Chasing away bad memories with happier dreams...
The True Witch of Chaos
The True Witch of Chaos
NameNakamatsu Airi
Alias(es)Angel of Chaos

Weight140 lbs


Spell Book

Dark Magic

Konton no Tsubasa (混沌の翼): By bringing a piece of her astral form forward, Airi manifests massive black and white wings of energy, this normally causes adverse effects that mimick lightning. They can temporarily allow flight, though they are better suited for defense by keeping the enemy at bay long enough for her to manifest another spell.


The Birth of An Angel

Airi's parents met when they were young, the two arranged to be married at the perfect time by both families; both hadn't met until the day before, and it was just by luck that the two managed to become friends in that time. Slowly that friendship developed into something they could call love, as the husband received a job to keep them stable financially. Working as a doctor had him caring for his wife frequently, but the inevitable would occur when he would be afflicted by magic out of his control. Warping his mind until he became his own puppet, and in a fit of unconsciousness did his wife become pregnant. What had occured was something she refused to speak of, and the bruises proved that he didn't want to know either; and it was only later in the pregnancy that the wife had to be placed under a spell of slumber to get enough rest. The birth was difficult, but the baby girl born from their union was an angel that erased that dark night, and for a year they were happy.

She got sick quickly, with no reason behind it her body burned up and she was almost never awake. For months, Taro fought tooth and nail to keep his daughter safe and healthy, sacrificing blood and tears for another day. It was only when the things started vanishing and items floated with no strings that things began to add up, and the danger she posed to the entire town should they stay. Things only got worse when a dog attempted to attack her as she played outside, the sound that followed had her mother rushing outside, Taro not far behind after her scream. Airi sat a few feet away from the headless corpse, looking up to the two of them in exhaustion - but smiling. A smile he recognized.

Dreams and Nightmares

It wasn't too long after that that Airi's affinity fully developed, and then the Jade Serpents came and bought her off his wife, no less behind his back when he could not protect her. That was the last time he ever saw her, not knowing exactly what she was, only know that his beloved daughter was special. Airi would not recall the father that adored her, the only thing she had from him being her name and nothing more, yet she did not desire anymore than that to begin with. Knowing she was loved at one point by the stories she was told was a comfort now, to imagine she had something to go back to - even if he was dead now. Her nightmares started young, and the only way to keep her sedated was through opium; she quickly got addicted and became dependant solely on it to sleep for years. Her senses were too sharp, and it wasn't until she was well in her teens that she adjusted to it enough to wing herself off her addiction to fully understand her capabilities. Her power and fighting style had been cultivated over the years by the Jade, but in combination with the experiments done along with her job as a slave to them, it became easier to numb herself to the world.

It didn't matter how many died, how many suffered because of her, as long as she could dream of something better than reality.

A Dove Among A Murder


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