Blue Queen
Blue Queen
NameAoi Masumi
Alias(es)Color Hero: Blue Queen

Weight140 lbs
HairMidnight Blue










Quirk Name: May The Blue Queen Stand (Mei za burū kuīn sutando メイ・ザ・ブルー・クイーン・スタンド)

Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Description:
By consuming sapphires, the User is capable of transforming the minerals into an energy similar to plasma that they can freely manipulate, depending on the amount ingested also affects the size of it. There are five who own a similar quirk, but each consumes a different gem or element and manifests it differently. Consuming too much could lead to poisoning, which in turn expels itself by turning the users appearance into something less than human. Normally the eyes are what are changed first, allowing others to know the moment the user activates their Quirk by expelling excess energy from the pupil of the left eye, which has been noted to look incredibly similar to colored fire. For the User that is Codenamed: Blue Queen, consuming sapphires allows her to manifest either a sword that stands at three quarters her height, and can be lit up with excess energy to leave a burning aftereffect on those she is attacking. The other weapon manifested takes a nearly fatal dose of sapphires, but it isn't impossible for her to manifest a massive gun that expels exploding rounds of energy as its' "bullets". She can quickly run out of energy doing this however, and it is at the cost of losing all her stamina for the time being.


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