Queen of Winter
Queen of Winter

Herald of Chaos

Known by many names, Herald of Chaos, Summoner of Frost, Queen of Winter, Everest is a woman cursed by those she encounters, though little know of her true history, and how she came to be known as who she is today. Long ago, Everest was a woman of great beauty, catching the eye of farmer and king alike who would seek her hand in marriage, only for her to reject them all, always reaching for more, gaining power using her natural radiance. What she seeked was not of mortal man, but of a divine nature, wanting to reach into the heavens and find her love in the heavens where she could keep her youth forever, never dying... she found this goal.

She caught the eye of a powerful god, one of the most powerful in fact, who found the mortal girl's beauty to rival that even of his own wife, and would watch this mortal girl from his heaven, much to the growing anger of said wife. Eventually, this goddess had enough, and one day when her husband was away dealing with godly matters, she looked to descend her wrath purely on this girl who sought more than she could ever hope to achieve, deceiving the girl into believing she was a messenger for a god, who had seen her and wanted to bring her up, she only had to take a sacred artifact to prove her dedication.

Handing the girl a carefully wrapped staff, upon taking, unwrapping and grasping this staff, the bell connected to the end rang for the first time... all life in the area felt the effects. For miles, plants and animals shrivelled up and died, quickly blackening. The air frosted and snow began falling, as the ground iced over as the poor girl was bound to this powerful and destructive weapon. Unable to release this bell with the intent to not retrieve it, the goddess disappeared, leaving only the thought in the girls mind that she was to wander the land forever, bringing hatred to herself for as long as time exists. She would never find peace, or love, or happiness again.

The Hungering Bell

The great power and hatred of a goddess confined within a single item, The Hungering Bell is the source of Everest's torment. Being unable to study the item up close without risking death, little is truly known about this artifact, when it rings it is known that all life, the earth, the sky, everything is sucked of energy. Often mistaken as summoning of cold and ice, this energy is added to Everest's own lifespan, making her unable to die, and if time is taken too long between the Bell being rung, it will force it's own will onto it's user and make her ring it, effectively devastating the area around the Bell, the longer between ringing, the hungrier the Bell is.