Elizabeth Bathory
Elizabeth Bathory
The Bloody Countess

True NameElizabeth Bathory

Apparent Age14
Height154 cm (172 cm with horns)
Weight44 kg




Lancer's True Name is Elizabeth Báthory, the virginal fourteen year old aspect that had yet to become the monster Carmilla like her older aspect. She is given the keyword "Dragon's Daughter", related to her nickname "Countess Dracula".

A real person, born in 1560, died in 1614. She was born into the one of the noble families of Hungary, the Bathory family which uses the fang of a dragon as its crest. One of the models for the vampire Carmilla. A wicked woman who bathed in the living blood of more than 600 women in order to preserve her own beauty.

The Bathory house was the family who held the majority of the influence within Eastern Europe, and she increased that, possessing the blood of the house of Habsburg which made for a lineage that would make her a purebred noble. However, whether it is do to the consanguineous marriages within the Bathory line or the effect of their luxuriant living environment, the family contained many insane and cruel individuals. Among her close relatives were a homosexual and a pedophile; a Satanist is hardly worth mentioning.

Elizabeth is not an exception and became quite infamous. In what is now present-day Slovakia, in Čachtice Castle, which resided within her own dominion, she killed more than 600 women and, in order to preserve her beauty, bathed in the blood she wrung from them... She loved those repulsive blood baths. This woman who killed many members of her fiefdom, even at the very end of her life, did not consider this a crime. In those days, there was a trend among the nobility of Hungary to not even consider humans who weren't nobles as "humans" so there were no problems with her murders.

One day she let a maidservant comb the hair she was so proud of. But the comb got caught in her hair, and in a vehement rage, she stabbed the maidservant with a hairpin. The maidservant's blood happened to fall upon the back of her hand, and she noticed that the skin that blood touched was smoother than usual. From now on, to preserve my beauty, I will bathe in the lifeblood of women, she thought—and did so.

Collecting blood became part of her daily routine, and after she changed residences to Čachtice Castle, it reached the point where young women of marriage age were disappearing from the rural villages within her dominion. (Or maybe, everyone came to know what was going on and were sneaking the women out in secret.) She became distressed since she was no longer able to collect blood from the rural villages and so collected the daughters of minor nobles under the pretense of teaching them proper manners or inviting them to banquets. And those daughters, coming together for the banquet, dressed in fancy dresses, completely unaware of what would happen, were struck on the head.

In addition to having their blood drawn, they would have hot irons thrust into their mouths, their entire bodies stabbed with pins, and other kinds of tortures. She would make her servants rip off the skin of their own daughters so she could enjoy the anguished faces of both the parent and the child. On the other hand, in regards to torturing men, tales of her enjoying killing them would not be surprising.

To Elizabeth, killing the common people in droves was a daily life "without any unusual events." If there is anything that could be considered her misfortune, it is that there were no people to rebuke her abnormality, to teach her that her deeds were atrocities. Several years after she started taking blood, her cruel acts came to extend even to the daughters of the aristocracy and she finally received the indictment that her character deserved. The year was 1611. At the trial conducted in the actual person's absence, she was given a guilty verdict and imprisoned within one of the rooms of Čachtice Castle.

And the people completely sealed her, who was already feared as a demon, away. The people whisper. To see her figure is frightening. To hear her voice is frightening. Simply bringing to mind the memories which had lost her, the memories from which they had removed her, is frightening. The father who brought her into this world. Elizabeth's relatives. Her compatriots in aristocratic society, as if to hide their own feelings of guilt, concealed her prison with stone. The room that Elizabeth used in her final days... her prison in the basement of the castle contained nothing but a small slit to allow food to be passed to her. And, in that room without an exit or windows, that room which was plastered up from the outside, she continued to ask, "Why?" until her final moments.

“Why? Why?" "I didn't do anything bad.” —Elizabeth Báthory

They say that her voice could be heard through the stone that imprisoned her, but it's is also said that due to the soldiers finding it annoying, the transom was sealed, and she could no longer be heard. After that, there was no one who saw her firsthand while she was alive. August 21, 1614, the soldiers noticed the smell of rotting food, confirming that her life had ended.

From thereon, she became the legend known as the Blood Countess.
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