Name Prosperity
Moniker: Hover.
Race: Natural Blessing.

Hair color: Pink.
Eye color: Blue-Purple.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs

Residence: Unknown.
Orientation: Unknown.
Marital: Him

Good Luck Manipulation:
Prosperity exudes good fortune to such a degree that around her counterpart or any who suffers from bad luck, appears to have no leeway in either direction. Outside of this however, those around her gain quite a bit, farmer's crops grow larger, a gambler hits it big, a businessman seals a huge deal- you get the point. This however has but a minimal effect on her.

Benefit of the Fortunate:
This is quite basic, where ever Catastrophe strolls through, if Prosperity follows she is able to overturn most of the disaster he has caused. Example being, if he is the cause of a tornado that tears apart half a city, she is able to bring enough wealth with her presence to repair the damage back to what it use to be- depending on how long she stays.

A conceptual weapon in the shape of an ōdachi, this weapon has the ability to damage the untouchable, be them Gods, Demons, or Spirits; including herself. Those harmed are sucked dry of all forms of luck, thus neither Prosperity nor Catastrophe can influence them.


PM friendly.
Respect the right to refuse roleplay.
Clean/Sexual, both are fine.
Long-Term/Short-Term, I'm not picky.
Art isn't mine.
Code does belongs to me. No touchy.
IC is not OOC.
I'll respect you, so I expect the same in return.
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Don't message me with a post. Always ask me if I want to RP first! Starting with a post will only get you ignored.
Emoticons and anything of the sort is just a big NO. If you can't accurately describe facial expressions without use of one, just don't bother.
Flexible setting-wise, can adapt.
Don't be afraid to PM me if you're up for a roleplay.