The Tiger
The Tiger

The Basics

Kanji 虎杖悠仁
Romanji Itadori Yūji
Alias(es) hover

Species Human
Birthday March 20th
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 173 cm (5' 8")
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Hair Color Black and Pink
Eye Color Light Brown

Status Alive
Occupation Student
Affiliation Technical College



Overall Skill Level: Yuji is one of his school's most powerful and talented students, Satoru Gojo placing him on the same level of potential as Yuta Okkotsu and Kinji Hakari as one of the three students who he believes will surpass his strength. Despite having no connections to the jujutsu world before a few months prior to the Shibuya Incident, Yuji is able to contend with and defeat Grade 1 and Special Grade curses. Yuji was gifted with superhuman physical abilities which he masterfully combines with his cursed energy. Yuji is also able to contain Sukuna with no ill effects. This enables him to harm Mahito, whose control over the shape of his soul otherwise renders him resistant to injury.

Superhuman Strength: Yuji is quite powerful even without the usage of cursed energy, as he can destroy walls with ease, throwing a lead ball with enough force to bend a soccer goalpost, and has also been able to throw a car. As powerful as he is, especially when it comes to fighting, his exceptional strength can often be augmented to further levels with the usage of both the Divergent Fist and the Black Flash allowing him to exorcise cursed spirits. His unique strength has also been compared to Kento Nanami, a Grade 1 sorcerer. He can even harm Hanami and Choso, two curses who have remarkable durability and toughness with the former being near-impossible to damage.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Yuji is shown to have great speed and can finish a 50-meter track within 3 seconds, implying he can run at speeds of 60.12km/h (37.3mph). He's also been shown to dodge the attacks of all five opposing sorcerers from the students from Kyoto School who tried to murder him. He has been shown to be fast enough to evade Choso's Piercing Blood, which travels at the speed of sound, proving he has superb reflexes.

Enhanced Durability: Yuji's durability surpasses the average sorcerer. He was able to continuously take hits from Choso during their fight and even Piercing Blood, an attack moving at the speed of sound didn't pierce Yuji immediately. He was also able to withstand numerous attacks from Mahito in his Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing form and continue fighting.

Enhanced Stamina: Fitting his other superhuman capabilities, Yuji possesses a large amount of stamina and has often been shown continuing to fight despite grievous injuries for longer periods of time without rest. Such as when his hand was severed and having his fingers disintegrated when battling the Finger Bearer allowing for Megumi to escape with Nobara. He was also able to resist several poisonous stab wounds from when he tried to stop Junpei from hurting anyone at his school. Especially afterwards when he is also sustained damage from Mahito and was able to still able to go on the attack.

Proficient Learner: Yuji is a curious person and an earnest student. He is also good at progressing - being quick at Satoru's Movie Appreciation Training, and realizing Aoi Todo's advice quickly. According to Akutami, he is the best at cooking among the first years trio. He was able to master using martial arts alongside cursed energy and honed it to a level with which he can take on Special Grade curses. He was even able to use Black Flash four times in a row a short time after he had even learnt of its existence.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Yuji is one of the greatest, if not the greatest practitioner of martial arts in the series. With his fighting prowess go toe to toe with Aoi Todo, another extremely proficient martial artist and can effortlessly defeat a Semi-Grade 1 cursed spirit, and challenge Special Grade curses purely using martial arts and infusing his style with cursed energy. Yuji also possesses an impressive control over his attacks, being able to pause his punch a moment before impact and adjust his power into several counter blows. Yuji's fighting style is usually depicted as being very acrobatic with his movements, allowing him to strike his opponent in several different angles which also allow him to evade several oncoming attacks. Essentially giving him great offensive and defensive capabilities, especially if the initial strike he is going for has been blocked he is able to use high flying kicks, unorthodox punches, and even a knees strike to retaliate. He is also skilled in a martial arts style known as, Taido Martial Arts. Which grants him the ability to perform the

Knee Release, which is an ancient martial arts technique that eliminates starting movements and allows Yuji to release his knees, hips, and shoulders to guide him to his opponent's feet instead of falling down.

By combining the technique mentioned above with Taido Martial Arts, Yuji can perform a Manji Kick, where he uses the momentum to throw his right leg upwards and land a kick to his opponent's head. By adding cursed energy to this attack, it can harm cursed spirits.

Poison Resistance: Since Yuji is the host to Sukuna, he has a resistance to all kinds of poison. Yuji will feel the pain from the poison, but he is mostly unaffected. This ability was first demonstrated during his fight with Junpei when he could resist Moon Dregs' poison.

Weapon Mastery: Yuji was not trained in the use of weapons; however, due to his physical power and talent, he can still become proficient with one quickly.
Great Cursed Energy: Yuji's cursed energy originates from the parts of the special grade curse, Ryomen Sukuna. He doesn't seem to have an innate technique, but he has shown great proficiency with learning how to control cursed energy. Currently, Yuji primarily uses cursed energy combined with his martial arts skills and superhuman strength to reinforce his strikes, increasing their impact and allowing him to hurt curses. Thanks to the various regimens of training he had, Yuji has better grasped the nature of cursed energy than most of his peers. By the time he's had his rematch with Mahito during the Shibuya Incident, Yuji managed to learn how to use Black Flash practically at will.

Divergent Fist (逕庭拳 Keitei Ken?)[3]: After Yuji lands a punch on a target, his cursed energy flows and makes a stronger second impact. Divergent Fist was often used initially, but after Yuji's fight with Aoi Todo at the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event and the Kyoto third-year's critique of this attack, he practically stopped using it. Yuji currently can willingly perform this attack so he is an expert at using this power of his.

Black Flash (黒閃 Kokusen?): A technique that creates spatial distortion when a user connects with an impact of cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. The phenomenon causes cursed power to flash black, creating a more potent attack to the power of 2.5 of a normal hit. Currently, Yuji is capable of using Black Flash four times in a row and has performed it a total of nine times.

Binding Vows: Yuji has an unnamed Binding Vow with Sukuna. The King of Curses agreed to revive the boy after his apparent death in the Cursed Womb Arc under two conditions:

① Yuji would allow Sukuna to take over his body for one full minute when the cursed spirit would chant "Enchain".

② He would forget about the agreement.

Yuji initially opposed the Binding Vow, making Sukuna promise that he wouldn't kill or hurt anyone during that minute. The boy still disagreed with the terms and instead had a battle against the King of Curses, where he'd allow the agreement to occur if he lost. Sukuna effortlessly defeated Yuji, forcing him into the Binding Vow.

Slaughter Demon (屠坐魔 Tozama?): A charm weapon given by Satoru Gojo, originally belonging to Maki Zenin. It's effective against curses. Slaughter Demon was destroyed by a special grade Finger Bearer.


Yuji was mostly raised by his grandfather, who he thought of as a father. At some point during Junior High, Yuji chatted with some classmates about how he's interested in Yuko Ozawa although she's not very tall. His classmates wonder why, which Yuji explains how elegant Yuko is. During graduation, Yuji takes a photo with Yuko.

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