The Basics

Alias(es)Lily Touka
Apparent Age27
OccupationLand Goddess

Marital StatusPrecious Bear! (Taken but open.)
KinksF-List (My Alts share.)
WeaknessesSnacks!.. and cold water.

Weight126 LBS
Body TypeSlim and fit with plump thighs!
Iris ColorBlue Eyes
Hair ColorTiger Mix
PersonalityBold, playful, and more than a little feisty.


Extreme dexterity
Extreme Strength
Two forms; Feral Tiger and Humanoid
Does not requite food for survival
Minor to medium level blessings


Honestly, it isn't as much of a lengthy one as many would suspect! Lily has known the life of a goddess for as long as she can remember. Even in her 'younger' years, she recalls always having been taught and prepared for a life within the walls of her shrine. Though, to the dismay of many; she grew up to be quite the hand full. A feisty goddess with her head in the clouds and mouth in the sweets. Her curiosity is consistently peeked, far more interested with the comings and goings of mortals than of her duties. Though she is worshipped and presented as a strong and respectable deity, a lot of the locals just know her as the kind hearted goddess without a care in the world.


Her home sits dead center of an ocean side town, nestled away in a well preserved park that nearly triples the area in size. Though the grounds are vast and full of heavenly gardens, walking trails and family parks; her shrine is rather small. Just cozy enough for one tiger to lounge away in! You will find a foyer with comfortable seating, an altar for prayer, and a set of large and mysterious doors that never seem to open. Outside you will find a proper station in which to cleanse your hands, a few statues to represent her ancestral lineage, and a small pond that displays the most colorful selection of fish.


Out of Character

00. Code made by RageQxeen, do not steal.
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Commission Prices

Headshot | Bust | Thigh Up | Full Body

Sketch$18 | $26 | $32 | $40
Lineart$20 | $34 | $50 | $65
Flat$40 | $55 | $75 | $85
Cell$50 | $68 | $85 | $105
Detail$60 | $80 | $100 | $120
Additional OCs+50%

  • Additional scenes and alts are on a case by case basis
  • I also do comic, icons and emotes.
  • I have the right to deny a piece.