Yami Kiyoshi
Yami Kiyoshi
Name Yami Kiyoshi
Nickname Blue Death
Gender Male
Apparent Age Not Counting

Race Nephalem
Height 6' 2"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Blue
Hues Blue

Marital Single
Orientation Pansexual


Born a Nephalem, life growing up was tough for Yami, demons constantly hunting for his soul and his head and angels chasing after him for his "crime". Yami's parents were both killed during an attack from both the forces of angels and demons due to them giving birth to a hybrid. Having an offspring with blood that are both from dark and light are considered a disgrace among the two forces therefore the offspring and the parents were to be killed. Angels and Demons were afraid of Nephalems because they possess both the power of Light and Dark.

Now a Nephalem with no parents, Yami was forced to rome the Earth in constant fear of being attacked by Angels and or Demons. One day when he was travelling in the mountains, an old man approached him. The old man allowed Yami to enter his home, it was an old Japanese house. The old man asked Yami as to why he was wandering the mountains alone, Yami told the old man everything. The old man laughed and asked Yami if he knew who he was, Yami was unable to answer so the old man introduced himself, Muramasa Sengo. Muramasa told Yami that he was a demon and despite the fact, he should not be afraid. Muramasa taught Yami The Way of the Sword or Bushido but Muramasa's fighting style that he taught Yami was different from Bushido, it was a bloody fighting style with techniques designed for killing and shedding as much blood as possible but Yami didn't mind. Muramasa forged Yami a sword, Muramasa's swords were considered a "cursed sword", the name of the sword was "Samayo" or "Journey".

The sound of roars and howls awoke Yami in his sleep, when he opened his eyes he saw Muramasa fighting Yamata no Orochi, the eight-headed snake. Yami quickly drew Samayo from its sheath and burst of Blue Fire erupted from his hand and into Samayo. Together, Muramasa and Yami fought the eight-headed snake and eventually they succeeded. Muramasa told Yami that it was best for him to travel elsewhere so that he won't be constantly attacked by demons so he travelled to the south and was greeted by none other than Abaddon himself. Yami and Abaddon fought but Abaddon rose supreme, Abaddon took Yami to hell where he spent the rest of his life.


In hell, Yami fought for his life, killing millions of demons. 20,000 years of endless slaying, he finally found a way to escape out of hell but it would mean that he had to fight The Headless Horseman who was guarding the door. Yami and The headless horseman fought and right where Yami was about to be killed, a shroud of Black Mass enveloped his entire body and from the Black Mass came Yami in his Demon Form, he continued to fight The headless horseman and eventually killed him, Yami escaped out of hell.


Yami is often seen wearing a brown long sleeves with two blue stripes above, black pants and a brown scarf. Yami prefers to wear extra large clothes or clothes that are bigger than his size. Yami can play the guitar.

Yami is innocent and a little bit childish but when he's fighting or he's in a battle, he is very serious. Often described as a warm person. Yami loves soda beverages and alcohol. Yami loves the rain.


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005. T1 Combatant.

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Nephalem Physiology- Born half angel and half demon, Yami can transfrom into Demon Form, Angel Form and Nephalem Form.

Regeneration- Yami can regenerate any part of his body in a very short amount of time.

Blue Fire- Yami can generate and manipulate the cursed flames of Hell, which can completely destroy anything, can cause excruciating pain upon contact. Blue Fire is nearly as hot as the surface of the sun.

White Ice- Yami can create, shape, and manipulate holy ice that's highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons and/or angels. The effectiveness, in question, can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats. Furthermore, divine ice may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, Resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane.

Speed Combat- Yami can move at really great speed, as fast as the human eye can see.

Master Swordsmanship- Yami is able to wield a sword with incredible expertise in speed, power, and skill, allowing him to perform feats such as stopping and deflecting bullets, decimating large objects or areas, cutting through a solid material such as steel, and even hold back his strength to deal damage to their foes without killing them.

Gunslinger- Yami is able to wield two guns with incredible speed, power and skill allowing him to stop bullets with his Blue Fire infused bullets, shooting multiple enemies at incredible speed.

Illusion- Yami can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are


Samayo- Yami's Cursed Black Bladed Sword forged by Muramasa for him. Yami uses Samayo and channels his Black Fire through it.

Dante and Vergil- The two guns wielded by Yami, its bullets are Blue Fire. It has incredible Firepower. Does not need reloading and bullets because it uses Blue Fire. Dante can be identified by his white dot and Vergil can be identified by his black dot.

Kasshoku- Yami's brown scarf, he uses this scarf to catch weapons being thrown at him, uses it as a kind of grappling hook if he needed to climb something or if he wants to sprang around the battlefield. Yami is able to do this because this scarf is infused with his soul so it is indestructible from physical damage but destructible through supernatural means.


Demon Form- Aku no nottori ; Evil Takeover. Yami transforms into his Demon form. In this form, his once vibrant blue hues become darker and the area that surrounds it darkens into black, his blue hair turns into a pale white color, two dark blue horns protrude from his head, his clothes turns into a ripped dark blue cloak, dark blue spikes protrude from his biceps, his hands get cover with dark blue mass turning his fingertips into claws, dark blue mass partially covers the are around his neck exposing some of his pale skin and dark blue mass covers his mouth like a mask. In Demon Form, Yami's Blue Fire evolves into Black Fire where he can channel Black Fire through his fingertips to cause heavy damage and critical burns, Black Fire is much much hotter than Blue Fire and can almost burn anything. His senses becomes much more great, able to sense and react to an incoming attack in a blink of an eye. His speed enhances greatly, able to move much more faster than in his Normal Form.

Angel Form- Yoi jōka ; Good Purification. Yami transforms into his Angel Form. In this form, Yami's blue hair turns into a vibrant pink color, his clothes turn into a white suit, his eyes turn into yellow color, he grows four white wings. In Angel Form, Yami's four wings allows him to fly at great speeds. His speed combat enhances greatly being able to move as fast as lightning. Yami's White Ice evolves into White Lightning, White Lightning is much more damaging than regular lightning and much more agile and fast. In this form, Yami gains the ability to control razor sharp feathers that he can manipulate using his hands and/or mind, these feathers are able to move really fast and are able to slice, penetrate almost anything. Yami uses these feathers to shield him allowing a strong defense from all sides however, Yami has a safe zone wherein the feathers won't cut that area granting him safety while allowing the enemy to have a vulnerable spot for them to damage him, Yami can counter this weakness by allowing the feathers to enter the safe zone which in turn, the feathers can unexpectedly cut him.

Nephalem Form- Shinseina hakai ; Sacred Destruction. This is Yami's last trump card wherein he turns into his Nephalem Form. In this form, Yami uses his Angelic and Demonic power to create his own world, in this world, Yami grows massively. In this form, his whole body becomes ethereal energy of Angelic and Demonic power, his eyes turn into all yellow, his clothes dematerializes, his skin becomes bluish, he grows two really massive wings with a bluish color similar to his skin and a yellow halo like crown will hover above his head.