after mastering the basics, this spell envelopes an entire army in a boiling tsunami.

Magma | Fire & Earth | Anti-Personnel | The basic form of this combination allows her to safely control and produce molten hot lava to freely manipulate.

Eruption | Fire & Earth | Anti-Army | This stronger spell allows her to mimic the eruption of a volcano to rain down onto her enemies, the ecological damage done can take a few years to repair.

Combustion | Fire & Air | Anti-Personnel | By igniting the air her enemy breathes, she can suffocate them instantly with this basic spell combination.

Lightning | Fire & Air | Anti-Army | By mastering Breeze, the heat caused by the mana intensifies into plasma, throwing lightning unpredictably. If cast to the sky, it causes an instant thunderstorm that rains lightning down for several kilometers.

Firestorm | Fire & Air | Anti-Army | Creating a cyclone of strong winds and hellfire to rip apart hundreds that stand in her way is the advancement of the basic spell.

Gaia's Touch | Water & Earth | Anti-Personnel | Manipulating the water content of the earth below her causes the fertility of it to grow tenfold, making it easier to farm there or sprout whatever plants she desires.

Tropical Storm | Water & Earth | Anti-Army | Changes the atmosphere by concentrating Water Magic to the sky, this causes a destructive rainstorm that generates landslides in some areas weak to it.

Drown | Water & Air | Anti-Personnel | This spell carefully and slowly introduces water to the lungs of her opponent, drowning them over a short period of time depending on the individual.

Storm Surge | Water & Air | Anti-Fortress | Calling forth a storm on a slightly smaller scale in comparison to the weakest hurricane, this spell can eradicate an entire town in one night.

Hurricane | Natural Elements & Aether | Anti-Nation | When combining all the natural elements of the world with the fuel of Aether, she can unleash a hurricane that rates as a Category Four with the drawback of draining quite a bit of mana.

Combat Techniques
The Rainbow Origin
As one born naturally with the Aether Affinity, Chiyoto Mato's magic was warped over time by the very people she called her family, tainting her magic into something unnatural. While still retaining the ability to control the affinity nicknamed 'Rainbow Light of Creation', the Warp Mana ended up changing her. It is said to appear as a swirl of the colors of Creation on a black canvas. Her magic is at its strongest whenever she uses it purely instead of trying to break it down into different components.

Being a Demi-Spirit, Chiyoto is able to achieve a more 'true form' like the others, though due to her unique nature it has been warped as well from the original. Large wings sprout from her back, the dark speckled feathers adorned with a fluffy white down that wraps around the main bone of her wings, this allows her comfortable flight for prolonged periods of time. She retains a mostly humanoid form, her dress develops midnight violet feathers that seem to fade if they fall off of her; this mostly happens during a molting season for the native avian species of Southern Yushi. With pitch black nails and eyes that illuminate with the amount of power she holds with tight reigns, it's not difficult to see how Warp made this once 'Angelic' being 'fall from Grace'.

Enhanced Body
Naturally, Chiyoto is capable of withstanding more than an average human; everything from her senses to her physical form are enhanced if just only slightly, with her sensitivity to mana being the highest. However, due to her lineage she is weak to the D-Systems in place at every capital, and inherently can perform Spirit Magic without the need to call forth one of the Four Kings.

Combat inventory
Midori no omo no me | The Green Lord's Eyes | 緑の主の目
A standard rifle that she infuses with her magic to shoot mana bullets from, a unique ability she owns is to be able to see up to 5km away without the aid of magical enhancements, with which she is able to reach her target up to 20km away.

Midori no omo no taron | The Green Lord's Talons | 緑の主のタロン
Used primarily with close combat, the short swords are enhanced to retain their durability for twice as long, and have the added effect of magical damage along with physical if it cuts deep enough for her mana to bring harm to their Astral Form as well. Each blade reaches 45cm (1.5 ft) in length without the hilt, and is double edged. Other enhancements include suppressing the users' presence to nothing, any who manage to spot the wielder will lose them the instant they take their eyes off them.

Kaosubou | The Chaos Bow | カオスボウ
Crafted by the hands of her deceased mother, this bow has been enchanted by the more powerful woman to continuously grow alongside Chiyoto. Specifically built to withstand and conduct Chiyoto's Mana, this weapon has been one of very few that she can use without the fear of breaking it; an added benefit to this is allowing Chiyoto to manipulate the size and shape of the bow into anything she desires at the moment. ( Example: Making it shorter or longer, added bladed ends for closer combat, etc. ) With a few mana crystals placed inside by the original creator of this bow, it is even possible for her to use it as a safer way to cast as well. Capable of resisting elemental damage with ease, the bow does seem to have a higher preference towards eating Warp Mana due to its constant source being one with an Affinity for it. Those of equal or lower ranking to her find themselves quickly drained if they attempt to use it themselves similar to the capabilities of the Muramasa Swords. The enhancements also include a barrier spell engraved inside of the wood by Yomi Mato, further providing protection to the weapon and her daughter. Specializing in Wind Magic, the bow also manipulates the wind to guide each shot to its target.

Hikari no Tamashī | Soul of Light | 光の魂
The earring is always worn by her even when asleep, it is a cuff that wraps around the outside of her ear before a violet gem hangs from it below her earlobe. The gem itself is crystallized Warp Mana that has the Greater Spirit of Aether trapped inside without Chiyoto's conscious knowledge, and she can easily pull from this gem to draw more mana from the Greater Spirit during battle if she, for some reason, runs low.

Kōsoku no wa | Ring of Restraint | 拘束の輪
A ring she earned as a reward while saving a caravan during her trip to Yggdrasil, it suppresses her mana to more controllable levels, allowing her to more easily calculate her spell strength. She now currently uses it to ensure that her Warp Mana does not afflict others. She has reinforced this ring several times over with enchantments to ensure its strength.

The Mato Family

The first of the Mato Clan that is known went by Mato Chiyoto, and is the namesake of the current. She was said to be a beauty of unimaginable power, carving a path through the Mountains to begin the village that would remain for generations to come. It was said that she was the one who built the illusion to hide the village from the rest of the world, having learned the spell from the Kitsunes that did much the same to their own so any who attempted to bring harm to her people weren't able to find it. Seeing as the barrier lasted until around twelve years ago, it isn't impossible to imagine the legends to be true.

However, what is only known by the Clan is that Chiyoto made the village solely for the purpose of worshiping the Greater Spirit of Aether. Chiyoto inevitably fell for the Spirit, and as the populace of their village spread, she was crowned his Priestess and ensured the 'spiritual marriage' that she desired. Things would not go as planned, sadly, as on the night before the ceremony, Chiyoto was slaughtered by the people she had protected due to her neglect as she set her eyes solely on the Spirit.

Enraged, the Greater Spirit retreated his aide in protecting the village entirely to wait patiently for the perfect time to strike. While wiping them out was nothing to it, the Greater Spirit was also aware that Chiyoto would not desire the death of the village she put everything into. Over the centuries the Greater Spirit would slowly but surely turn the Mato Clan into his own set of puppets, his eyes set on 'the rebirth of his Priestess'.

Birth of the Origin

A thousand years had passed before the Greater Spirit showed itself again, sensing the descendents of the Green Ruler entering his territory as the Mato Clan welcomed them in. He watched as the daughter of the head tended to the injured man and seized the opportunity on the night of their wedding, possessing the groom's body before impregnating the bride. The result of this union was named by the Greater Spirit as Mato Chiyoto, tying her fate to him before being forcefully retreated when it was realized. Still, the father adored his little girl, tending to her until his wife grew strong enough to do so on her own. Then, he left for the rest of her life to hunt down and gain enough strength to destroy the Greater Spirit for what it had done.

Chiyoto, sadly, was left in the dark about this until she reached thirteen; though her negative feelings towards him would not disappear even with the truth revealed.

The young Demi-Spirit would grow up normally otherwise, her true power not awakening until she was three; then she was taken in by the Clan's highest ranking Mage, where she would spend her days studying and practicing magic and her nights with her mother. This would remain for ten years, and in that time she would also start to train with another boy from another Clan that resided in the village. Every day her teacher would have her meditate within the darkness of a cavern towards the top of the mountain before returning to practice the magic she had learned as she allowed herself to 'blend with the mana'.

This was a guise that the village had set up whenever information about the Greater Spirit started to sprout up again, and when the birth of Chiyoto not long after, they knew what was to come. Using the boy as a means of gaining entrance while Chiyoto was in the mountains; history once more repeated itself. Everyone inside, including her teacher and the boy for trying to defend her mother, was slaughtered.

Three Days The Gods Fought

Chiyoto was left unaware of what had happened back at the village until she felt a sudden pulse from the Greater Spirit as it appeared in front of her. She was too weak to realize its presence when she felt a whisper against the back of her neck telling her to go home. The terror that overtook her had sent her spiraling into a run back home, and what she found would be the final string to truly awaken what she was. The negative emotions of the villagers along with her own would end up twisting with her pushing to kill everyone she spotted in a blind rage. By the first night the people had fled to the caves and down the mountain to try and escape, and that's when she released her first advanced spell: Aether Birage.

It took her an additional day to recover from slaughtering everything on the mountain, the barrier that had stood for so long broken as she was left unconscious to the elements and predators. The Greater Spirit attempted to use this as an opportunity to take her away, but was not prepared for the negative emotions from Chiyoto and the villagers to warp the child he had taken special care to make. Unknown to Chiyoto, the earring that she refuses to remove holds the Greater Spirit in a prison of warp.

A Warped Angel Walks

From the mountains of South Yushi, Chiyoto headed toward Yggdrasil to understand what she was in more depth, the journey making her stronger along the way as she started combining the spells that were taught to her. When she arrived, she learned of how Demi-Spirits were considered among the community and more about the fact that there was never a Greater Spirit of Aether on record before moving on. Occasionally she would run into the Library, and when she learned of how they viewed those that underwent the influence of Warp Mana, something that even her teacher was doing in slow introductions as she meditated in the cave of a “dead demon”; Chiyoto did her best to avoid them as well.

It didn't take her long to travel most of the continent, the Silk Expansion and farther North mostly avoided unless absolutely necessary; though it was in Yushi that she met Airi Nakamatsu, the Esper and Demi-Spirit quickly entering a fling before deciding on making it a longer relationship than a single night. Chiyoto would keep in contact with Airi through letters, using the pen name 'Kai Yoki' to ensure that it got to her without suspicion. When Airi was picked up by Crow, they temporarily lost contact, which did scare Chiyoto for a while before contact was reestablished with an explanation.

For now, Chiyoto walks freely and without a set home to call her own outside of spawning one from Earth Magic, enjoying the simple life as she continues to expand her knowledge both academically and socially. Currently she is fluent in every version of Yushi, and can read some Elven.

Out of Character

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