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Name Lykaois
Nickname hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 20
Race Ookami
Height 5'
Weight 100 lbs
Tresses White
Irises Gold
Marital Eso~
Orientation Esosexual

"The winds of an angry God built her, they never realized what destruction could truly cause."

In a time now long lost to distant memory, the powers that be, sent forth a vicious storm that ravished the lands without remorse. Winds shredded the landscape of the mystical paradise, causing carnage unlike any storm that came before it. A tornado on a scale never before seen, rattling the earth upon which scoured, sucking in anything that dared remain steadfast in its wake. By happenstance, a small girl fleeing from the woods in which she played with the animals that roamed freely, in perfect harmony with human kin, found herself being swift off her feet, and into the cyclonic vortex.

The girl alone would not be the only soul claimed by the storm, as her feet lifted free from the ground, her eyes would glimpse upon the wolf cub that she not so long ago was happily petting. Both the girl and the wolf cub would soon find themselves hurling around in sickening spins, spiraling upwards within the treacherous winds. Fur and flesh alike, becoming torn and stripped free from the bodies they once clung too, being sliced and shredded by unseen razors, being stuck by hues of violets, ones in which bore semblance to bolts of lighting. Agonizing the experience as flesh was rendered from bone of both the girl and the wolf that accompanied her.

Desperately the girl would reach petite arms out towards the wolf cub, seeking to shelter it with her own body. Ravaged arms would finally grasp the cub, pulling it close, holding it against her chest, offering a degree of refuge from the ferocity that spiraled around them. An eternity would pass, or so it seemed within the teetering mind of a girl so close death. A cold wisp became her final breath, the wolf cub following swift in suit. Once more did a violet streak strike the girl, hitting her in the back, surging her frail form with the mystical potency that drove the storm. The cub clutched hopelessly within her arms, too would feel the final nail its coffin as the pair vanished beneath the violet veil. However, that fateful night would not serve to be their last. Two bodies had been claimed, torn and ripped apart, yet two souls had bonded, assimilated into a singular.

The storm that claimed them both, would not be as it once appeared, while it claimed the lives of all it managed to grasp into its windy embrace, it too would rebuild from the materials it took. Flesh of human and wolf swirled within the vortex, stripped from independent bodies, yet now seemed to be amalgamating together as they reached the vertical apex of the rotating column. A semblance of wolf yet entwined and meshed with that of human form, a new body was created, one that would serve as the housing for the new soul that desperately needed such a thing. A gift imprinted within the depths of the hybrid creation, one in which allowed a commanding over the winds that had created it.

Endless darkness split in horizontal fashion, cleaving through the abyss, light had cast forth its guiding hand. Eyes opened slowly, pushing back the fracturing canvas of black, the sight of green now came to embrace the girl, the smell of fresh grass flourished within a nose that went beyond human allowance. The day was bright and young, and so, her new life rose alongside the horizon.

- History made by Eso, too good not to use.
Air Manipulation : The ability to create, shape and manipulate the air, which is mostly made of oxygen and nitrogen. Because of it's importance in determining climate and weather, along with the generating force it uses for most ocean and freshwater waves, it is seen as a powerful method of manipulation. Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, making it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge.

Air Attacks : By forcing the molecules of air to move by her will, Lyka is able to create a variety of attacks that, because of their invisibility, make them extremely deadly. The most well known attack is the movement that forces air to compress into a scalpel sharp arch, which is then propelled toward enemies at incredible speeds. Because she is so versatile with this, the air can also be used as a great defense mechanism.

Pseudo-Telekinesis : Controlling the air surrounding objects, Lyka is able to lift them despite their [possible] heavy weight, land harder strikes, and achieve flight.

Enhancements : Enhanced Hearing by amplifying air molecule vibrations, enhanced touch by reading the airwaves and feel any disturbances, enhanced speed by reducing air resistance and using pressurized air for propulsion.

Electrical Immunity : By using the air to insulate electricity, she has virtual immunity to it.

Air Pressure : Crushing by increasing air pressure, vibration emission by releasing bursts of compressed air molecules.