The Demon Executioner
NameRose Haywalter
Alias(es)The Angel

RelationshipNAME HERE
EyesAmber Brown



Spiritual Weapon
Rose is able to summon blades of pure essence that can slice and damage even the oldest of demons. These weapons can take any shape, melee or ranged, and can be shifted on the go if deemed necessary. Can only be summoned and shaped shifted consciously. The damage a demon will feel from this will both be spiritual and physical, often diminishing their power the more they are struck, to a normal human the attacks feel like regular weapon strikes.

Peak of Humanity
Rose was born and bred to kill demons, any regular person would find her abilities extraordinary, able to practically vanish into thin air, incredible strength and able to strike with pinpoint accuracy, her flexibility, agility, speed, all match or potentially beat those at the top of their fields.

Martial Arts Master
Taught in nearly all popular forms of martial arts, Rose has the not only the strength and speed to match those at the top of their respective arts, but to adapt and mix multiple styles to suit her needs, this was included in her training to ensure she could fight against malicious supernatural entities and give her the best chance to emerge victorious.


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