The Celestial Nogistune
The Celestial Nogistune
Alias(es)The Dark Celestial
ServantThe Mad King

Height170 cm
Weight72 kg




Shapeshifting: A basic ability of the foxes once they mature to a hundred years, Steorra has had well over 800 of them perfect the art of deception. First by making her true appearance shift, then again by adding in illusions to be a distraction from the true Shapeshifting power. She is able to transform herself into anything from a past loved one, to a secondary moon if desired.
-- Mastery: Advanced

Flight: By using low-level Gravity spells, she is able to drastically increase or decrease her or others' weight, then shift it to initiate flight to the desired location. She is also able to complete this on objects and willing participants. If the victim is not so willing and struggles, she has a harder time allowing them to flight.
-- Mastery: Intermediate

Dream Walker: As it might suggest, Dream Walker is the ability to enter one's dreams. Because she would be considered a stable source within a reality that has no real bindings to the physical plane and its rules, Steorra is unable to interact with anything within the dream, only gain information before stepping back out as she pleases.
-- Mastery: Intermediate

Possession: Just as many other kitsune, Steorra is able to possess another being if necessary. This tends to take a lot of energy and control, mostly by containing the original soul somewhere safe so the body does not degrade while under her control. She must win out in a battle of wits and illusions to retain the body. (In fighting terms, she must roll for a 16 or higher to maintain possession against the opposing. EX. Steorra rolls an 18, while the Victim rolls a 2, allowing Steorra to possess them freely since 18-2=16.)
-- Mastery: Beginner-Intermediate




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