The Rubedo
The Rubedo

The Basics

NameAluber Rubellion Masq
Alias(es)Jester of Despia, Masquerading Demon, The Rubedo
Height6'0 ft
Weight210 lbs

RaceDifferent Dimension Demon



Branded in Red
Branded on Aluber's Soul is the Brand of Red, it grants Aluber the demonic power that he wields as well as allows him to manipulate the abyss, wielding holes to the twisted world as both weapons and a means of transportation. Aluber can also brand others with the Brand of Red thus granting them new abilities while claiming their soul for his own.

Unholy Trinity Magic
The three parts of Aluber's lineage each grant an affinity for wicked magics, he has mastered the use of demonic, draconic, and chaos magic, weaving powerful spells and curses as he needs.

Servants of the Branded
Powerful warriors known as the Despians, they answer Aluber's call as the one Branded in Red, each one a demon from Aluber's different dimension.

Philosopher's Stone
The magnum opus of alchemy, crafted by Aluber through the sacrifice of an entire world and integrated into his body, it allows him to wield all of the processes of alchemy at his fingertips and achieve things beyond what his normal powers might be capable of. One of the most direct applications he has for the philosopher's stone is the ability to alter the state of matter, turning metal into liquid or transmuting a lump of wood into food.

Scarlet Hellfire
A talent of his long-lost form, Aluber can manipulate the scarlet hellfire of his home dimension to burn away his foes. Those scarred by scarlet hellfire will find their wounds burn as he approaches.

Evil Eye: Phantasmagoria
A powerful spell crafted by Aluber, the evil eye allows him to assault the minds of others, creating complex illusions, inducing hypnosis, and other such mental attacks. The evil eye can also see through such things and condense power into a scorching beam.

Contract with the Abyss
A contract for those unworthy of the brand in red, the signatory signs over their soul to Aluber granting him the power to manifest their desire for them.

Soul Transmutation


Divided by the Abyss he mocks the light and deceives the darkness.
Aluber desires his own entertainment above all others, a twisted sadist who can find enjoyment in the direct act of torturing another physically but would much rather watch a person's life fall to ruins due to the demon's schemes and machinations. Aluber enjoys creating illusions and disastrous situations to slowly break down a person until he has taken everything from them, or should one entertain him enough he will keep them as a plaything for an extended period of time, possibly even offering them to be branded in red and become a different dimension demon like himself.
Out of Character
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