The Sin of Sloth
The Sin of Sloth
Name: Zaleth

Age: Unknown
Race: Sin

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs

Marital: Single
Orientation: Heterosexual

OccupationFreelance Nap Giver
Reincarnation: Not true immortality, if a Sin is killed they disperse into their base essence until they are able to reform, can take anywhere from a few months, years, to even centuries. Depends on how they were killed, and how often humanity commits their sin. Unless special conditions are met, the Sin loses memories of their previous life entirely.

Sin of Sloth: Gains strength from beings that commit the sin of Sloth, humans are the easiest to absorb from, once absorbed wounds heal, and all stats increase back to normal levels. If she absorbs more than needed, the same side effects of taking pure adrenaline are applied.

Weapons of the Sloth: Manifesting the energy of Sloth into gauntlets with blades that mimic claws by six inches, along with thick knee high boots with the strength of graphene. Appears black and pink, animated much like warp energy by it's constant "movement". If injured by these weapons, the victims' personality is severely altered into the qualities of a Slothful Being, and depending on if the victim is more aligned with a virtue, experiences violent sickness.

Accieo Mortem: If she indulges an individual with enough of her energy, she will ultimately drive them towards committing suicide. They will lose interest in things they use to love, the drive to take care of themselves, until eventually they lose interest in life itself. The only ones who are immune to this as far as she is aware are her siblings.

"You can never permanently kill Sin, they will always come back, just luckily for us without the memories of their previous lives."

Something that all the Sins' learned the hard way, death would never be the end for them as they did not fit within the category of "living" beings. They were raw emotion and what was considered the "evil" of humanity, birthed when human kind grew sentient and civilized enough to gain such concepts; the first was Pride, followed by Envy, then Greed, Lust, Wrath and finally Sloth. They were not created in Hell as most assume, even if they were considered 'evil' by nature, they roamed the Earth along side humans quietly; feeding off of them within the shadows like any other supernatural creature until they eventually ran into one another.

It was then that a 'family' was formed, even if their bonds weren't sound and true, just as their own bodies were. With no allegiances to any one side outside of their own, the Sins' became stronger the longer time passed, and with each reincarnation they began to take the shape of the humans they fed from. This made it easier for them, feeding became less frantic and more leisure, their mannerisms were adopted alongside their languages and eventually they were not much different. Legends of their true forms died out, along with the memories of what they use to be, or how many times they had died only to come back with only one thought in mind.

Return home.

Life is strange with a personified Sin, for they are neither demon nor angel, human or beast; they are concepts at best and an enigma at worst. What is stagnant among them, outside of their reincarnation, is their power; which far outweighs many species and puts them in a class of their own, alone they might be easier to kill, but as a family they are an undefeatable army.

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