Queen of Destruction
Queen of Destruction


Name Kai, Natsumi
Nickname hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 27
Race Inugami

Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs
Tresses White
Irises Red

Position/Dom-Sub hover
Marital Married to her beloved King
Orientation Demisexual

Physical 100%

- Vlad Tepes III -
Deeply loved and adored by the woman, Alucard is the only man who she has absolute respect for, and she is delighted to slaughter thousands in his name should he want to. The two of them are inseparable, and if around each other it is not entirely uncommon to find them oogling each other as if they were in High School. She is his Queen as much as he is her King~

- Cneajna Kai -
The miracle daughter, born from the stroke of luck provided by Natsumi's shred of humanity and the intense mana of her blood, Natsumi has trained the fledgling damphir to be the perfect Princess. Neither damsel nor improper, Natsumi has very little doubt that Cneajna will make a fine Queen, her intense physical power a representation of an impenetrable fortess to give hope to her people. The only problem would end up becoming if her beloved husband would allow Cneajna to be married off, as she is his Princess.~

- Satoru Kai -
And the final piece to her family, the miracle son and her precious Prince, Natsumi tends to dote on her son a little more than her daughter-- feeling as if her husband makes up for her slack by leagues anyways; and the two of them formed a closer bond upon the reveal of Satoru's connection to magic. Some might consider him a Momma's Boy, but out of any mother in the world, being her son gave him an edge that even most Mages do not have. With Natsumi's two thousand years of knowledge on magic, Satoru learned the ins and outs of spellweaving and soul manipulation within a few years of intense training. Shaping him into becoming the perfect Future King, she hopes that her beloved will be satisfied with all of the work the two of them dedicated into shaping him.

- Nayanna -
Friend with Occasional Benefits~
Natsumi's first true immortal friend, the feyling and her get along swimmingly-- enough so that Natsumi tends to commonly claim the woman as her own, though whether or not this is a joke is sadly unknown to all but the two ladies of destruction. In return for saving Naya's people, Natsumi was saved by Naya, thus the two have a close bond that won't be overcome by anything (Even the Gods themselves).

- Calista -
Another immortal friend of Natsumi's that shares a bond unlike any other, as both of them suffer from some form of eternal hunger, they desire to feast upon one another yet find themselves far too delighted sharing the blood soaked battlefield. Natsumi would not change a thing about the beloved little cat, and should she ever fall the Hound will not stop until justice is properly served. It also isn't uncommon for Natsumi to lay claim to her either, though this is more obviously a joke with Natsumi's mild adversion to felines.


Benefits of a God - The Inugami grants the user optimal health and enhanced senses, healing, durability, endurance, speed, stamina, strength; as well as the ability to adapt to any environment, see during the night, and regulate inner temperature.

The Monster's Appetite - The ability to consume any type of meat without any ill effects, including human.

Become the God - The ability to transform into the true form of the Inugami from her natural human state. (Click on title)

Fly with the Gods - The ability to levitate and fly short distances, anywhere from 50 to 100 kilometers.

One Woman Army - Maintaining nearly two thousand years worth of souls, Natsumi is able to call forth specific ones to either assist her in battle (Such as a poltergeist), or by temporary assimilation so she is able to use their powers as if they were her own.

Talisman Creation - While the knowledge on how exactly to make them is extremely low, Natsumi has shown the ability to make Talisman's that have the ability to suppress her powers and aura as long as they remain bound to her.

Weapon Proficiency - She is not proficient in every type of weaponry, but has lived long enough to train with the blade, and seeing as her family is from a line of archers, knows how to use a bow; more modern things such as guns are lost upon her, but seeing as she was a woman in the somewhat-late Heian period, also has knowledge of how to work a Naginata.

Magic - Excessively low level spells are moderately easy for her to control as long as they work within the limits of the Natural World. [ i.e. Wood, Metal, Water, Fire and Earth AKA the Five Elements of Wu Xing ]

Divination - While she does not per say gain insight on the future, Natsumi does have a connection to the supernatural through being an Inugami and the power the Kami has.

Crystals - Natsumi has shown to have some knowledge in crystals and their influential properties; such as the red Jade being used for warriors to rest their fear and the Moldavite being a connection to the Other World/God's Realm that brings balance to her and the Inugami's minds.

Contract Magic - By binding the soul of the one forming the contract and the spirit that is eternally imprisoned by her, Natsumi can allow others to gain temporary ownership over whichever spirit she decides is best suited for them and their situation. The cost of this is that the more powerful the spirit summoned, the more horrific the negaitive backlash will be. Should one decide to tamper with dragons and angels, they will find their payment comes in more than just monetary form, but it can also affect them personally through whatever means necessary. Should you feel invincible, your payment will be dealt with through your family to show how weak you truly are, should you not care and agony will befall you so deeply that the astral will shudder for you. Good luck~

The Army
Yeqon - (also Jeqon or Yaqum, יָקוּם, "he shall rise") was the ringleader who first tempted the other Watchers into having sexual relations with humans. His accomplices were Asbeel, Gadreel, Penemue, and Kasdaye (or Kasadya), who were all identified as individual "satans".
Assimilation: Temporarily becoming the Angel who tempted his own kind, Natsumi has the ability to cause devastation close to Angelic Wrath. She is able to summon his weapon, an Angelic Blade that can eliminate everything below the power of God, along with controlling Holy Fire. She is also able to achieve flight due to the wings, though the downfall to this assimilation is that she will eventually begin to burn her human body if she stays in it for too long.

Vine - 'A great king and an earle, he showeth himselfe as a lion, riding on a blacke horsse, and carrieth a viper in his hand, he gladlie buildeth large towres, he throweth downe stone walles, and maketh waters rough. At the commandement of the exorcist he answereth of things hidden, of witches, and of things present, past, and to come.'
Assimilation: Unlike the Angel, Natsumi has the ability to stay within this form for however long she desires; which allows her to control water by placing the demonic energy into it, gives her incredible feats of strength even by her standards, and allows her to control several vessels under the servitude of Vine. These vessels are more massive mindless hell fire skulls than actual servants, but they serve the purpose of trapping her opponent fairly well.

The Lost Army of Cambyses - 50,000 human men that didn't disappear, they were slaughtered and consumed by Natsumi.

The Damned Army of Hungary - An army of 60,000 vampires that at one point, serviced under Natsumi as their General. Each vampire is basic in nature, though together are a force of nature that is nearly impossible to stop.

Assassins of Blood - Vampire assassins that work very effectively as spies, has collected 150 total.

Hounds of War - A variety of werewolves that were collected during the Three Way War, each are seen as an enemy despite their service under her will, and upon summoning they are trapped in their wolf form. During the war, the race was nearly eradicated, earning her 40,000 souls.

Traitors - Any who dared to cross the vampire army she served were handled by her specifically, as she was seen as the suitable punishment, has 50 souls total in this category.

Oni Warriors - Japanese demons that were slaughtered for attempting to kill off villages, which upon crossing Natsumi, were quickly killed off and consumed. 86 souls total.

Eight-Tailed Fox - A deranged animal that was put down by Natsumi for endangering a child, it's soul is currently trapped within her and does not make an appearance unless it is a last resort.

Han Riu - The Dragon that could never reach the heavens, and instead fell to a fate worse than death itself. Is mostly used for either transportation or defense, attacks are unknown.

Soul Count: Known: 150,290
Unknown: 649,710
Total: 800,000


The Birth of the Mochi
Born Hirohata Natsumi, daughter of Tsung Minamoto; a noble royal family that served for their country and the 60th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Daigo. From an early age she was taught to read, write and defend herself by her older brother, mother, and trainer; her absent father was something she was told not to worry about- as he was off to defend the rights of their clan. What she wasn't aware of was the abusive nature of her father, his desire for violence heavily outweighed the love he had for his family- this was something she came to learn quickly upon the day he returned from battle so severely wounded that he was forced to put his sword down. This caused a great unsettle with the family, for despite their affiliation with the Minamoto Clan, they would eventually fall into poverty.

In order to alleviate some of the concerns, a close friend gifted the family an Akita pup, hoping that the mystical energy that surrounded the breed would bring prosperity to the unfortunate father. A few months would quickly pass, and with a steady decline of profits slowly slipping the family into poverty as Tsung had feared- he quickly searched for the reason why. When none could conclusively be made, his attention was turned to the dog that was suppose to bring them the wealth promised. Rage consumed as he incorrectly assumed the issue to be in the fact that the dog had taken to Natsumi instead of anyone else. Calling his wife to search into a way to fix the issue, as she descended from a line of strong sorcerers, Natsumi's mother made the decision to create an Inugami and force the spirit to serve them. Even if the cost was to become Inugami-Mochi, outcasts to their clan, and the city; it was a far better option than falling into a lower social class.

A week passed without issues, though it didn't take long for Natsumi to figure out something was very wrong, in search of her pet- she found the dog starved to death in the back yard. Surrounded by her father and mother, she was forced to watch the ceremony come to completion, though her mother was unable to call the spirit forth to obey her. Wrathful and lashing, Natsumi called forth the Inugami instead with instant results, a promise to serve the dog god by sharing her body with it in favor of freedom from the chains placed on her by a family name.

Upon possession, the Inugami killed Natsumi's father and cursed her mother into a life of prostitution, leaving her older brother unharmed as the newly born Inugami-mochi fled to the outskirts of the city. What Natsumi remained unaware of, even till this day, is the determination set by her older brother to find and put an end to her life- believing that the Inugami had consumed her soul and mind to take the body for itself. The first few years were quite difficult, the changes made to her body were painful and odd, but eventually years turned to centuries and Natsumi grew use to her new situation. Her power grew, both Inugami and Inugami-mochi learning side by side how to cooperate and work independently without interfering with the other. Soon they were a flawless team, able to take down even the strongest of sorcerers who dared to attempt to "free" her from the binds of the Dog God.

However, certain occurrences would happen that would force Natsumi to flee a region, such as being hunted by an unknown assailant that was neither sorcerer nor samurai, and it wasn't until trade once again became prevalent that she was able to flee the country safely. Now able to see the world as she pleased, Natsumi cast her old surname behind, taking Kai instead.
The Three Way War
The 13th Century gave rise to the awareness of the Supernatural, which caused quite a bit of havoc across Europe as imagined. Upon arrival to Hungary, Natsumi was nearly killed in a misunderstanding of her true race, as she was assumed to be the enemy of Vampires (One of the forces in the Three Way War), a Lycan. After the misunderstanding was settled, she offered her services and wisdom to the creatures she saw as a fascination. While quite a few remained wary of her presence, she quickly made a name for herself as the Queen of Destruction; bringing both true Lycans and Human armies alike to their knees, if they managed to live through the carnage of their villages and cities being torn to shreds.

It was during this time that Natsumi would come to fall in love with another General, his noble Romanian features captured her interest at first, but the last tie around her cold heart was when he accidentally mesmerized her. Subconsciously, she would continue to seek him out until the point in which the War was at it's climax. During a particularly bloody battle, which took the lives of most vampires and lycans alike, Natsumi was forced to flee, injured, into the forest and chased away from the rest of the war. Returning would mean certain death, but the pain and loss of her men was far greater than anything she would feel for the rest of eternity. Those men however, were 'saved' when she consumed their souls, still lingering in hopes of continuing the fight despite their loss to the physical realm.

The War ended with the Vampires and Humans coming to a draw, and the War was erased from human history, never to be seen or spoken of again.
The Goodbye
Centuries would pass before Natsumi would reappear into the world, having gone into hiding until the War was well over and forgotten. She had crossed more oceans and countries, gaining knowledge for each place to expand her mind and train her body further, up until the day she accidentally crossed into another world by pure accident. From here, she would come to meet others who grew in power together. They would seemingly accept her, despite her wariness of them turning on her as so many others had done before, which would cause her to distance herself from them in the end.

Departing from that realm and into another due to the safety of it, Natsumi would be forced to finally say goodbye to her Inugami. The creature that was once her pet grew tired, her existence was nothing but pain and agony, and she wished to be relieved from it. So, Natsumi would strip the Inugami of its soul, permanently assimilating with the creature to become an Inugami herself. This would force her to spend the next six months in a comatose state, her conscious remaining in the Other World where she would force every spirit and soul consumed to submit to her will. Upon awakening, she would reclaim the bakeneko that was previously her servant, and return to her original world. She would rebuild herself a Kingdom, and draw more power from spirits of all kinds and walks of life, on the course of becoming as powerful as one could become.
When Gods Meddle
It is only a matter of time before those that have scrounge the Earth of it's most powerful creatures before the beings of Ancient Times began to take notice to a change in the very nature they created. When the absence of Vain, Yeqon and Han Riu became more apparent by the year; one of the Gods that had been forgotten awoke and began to search for two of her children, Vain (by proxy of Lucifer, giving him the design necessary to warp the human soul into becoming a demon), and Han Riu (birthed from the God alone). This would cause her to find the culprit behind their disappearances, and with it the beginning of a plan in the works since the beginning of the Universe. The God in question was the very same who gave life to every Supernatural creature that walked the Earth since before the spawn of humanity, The Goddess of the Night, Nyx. She stood within the Universe during it's first few breaths of life, thrown into it as punishment for the crime of consuming her own brother Erebus.

The plan was quite simple, just feed Natsumi an unnatural amount of souls until she could barely control them, then drive the woman mad and unleashed her power onto the Earth. This would, in the eyes of the Goddess, bring forth the attention of those that lingered just outside the Universe; outside of all Universes is where her home laid-- within what was only known as The Umbra. Over the course of a few months, Nyx would start digging her fingers into every corner of the world and even outside of it once Natsumi trailed into a new Universe once again. With it came Dezian, a creature not made by her hand yet retaining similarities to the elven that she made millenias ago, along with the rest of his problems-- Naya, Calista, and their family included within the boundaries of a multiverse hub. As time slowly marched forward, so did Nyx's plan, now incorperating Dezian into the ranks to bring great disaster upon the Multiverse Hub. All too soon, the plan was unleashed with Dezian marching into the Hub to bring his dreams to reality, and with it Nyx patiently waited in the background until Natsumi finally began her return back to her home universe. Kidnapping the woman right out of the middle of her own home, Natsumi was carefully reconstructed right down to the very magical atoms that made her up, interlacing Nyx's chaotic energy into her carefully.

It took several months before Natsumi's friends realized what fate had befallen her, and with it came forth the entire truth. Her children, birthed by a miracle and by Alucard's loins, were summoned back and due within hours; and with it would it be the first time Natsumi would have her entire family together in one place, for Alucard-- missing for the last thirty years-- made his return. Friends and family alike came together, and with it they would adventure forth to defeat the Goddess of the Night, releasing Erebus from his prison within Nyx's body and sending both Gods back into the Umbra.

The After Years
With everything finally settling down, Natsumi has retired to managing and maintaining The Howling Hound, a hotel/bar establishment for the Supernatural. She has linked the location within The Multiverse Hub, allowing any and all from anywhere to come in, have a drink of their choice, and find a warm bed to sleep in. Do not let her fool you, however, there will always be a hunger that she cannot sedate. Crossing the Queen will prove fatal.

Out of Character

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