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Name Isadora
Moniker hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age 22
Race Kindred
Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Tresses Black
Irises Old Blood
Marital Disinterest
Orientation Straight
Generation Fourth
"A Methuselah is a fourth or fifth Generation elder who has existed for at least a millennium or more. Many of these elders are generally old enough to have known their clan Antediluvian personally, and usually serve as lieutenants in the Jyhad. The term is also used to refer to elders who have very little to do with others of their kind: their machinations are far deeper, subtle, and terrifying.

A methuselah has several traits that betray him/her to those who know what to look after. Their speech is in general tinted with an accent of their native dialect, which, in general, has not survived the centuries. Their unconscious body movement has completely stopped and many could be confused with statues when they do not move. Many have also reached a point where the kine's blood can no longer nourish them, forcing them to feed on other vampires."

- Source: Vampire The Masquerade