Island Map


00. Code made by RageQxeen

01. RPC TOS is Law. Scroll down to find it in the link.
02. Consent is the most important thing. 0 tolerance for rape play regardless of existing consent.
03. T1 is the standardized form of combat. If a rule set is needed then please request one from a moderator or the administrator. Several of us have plenty of experience and will be happy to assist with any issues. Do not force anyone into a fight. I don't care about the reason.
04. You will respect everyone and heed the moderator's words like they are the law. Don't fuck around and find out. If there's an issue then a dispute can be filed with the moderator on duty or the administrator.
05. No spamming or flooding. This applies to text, commands, image links and video link.
06. This room is centralized around roleplay. OOC is a secondary function. If there's nothing going on then out of character conversation is fine within moderation but under no circumstances should posts be shoved out of the room because of it. It is encouraged to screenshot / save posts during the more active hours.
07. Just have fun. We do this as a hobby and everyone has a different approach to writing. Do not under any circumstances judge or hate on how another person writes whether it's too large for your taste or too small. Just respect the fact that we do this for fun.

Places of Interest

A place of pleasure and desires, the Red Light District has everything one could desire from sex shops to adult theatres; men, women, and anything in between are welcomed with the only rule being Consent is Everything. Strangely, those who don't follow this rule will suddenly find themselves in The Trench as punishment.

Want to find an ancient tomb? Learn new magic that's not a part of your universe? Welcome to the Magic District, where you can find anything from dragon eggs to hatch to spellcrafters that are breaking the foundations of Magic by creating new spells that shouldn't belong together! One can enroll in the Magic Academy, they can teach there themselves, or they can research anything about the multiverse here!

A dangerous area of the Island that holds eldritch abominations that have been long since forgotten by the God that created them, a thin veil of magic keeps them at bay, and while it does occassionally break and forces the patrons of the island to push them back, it is seen as a wonderous place to test your strength and merit. There are also known ancient relics of unknown power hidden in The Trench, so no one leaves empty handed when they survive the Trench.