The Idealist
The Idealist
00. Code belongs to me, do not steal. Ask.
01. IC =/= OOC.
02. Smut is 99% more likely with story, but I am not against it otherwise.
03. PM Friendly.
04. Female Typist whom is taken IRL.
05. 10 years RP experience, 7 on RPC.
06. Discord/Skype is earned.
07. Anything else that does not belong to me is the rightful property of their creators, etc. etc.
08. I'm very friendly with the block button, don't be a brat.
09. Any questions, comments or concerns? Please don't hesitate to PM me.
10. If you desire a code either for free or commissioned, inform me and I will show you my work or recommend someone.
Nickname hover
Gender Female
Apparent Age

Tresses Brown
Irises Gold

Marital In Love
Orientation Straight