Lady of Blood

The Basics

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Angelica's past hardly matters. She was a nobody, cast out, left to die on the streets of some no-name city somewhere in Europe. What matters is what came after that, the desperation of a woman clinging to life, so desperate to live that she could come back from the brink of death, then going that step further. Not content with living, but by having absolutely nothing, desiring more.

She delved into the supernatural, magicks thought impossible to handle she was able to learn and even become adept at... however everything comes with a cost. That which should have been taught to her was withheld. Angelica raced through advanced magicks, not noticing the cost that was quickly overwhelming her body, mind and spirit, turning frail she refused to find herself on deaths door, mastering the arts around blood to artificially keeping her body going, which it still does to this day.

Her soul seemed beyond redemption, twisted from that of a human to that of a witch, closer to a monster. Her mind fractured, finding herself in crazed episodes, voices whispering eldritch knowledge no sane mind could handle... when she found those rare moments of clarity, she researched and delved deep for any answer to this, eventually coming across a legendary Spark of Divinity, able to patch her mind enough that it was her own. With this came unknown consequences, finding herself with a constant hunger, only settled by creating the death she first ran from, however never satiating it. From here, who knows where she might find herself? (Constant WIP, DM for possible Ichor lore rp)


Out of Character

00. Code made by RageQxeen, do not steal.
01. I, of course, reserve the right to choose who I RP with
02. You'll often find I am online on RPC but AFK. Leave me a mail or message and I will get back to you
03. Not willing to give out personal details about myself, you know too much already...
04. Discord is given to friends
05. While this face claim is from Elsword, the character has no relation.

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